Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet Artist W Vaughn Lew, Spring Obsession Theme Division Artist

W Vaughn Lew
Murphys, California
   I'm originally from Eastern Oregon.  My family moved to Lodi in 1961 where
I attended Lodi High School, graduating in 1964.
   I then enrolled at Sacramento State College, where I was a Commercial Art
major.  De Witt Whistler Jayne was my main influence.  He was a renowned
commercial artist, illustrator, and portrait painter with a gift for teaching and an 
eye for perfection.  "Mr. Lew", he would say, "so much for a nice beginning,
but let's have a finish."  I've been striving for that quality he wanted ever since.
   Another instructor that had a very positive effect on me was Dr. Tarmo Pasto,
an eccentric art psychologist and art instructor who taught the "Space Frame
Concept".  It was all about space and form.
   After graduating from SSC and getting a teaching credential I was fortunate
to get an art teaching job at Elk Grove High School.  I taught there for several
years, but had an itch to get into construction.  That is where I've been until two
years ago when my wife, Glenda, and daughter Melissa, and I moved to Murphys.
   One thing that is certain is that art requires a commitment.  I feel that I now 
have the time and space to finally concentrate on my painting.  Although I have
been producing some art over the years, it is only now that I can continue to
the next piece without an extended time period between.  Landscapes, townscapes,
wildlife, and portraits all interest me.  My goal is to create images that bring the
viewers into a space that takes them away, and gives them pause to reflect.
W Vaughn Lew                                                   
P.O. Box 2028
Murphys, Ca. 95247

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