Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Meet Artist Paula Oesterling


O-027 Dawn Patrol by Paula Oesterling acrylic 24x24 $400


Born in Riverside, California, Paula began her professional art career in high school. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of California at Davis. She has furthered her studies in both California and Hawaii.

She has taught art in public and private schools as well as giving private instruction.

Her artistic endeavors include realistic and representational works in oil, acrylic, graphite, gyotaku, and mixed media.

Paula’s paintings and murals can be found in private collections, schools, and businesses in Michigan, Colorado, California, and Hawaii.

Paula is a member of Main Street Arts Gallery in Martinez, California

She currently paints and resides in northern California

O-030 El Color de Mis Palabras by Paula Oesterling acrylic 12x30 $420


Creating has been a journey of self-discovery. My work reflects my love for Impressionism, the colors, shapes, and emotions of Hawaii, and in mixing form with texture.

Everything I see produces a composition of possibilities in my mind.

No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.

Edward Hopper

O-028 Pensive Frida by Paula Oesterling acrylic 24x24 $440

Meet Artist Terry Richardson

O-098 -Lake Alpine Thaw-by Terry Richardson oil 18x24 $600

I began doing art at an early age while in grade school. I can remember spending hours in my room drawing, copying other artist’s work. I studied it formally in High School and college but abandoned it to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy and to raise my 2 girls. At some point in my adulthood I mentioned to my husband that I would like to start painting again and that year, for my birthday, he bought me an easel, paints and paint brushes. There was no turning back now! I needed to refresh my skills so I enrolled in an art class through Columbia College taught by Gereon Rios. I was hooked!

O-099 Seattle Sunset-by  Terry Richardson oil 18x24 $600 JUDGES MERIT AWARD
I continue to be inspired by the beautiful world around us and other artists.

Thank you, and enjoy the show.

Terry D. Richardson

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Meet Artist Judie Cain

Judie Cain
A Colorist's Impressions from life
O-051Alaska Marsh by Judie Cain oil 24x22 Judges Merit Award SOLD

Oil Painter and Instructor

A native of Burlingame, CA, Judie studied at California College of Arts after high school. Family responsibilities behind her, and taking early retirement from the business world, Cain returned to painting by attending college, numerous workshops and taking private lessons.

Painting from life as much as possible, or from her own reference photos, Ms. Cain strives to capture the light and mood of the moment using brush and/or palette knife. "My wish is for my paintings to capture the light and life of the moment in an uplifting or inspiring way.  The fleeting moments of light on a magnificent natural vista or on the petal of a rose; a simple smile, the still reflections on a pond. The joy of life".

O-052 Comfort and Joy by Judie Cain oil 9x12 $500 OPEN DIVISION 2ND PLACE
She has taught her workshops, "Basic Nuts & Bolts of Oil Painting" and "Color Demystified" in the western states as well as other local venues. She currently teaches adult summer classes and private lessons covering painting fundamentals and color. Primarily an oil painter, Judie has begun also to use gouache, and opaque watercolor.

An award winning artist, Ms. Cain has been represented in galleries in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico and California, including Murphys, Sonora, Copperopolis and Carmel. She has several works in print, Giclée and on home products and is collected world wide.

Judie lives in Murphys, CA where she has a working studio, "The Art Studio", which is open by appointment, classes and special events.

For information about her paintings, gallery representation, classes, please go to www.cainart.com or call 209 559-3345 cell. email: cainart@goldrush.com

Meet Artist Helen Scofield

Helen Scofield

O-039  Country Scene by Helen Scofield oil 24x12 $250

Helen's artwork depicts her love of and involvement with color. Her subject matter expresses a statement in terms of color or emotion. She primarily paints in oils because of the richness, texture and versatility of the medium.

