Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meet THEME Division Accepted Artist Vickie Chew

Ironstone presents our first Theme Division artist of 2017 ...
Sunset Dills by Vickie Chew  oil  12x16  $300  T-009
Vickie Chew Art
Painting for me is a joy, challenge and mental escape all in one. Most of us Artists fall in love with a scene for variety of reasons just as you may fall in love with a particular surrounding or place. The scene usually has some type of emotional connection that originally attracts you to it, maybe you spent time there as a child, a first kiss, family outings or you are just attracted to the beauty of the area. I love the challenge of trying to capture the essence of what is before me, whether it be a barn, trees, lakes or ocean, ther
e is something special that attracted me to the scene. It is all about recreating the image before me and capturing the light, character and personality of the scene, nothing else exists, as I lose myself to the painting zone, as the “zone” is total captivation!

I do Impressionistic paintings in Plein Air, Studio, Murals and Commissioned pieces. I use brush and palette knife and rarely use or mix my oils with other mediums. My work is always sealed with a varnish finish, signed and numbered on the back of the canvas. I can be contacted at 209-743-4126

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