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Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Artist Susie Hoffman, Spring Obsession Open Division accepted artist

Susie Hoffman,
Now exploring art after retiring from teaching English and history, Susie
considers herself a “professional art student”. She and her husband, Larry,
created the art center Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis where she has enjoyed
classes by many foothill artists over the last five years. From oil classes to
mosaics, she is always eager to learn something new.
Susie first started this art journey 11 years ago in watercolor. Happy to
retire early, she discovered a wonderful East Bay watercolor group that even
travelled to southern France to paint in the small towns of the Dordogne region.
Since opening the art store, she has branched out into oil, graphite, collage,
acrylics, and pastels. She also sells many of her photographs at Town Hall Arts.
She loves trying new media and tries to find something unique to teach at
the Copper Art Club, a group she started out of her home when she and Larry
moved to Copper eight years ago. The club now meets weekly at Town Hall
Painting in oil is her challenge right now. “I love the freedom and color
that can be achieved in oil, but I also enjoy practicing drawing skills with
graphite portraits of my six grandchildren,” Susie said. She always takes several
photos and sketchbook along on trips to create what she calls “airplane art”—
small graphite portraits done “en route”.
Honors include awards at the Mother Lode Art Show (including a 1st
place, 2013), Delicato Show, Calaveras County Fair (including three Best of
Divisions and eleven 1st place awards in last three years), Valley Arts Show
(including a 1st, 2013), and Oakdale Transportation Show (1st).
Two of her watercolors were recently published in Sierra Wonders, a book
of visual and literary works honoring the Sierra Nevada. Her graphite portrait,
“I Hope You Dance”, appeared on the 2012 program cover of the Ironstone
Spring Obsession Show. “Copper Valley Patina”, a watercolor painting, was a
bell-ringer last year at the KVIE auction. Susie’s artwork is displayed at Galerie
Copper in Town Hall Arts, under the clock, in Copperopolis Town Square; Frog’s
Tooth Winery in Murphys; and Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas. She is
currently program director for Mother Lode Art Association.

Meet Artist George Haskell, Spring Obsession OPEN Division accepted artist


o-141 Half Dome in Spring  oil 11x14  $600

George Haskell's first artistic love has always been landscape painting, in particular Yosemite. He has always been captivated by the grandeur of Yosemite Valley season by season, scene by scene and moment by moment. It is never the same valley twice. Capturing and interpreting the moods of the valley has always been a challenge and deeply inspiring. Since retiring from a career teaching special education has focused on creating paintings that evoke a feeling of the time place and season for the observer.
O-142 Half Dome in Summer  oil 11x14  $600

George Haskell has enjoyed oil painting since he took a semi independent painting class in college during the seventies. He has worked for the past ten years sharpening his skills.  During much of this time the main influence on his approach to painting has been his longtime friend and teacher Judy Cain. Using color, often emphasized, evoking a feeling in the observer has been a primary consideration.

George lives just outside of Murphys on the top of Treasure Mountain with his wife Patricia, cats, horses, a parrot, a dog and his two corgis.

Meet Artist Marina Hanson, Spring Obsession Open Division accepted Artist


O-206  New Beginnings  acrylic  24x28 $800

Artist Biography

     Marina was born and raised in the Ukraine, and came to the United States with her family in 1992.

     Passion for creativity has always defined her and led her to earn a PHD in Architecture and, later, a Degree in Interior Design. She began painting as a way to escape and cope with personal trauma, and has been painting ever since. Today, it’s evident that the world of Art holds a permanent and significant position in her existence. Largely self-taught, she joined Los Gatos Art Association and studio/gallery in Campbell “Gallery of Dreams”.

O-210  Transformation  acrylic  40x30  $1600
     In her paintings, Marina lets her imagination run wild and makes an attempt to paint more then she sees. By capturing on canvas her deepest thoughts and feelings, she is not only able to express herself, but she allows others to connect with her.

     Most of Marina’s artwork is categorized as surrealism, sometimes abstract and landscaping, but the constant elements in her paintings are the vibrancy of the colors and vivid contrasts. She explores her natural abilities and enthusiasm for her commitment to create art within her innermost thoughts and emotions. Marina’s artistic affinity, creative instinct, and dynamic imagination have been refining with each day.

O-207  A String of Pearls  acrylic  30x40  $1600
Artist’s Statement

     “My art is an evolving process; I take and represent only elements which are the essence of the object or of the imaginary being. I’m fascinated by the explosive sensuality of the rich and luxurious chromatics, and rely on my desires for beauty, poetics, and seduction. To say I enjoy painting is an understatement. I’m obsessed with painting! Painting gives me unique moments of freedom and happiness.

                     Fully believing that one cannot know what the future holds, I welcome new opportunities, learn eagerly, and ultimately hope to touch people with my art.”