O-038 FoggyAspens by Helen Scofield 36x32 $500

Helen is a resident of Vallecito, having moved from Santa Rosa in 1992. Her art education was obtained through community college classes, workshops and private lessons. She has been accepted and won awards at the prestigious Central California Art League Exhibit at the Gallo Winery, the Haggin Museum, the Carriage show, the Motherlode Art Association Annual Exhibit, Ironstone Vineyard's Annual Spring Symphony Exhibit and the Professional Fine Art Division of the Calaveras County Fair. In 2007 her painting "Spring" won Ironstone Winery's annual poster award.

O-040 Spring Flowers by Helen Scofield oil 20x16 $350

Helen's work may be seen at Art on Main in Murphys, local businesses and through seasonal shows with Arts of Bear Valley, and on her website www.helenscofieldart.com

Meet Artist Janette Jones

Janette Jones Fine Art
O-115 GeraniumLight_by Janette Jones oil _12x24_$350

The comments heard most often about her paintings are "they make me feel joyful", "lift my spirits", and "they are filled with a sense of light and lightness". As an artist who is constantly looking for the beauty of light in every subject, this is music to her ears. As a person who is wildly optimistic about life and positive about the future, she is thrilled her paintings reflect this "joie de vivre" attitude and bring joy to her collector.  Janette uses a strong sense of design, personal color mixes and intimate point of view to create her distinct style.

O-114_MountainHollyhocks_ by Janette Jones oil _10x20_$200 SOLD
Born in California and majored in art while attending California State University, and studied watercolor for five years with Virginia Jentoft in Davis, CA. Her watercolor images were successfully marketed and licensed with Daisy Kingdom, Naturally, Spring Mills and Prints Plus (among others) between 1988-2002. She has been painting outdoors in oils after a workshop in 2003, hooked by the challenge of capturing the truth on canvas.

O-113 _BeachBouquets by Janette Jones oil _12x24_$350

Recent Selected Exhibitions & Events

2018, 2017, 2015 Los Altos Rotary Fine Art in the Park
2018, 2017, 2016 Palo Alto Festival of the Arts
2013 State of Gold, California Impressionism, Group Show roger's Gardens, Newport Beach, CA
2011 Laguna Plein Air Painters Association "Less Is More' Exhibit
Plein Air Painting in the Garden Workshops at Milfiori, Murphys
2011 Plein Air Demo & Workshop Tulare Palette Club, Tulare Museum
2011 Group Exhibit Knowlton Gallery  "Wildflowers West"

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Meet Artist Patricia T. Senteno

Patricia T. Senteno

O-109 Flanders Field by Patricia Senteno mm 18x18 $330

Artist Statement

I am a fiber artist working mainly with wool. I am fascinated by this natural, sustainable and pure medium that proves to be versatile, dynamic, beautiful and multi dimensional.

My pieces shown today were needle felted on 100% wool fabric. The process in which a tined needle (imagine a long straight needle 4 inches long with tines like a fish hook along the edges of the needle) was used to attach layers of wool fibers to a wool base creating a finished image, concept or idea. I used a variety of dyed merino wool roving and merino/silk blended roving to create the artwork. Each piece has multiple layers of wool fibers attached to the base which create its depth and dimension.

The Color of Peonies is an exploration of what evokes spring in the soul through the use of color and texture. It is an abstraction of a peony in bloom, unfurling nature’s secrets with each successive visit.  

O-108 Color of Peonues by Patricia Senteno mm 18x18 $330
Flander’s Field is a re-imagination of the fields of poppies that emerged in the spring after the devastation of WWI. I created this piece out of a soul journey to find beauty in one of humanity’s darkest times.

My work is inspired by nature, its colors and textures which I study and explore in order to create artwork that evokes balance, harmony and beauty in one’s soul. I create images from what lives in the outer world, a reflection of what lives within. Creating, interpreting and capturing even a small piece of the vastness of the natural world is my work. I invite you to lose yourself in the colors, textures and imaginations of what speaks to your heart in each piece and create your own pictures from the whispers you hear.

