Friday, April 8, 2016

Meet Artist Gregory Gallardo, Ironstone 19th Annual Spring Obsession winning Artist

Congratulations to Gregory Gallardo,  3rd. prize winner, Open Division, "Some Distant Dawn".
O-079  Some Distant Dawn  collage 48x17.5  $1450
Gregory Gallardo

Gregory Gallardo was born in Santa Ana, California in 1962. As a teenager, he was mentored by artist Don White and found early success exhibiting his figurative drawings and paintings. Upon receiving a scholarship to attend art school, Gregory did what any rational 17 year old would do; he left home, left school and traveled the world as a musician for the following 10 years.

O-078  Costas Hummingbird  collage  12x12  $325 
Returning home from his travels, Gregory settled into a less nomadic lifestyle, attending several local Southern California Colleges and University's, but had little patience for organized art instruction and found that networking with other successful artists to be a more satisfying learning experience. Gregory soon left the confines of the classroom to produce commissioned art work and the occasional gallery exhibit. He reemerged on the art scene full - time in early 2001 blending his love for music and the visual arts to create his own unique views on humanity and spirituality.  Most recently Gregory has explored abstract and figurative themes using Acrylic Paint, Collage and Mixed Media.

Since his return in 2001 Gregory's work has been exhibited extensively throughout California and found its way into several permanent collections and museums on an international scale.
O-077 Rooster Dance  collage  12x12  $325

Gregory Gallardo
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