Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Vaughn Pottery New Arrivals

#347  $350 front
#347  $350 back view

Like Christmas morning, we were ripping the paper off the boxes revealing treasures beyond our expectations.  These new designs are breathtaking.  The intricate carvings into the new clays speak volumes of the creativity and imagination of June Vaughn.  With a new color palate in this first vase, Vaughn Pottery has opened a new phase of design.  Too difficult to describe here, a visit is a must. 
#349  $400

Seen above is a new shape which we are very excited about.  In natural colors the carved footed vase features a lidded top. 

#348   $325
This subtle beauty is inlay-ed with jasper and fossils, highlighted with intricate carvings in an almost mystical design.
Below are featured two of the new signed wearable art pieces.  All include adjustable necklaces. 

#3414  $160
#342  $140

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These are beautiful!!!