Meet Artist W. Vaughn Lew

W Vaughn Lew
Murphys, California

O-048 Shootin into the light by Vaughn Lew pastel 8x20 $1500 JUDGES MERIT AWARD

  I'm originally from Eastern Oregon.  My family moved to Lodi in 1961 where
I attended Lodi High School, graduating in 1964.
  I then enrolled at Sacramento State College, where I was a Commercial Art
major.  De Witt Whistler Jayne was my main influence.  He was a renowned
commercial artist, illustrator, and portrait painter with a gift for teaching and an
eye for perfection.  "Mr. Lew", he would say, "so much for a nice beginning,
but let's have a finish."  I've been striving for that quality ever since.
  Another instructor that had a very positive effect on me was Dr. Tarmo Pasto,
an eccentric art psychologist and art instructor who taught the "Space Frame
Concept",  It was all about space and form.

O-049 Heckle and Jeckle by Vaughn Lew oil 18x24 $3000
After graduating from SSC and getting a teaching credential I was fortunate
to get an art teaching job at Elk Grove High School.  I taught there for several
years, but had an itch to get into construction.  That is where I've been until five
years ago, when my wife Glenda, and daughter Melissa, and I moved to Murphys.
  One thing that is certain is that art requires a commitment.  I feel that I now
have the time and space to finally concentrate on my painting.  Although I have
been producing some art over the years, it is only now that I can continue to
the next piece without an extended time period between.  Landscapes, townscapes,
wildlife, and portraits all interest me.  My goal is to create images that bring the
viewers into a space that takes them away, and gives them pause to reflect.

O-050 East Slope Creek by Vaughn Lew oil 16x20 $1500

W Vaughn Lew
P.O. Box 2028
Murphys, Ca. 95247

Meet Artist Ron Miranda

Ron Miranda  |  714-323-5990  |  ronart2000guam@gmail.com
O-032 Playa-Rocosa by Ron Miranda oil 36x24 $5000
Ron was born in the island of Guam, an unincorporated and organized territory of the United States in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean. His parents are of Chamorro and Filipino descent. Ron currently resides in Southern California where he studied art at California State University, Long Beach, earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree graduating with honors.

Being a graphic artist, it had set him up on his lifelong journey to find his own unique style and language, to create amazing paintings pulsating with the light and energy that emanates from his heart and soul.  Now his focus is as a full-time fine art painter to grow and discovery new visual boundaries. 

Most of Ron’s inspirations and influences are from fond memories of Guam; romanticizing visions and memories of the rich tropical vegetation, fauna and some of the amazing color, textures and patterns that channel their way into his paintings. Heightened color is paramount in Ron’s paintings with exaggerated hues to push boundaries and strike a chord with the viewers.

Many of Ron’s works range from realism to abstract. The concepts for his abstract works run deep from his island culture and music. Ron finds incentive for his representational pieces from a collection of images via his personal digital library that he photographed throughout his life.

Very well versed in computer graphics design programs, Ron applies his computer skills to conjure up his painting compositions. He works mainly with oils and sometimes uses acrylic, charcoal, color pencil, gouache and pencil.

Ron hopes his paintings resonate with a broad spectrum of people, engaging the viewer in present time with a modern beauty created through his imagination and life experiences.

Meet Artist Lynne Sutton

Lynne Sutton
6857 Hwy 26 * P.O. Box 153Mokelumne Hill, CA 9545


O-093 Spring Bloom by Lynne Sutton wc 16x20 $175 SOLD

Lynne Sutton Bio
I have lived in Calaveras County, in the Mokelumne Hill area; for the last 49 years.

I always painted and did other Artistic things while growing up. Things went on hold for a time during child rearing. Later, I took classes in Oil Painting and Pottery at Delta College in Stockton, CA.

Since my retirement from retail; I have more time and am back to painting and mixed media Art. I took lessons for several years from Deborah Marlene, of Mokelumne Hill, and learned the basics of my new medium of Watercolor. 

O-094 Fall Leaves by Lynne Sutton wc 22x18 $185

I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at Art Galleries and while traveling.   In April-May of 2019, I joined Deborah Marlene on a two week painting trip to the South of France. 

