Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vaughn Pottery "Life Force" comes to Ironstone

by Vaughn Pottery

#141 310047 "Life Flame" by Vaughn Pottery $600
Standing 26" tall, fired pottery hand carved & decorated.
Undulating design embellished with fossil & native trading beads,  this Vaughn pottery piece is one of our favorite pieces.  Unlike any other piece we have seen to date, this tall vase steps away from the symmetrical forms of most of Vaughn Pottery designs.  Not for the faint of heart, this piece  seems almost alive with inner forces breathing and flowing with life.  
#141 310047 "Life Flame" by Vaughn Pottery $600

Working around the vase,
June Vaughn wove an intricate story of life unfolding
in design and powerful symbolism.  It is a breathtaking piece we classify as a "Must See" to appreciate.

#141 310047 "Life Flame" by Vaughn Pottery $600

The  "flame" lid is hand carved antler,
embellished with jasper... inset in elaborate carved & painted fired ceramic.  
Stop by on your next visit to Calaveras County & Murphys to see this piece. Well worth the trip. It is available for purchase at only $600, so don't wait too long or it will be gone!

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