Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meet Artist Jenny Briggs, Spring Obsession Theme Division accepted artist

T-023  Daffodils  by Jenny Briggs  Oil  30x40  $1795


In the beginning of my art life, which began in 1996, I was so excited to discover my ability to create art that I wanted to paint EVERYTHING!  I have narrowed it down, after 17 years!   I’ve found that when I paint what I have the most feeling for, others can feel it too!

My floral paintings are almost always quite large and dramatic, with the focal point being the center.  The center of a flower is the pulse of its life; it’s that sensual, special, secret place that, once you’ve seen it, you look for it in all flowers, because it’s exciting and beautiful.

Wildlife is another favorite subject for me to paint.  Lions, Tigers, Bears, Bison, Birds, as well as domestic and beloved cats and dogs – each one has its own personality. I strive to portray the excitement I feel when I admire these creatures that seem to be on this planet just to be admired for their unique, powerful spirits.

My Memory Paintings are those that tell a story, either from my own memories or another’s memories made vivid to me by the telling of them.  Mom Making Apple Pie or Kneading Bread, a client’s Grandmother Making Peach Ice Cream every 4th of July, Spring Bulb Planting – memories can be our most precious possession or gift. I want you to be reminded of simpler times, happy memories, the smell of homemade bread, comfort food, and I want that reminder to make you smile.  That makes ME smile!

I have come to believe that every painting I create is meant for someone in particular.  It’s a gift that they will find for themselves or receive at the exact right time for them.  I think of that person as I paint, I’m excited and happy for them, and I imagine my paintings bringing smiles long after I’m gone!  I am so lucky to get to do this!


Anonymous said...

This floral is full of life. It makes me think of the fullness of summer, when I take squash blossoms and stuff them for frying a special dinner. There is a lot of depth in this painting, and feeling. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love all the colors in this painting, brings out such happiness, just beautiful!!