I often have dreams about my next project,
and can hardly wait to see what happens when implemented. Sometimes I feel they turn out good, and sometimes, not. But, I am still doing what I love to do...ART!

Meet Artist Christopher Knopp

Christopher Knopp, NCA

O-044 Trout-Creek-Marsh-by Chris Knopp wc 22x30 $1600
Artist’s Statement
I paint exclusively in watercolors because I love the process that watercolors require; both its constantly unfolding creativity and because of its difficulty. New surfaces, paints and techniques provide seemingly endless options. As to subject matter I like to paint almost everything. I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world, but I find that including people in my work can give it greater depth. I also find beauty in architecture and machinery, particularly in a historical frame, where we can get a glimpse of the past through remnants that have persisted into the present.

O-046 On The Ropes by Chris Knopp wc 22x30 $1600

I strive to keep learning as a means of progressing in my ability to render images that do justice to the beauty and intricacies of life. Sometimes the most difficult aspect of a painting is to make it appear to be simple and elegant. Some of my favorite pieces have that quality.  The challenge of painting well is both a lure and at times elusive, and I expect I will always be striving to be a better painter and enjoy every minute of it. 

O-045 Kestral by Chris Knopp wc 16x12 $450

I’ve had the privilege of studying under the following artists:

o   Beverly Fields, Placerville, CA

o   Carol Carter, Saint Luis, MO

o   Brenda Swenson, Watercolor West, NWWS, SDWS

o   Tom Francesconi, AWS, NWS, TWSA

o   Beverly Jozwiak, NWS, AWS

o   Steve Rogers, AWS, NWS

o   Shuang Li

Solo Exhibitions and Spotlights

·         Rivers of Life, Forbes Gallery, Trinidad, CA July 2018 and 2019.

·         Featured Artist in the August 2018 edition of STYLE magazine, El Dorado County, CA.

Juried Exhibitions and Awards

·         2018 West Seattle Garden Tour art exhibit, Finalist, Seattle, WA. January.

·         2018 Aspiring Artists, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. February.

o   1st Place award for “Moody Blues”

·         2018 Magnum Opus, International Open, Sacramento Fine Arts Center. March.

·         2018 WASH Open exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, September 2018.

o   Award of Excellence for “Blue’s Bayou”

·         2018 Northern California Arts Council members, Artistic Journeys, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. April.

o   2nd Place award for “Pool Cool”

·         2018 California Watercolor Association members, Colors of Summer, St. Mary’s College Museum of Art, Moraga, CA. May.

·         2018, California Watercolor Association members, Personal Journeys, Brentwood Delta Gallery, Brenwood, CA. March.

o   Honorable mention for “Silver Fork Evening”

·         2018 California State Fair, Fine Arts Exhibit, Sacramento, CA. July.

·         2018 WASH members, Go with the Flow, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. October.

·         2018 NCA Bold Expressions Open, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. November.

·         2019 Rocklin Fine Arts Center Open, Rocklin, CA. February.

o   2nd place award for “Sand Hill Crane”

·         2019 Ironstone Museum Open Spring Obsession, Murphy, CA. February.

o   2nd place award for “Silver Fork Winter”

·         2019 NCA Artistic Journey members, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. April.

o   1st place award for “Deep Blue”

o   Florence Ferrario Award Best Use of Color for “El Dorado

·         2019 California Watercolor Association members, Pleasanton, CA. April.

·         2019 WASH members, Go with the Flow, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. March.

o   Honorable mention for “Rhettster”

·         2019 WASH open, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA. October.

o   Honorable mention for “On the Ropes”

·         2020 Rocklin Fine Arts Center Open, Rocklin, CA

o   1st Place for” Kite”

Gallery and Professional Society Affiliations

·         California Watercolor Association, CWA

·         National Watercolor Society, NWS

·         Northwest Watercolor Society, NWWS

·         Watercolor Artists of Western Horizons, WASH

·         Redwood Art Association

Currently exhibiting in the Gold Country Artists Gallery, Placerville, CA.

Contact information

Chrismknopp@gmail.com, Chrisknoppwatercolors.com

Meet Artist George Haskell

George Haskell

Artist and Musician

O-097 Yosemite Falls by George Haskell oil 8x10 $300

George’s passion for painting started in college when he took an independent study in painting. After retiring from a forty year career in special education George returned to art.  Among his favorite topics are Yosemite, seashores, sunsets and animals.  What ever the subject is George focuses on capturing luminous, light color and mood of the subject at hand.  He has studied with Judy Cain, Susan Sarback and Heinie Hartwig. George is a member of Arts Of Bear Valley.

O-095 Ahab Dreams of the Great White Kitty by George Haskell oil 11x14 $300
Besides art, George is also a musician.  He sings and plays both guitar and banjo at local wineries and restaurants.

George lives just outside of Murphys on the top of Treasure Mountain with his wife Patricia, two cats, two corgis and two horses.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Meet Artist Stephen Testa

O-105 Black-Oyster-Catcher by Stephen Testa wc 9x12 $450
   Stephen Testa is a geologist whose interests are in painting landscapes of geological interest, black and white images of iconic geological figures and landscapes from the great surveys of the 19th Century, and wildlife (including domestic pets).  For Stephen, the media of choice is watercolor and the transformation from an historic dark black and white photo to watercolor brings out a fresh perspective on such iconic individuals and images.  

Stephen's other interests are in the painting of portraits of dogs and wildlife, notably birds.  His initial inspiration for watercolors began in the early 1980s when he was working in the North Cascades.  It was there that he met Dr. Peter Misch, a famed pioneering geologist of the North Cascades and professor at the University of Washington.  Dr. Misch was also an accomplished mountain climber and during his many geological excursions would take his watercolor set with him as he explored the Cascades.  
O-107 Half Dome from Glacier Point by Stephen Testa wc 9x11 $350

It was at his home where Peter showed Stephen his watercolors and encouraged him to pick up the brush along with a rock hammer.  Some of Stephen's earliest paintings were displayed at The Prince and Pauper Gallery in Seattle.  During this time, he also became a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society.  
O-106 Summer Day at Mono Lake by Stephen Testa wc 10x12 $300

After a hiatus from painting in the late 1980s until 2017, Stephen resumed his desire to paint in watercolor.  Stephen is self-taught, and has developed his style from books on technique, observation of other artists' works, especially that of John Hunt and Robert Bateman, and workshops, albeit his geologic training is an advantage in sketching and 3-D visualization.  He prefers watercolor for the spontaneity and many challenges this media presents.  He varies his work by using a minimal palette and multi-layering and glazing to achieve his desired effect.  

Stephen lives in Mokelumne Hill and is a member of the California Watercolor Association and Mother Lode Art Association.

Meet Artist Vickie Chew

Vickie Chew 

T-006  Dillicious Mist by Vickie Chew  oil  20x16 $600

Art Painting for me is a joy, challenge and mental escape all in one. Most of us Artists fall in love with a scene for variety of reasons just as you may fall in love with a particular surrounding or place. The scene usually has some type of emotional connection that originally attracts you to it, maybe you spent time there as a child, a first kiss, family outings or you are just attracted to the beauty of the area. I love the challenge of trying to capture the essence of what is before me, whether it be a barn, trees, lakes or ocean, there is something special that attracted me to the scene. It is all about recreating the image before me and capturing the light, character and personality of the scene. 

O-033 Spring's Dawn Angels Creek by Vickie Chew  oil 20x16 $600

I do Impressionistic paintings in Plein Air, Studio, Murals and Commissioned pieces. I use brush and palette knife and rarely use or mix my oils with other mediums. My work is always sealed with a varnish finish, signed and numbered on the back of the canvas. 

O-034 Fall in Hope Valley by Vickie Chew  oil 16x20 $600

I can be contacted at 209-743-4126