Meet Artist Robert Gorder, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Robert J Gorder
O-017  Lovebirds charcoal  9.5x8.5  $400
 Born and raised in central Wisconsin, Robert has been passionate about creating and drawing since he was very young.  His drawings range from simplistic India ink to detailed charcoal images.  The India ink drawings are a creative curvature study of light and shadows.   Robert’s approach to charcoal drawing is a negative approach where the paper is covered in black charcoal and the picture is drawn with a multitude of erasers.  Robert enjoyed and embraced every art class in high school because it gave him a creative outlet compared to the other curriculum. This is also when he found a passion in drafting, perspective drawing, and commercial art.  Moving forward in life he attended Madison College in his 20’s to pursue a degree in Commercial Art.  During this time he found the passion for figure drawing and charcoal.  His next 10 years were filled with few drawings but still felt a great passion for art.  Then in 2009 Robert was self inspired to draw a picture of his best friend in charcoal.   From that point on, Robert has been dusted in charcoal in his Baraboo, Wisconsin basement art studio working on drawings of normal items rarely given credit for their beauty.

O-018  Cross  charcoal 20x16  $700
 Artist’s Statement

My drawings range from simplistic India ink to detailed charcoal images.  The India ink drawings are a creative curvature study of light and shadows.   I approach charcoal drawings in a negative approach where the paper is covered in black charcoal and the picture is drawn with a multitude of erasers.  Since recently beginning my journey to pursue my passion of art, the focus has been varied and recently based on client demand.  Beginning with objects found in rural Wisconsin, my drawings have branched out to figurative, animals, private homes, businesses, historic landmarks and special edition vehicles.  My charcoal drawings have become locally known for the exact details on the smallest objects to the ability to embrace people’s expressions in my figurative art.

Meet Artist Barbara Gill, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Barbara Gill

O-183  Blue Rooster  wc  20x16   $150

About the Artist:
I graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara with a BA in painting and received my MA in painting from California State University Fresno.

O-181  Family Album  wc  16x20  $250
Gallery Representation:
Mistlin Gallery, Modesto, CA

Exhibitions and Awards
* Point Lobos: Jewel of the Central Coast Carmel Art Institute, Docent Award
* 59th Annual Spring Show, First Place
* Stanislaus Artist Open Studio, First Place Purchase Award
* California Fine Art Show, State Fair
* Yosemite Renaissance XXIV

I taught "Splash" Workshop for MBPAPA
(Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association)

Membership in Art Organization:
Signature Member, MBPAPA
Valley Sun Catchers Plein Air Painters
California Watercolor Association

Meet Artist Gregory Gallardo, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Gregory  Gallardo

Artist Statement

"I am an art school dropout" ... Upon receiving a scholarship to attend art school, I did  what any rational 17 year old would do; I left home, left school and traveled the worked as a musician. Music more than art encompassed my life for the following 10 years. Ironically, this journey influenced my visual arts in ways that no formal art education could have. One vital lesson I learned as a musician was that the space between the musical notes was just as important as the notes themselves. Visually this concept can be applied to the use of negative space by the strategic application of both color and texture to evoke a sense of motion, rhythm and tempo. In my most recent works my collage techniques emphasize this illusion. Sharp tears reveal white edges which add Rhythm. The magazine paper imagery is glued in patterns, moving the eye around the piece. Figure and background flow in balance. While on the surface this technique may appear academic, the underlying message mirrors my personal views on life and death; a seamless harmonious coexistence.

My journey for creating "art" is a selfish act. The process becomes all encompassing, with the outcome of a work of art often becoming inconsequential to the path that lead me to the final conclusion, i.e.
 "The point of the journey is not to arrive."  When working with collage, ideas unfold without any predetermined direction. Letting the magazine paper speak to me, a page is turned and textures, patterns and color are randomly discovered, altering the theme as each torn piece is glued into place. Building works in this manner becomes a spiritual experience; living in the moment and allowing chance to guide the eventual outcome. The organic imagery taken from the torn magazine paper which comprise my works speak of my link to nature. Found upon closer inspection a torn photograph of a purple sunset becomes the blush of a cheek, a birds nest and the needles of a cactus form hair. My hope is that this method of reinterpretation will give the v iewer cause to reconsider their ideas of our own origin.

40% of the proceeds on direct sales of Gregory's art goes to local charities.

Meet Artist Robert Feigen, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Robert Feigen
O-137  RatzNKatz Symbiosis 2013  acrylic  $1850

My name is Robert Feigen and I am the artist that has performed the attached painting. I am a graduate of California Polytechnic College in Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and in Business Administration. I have studied for three years at the Sonora Arts Academy and have been an artist for fifteen years. I am now retired and have chosen to focus on my passion for painting and the arts.

My fifty pieced "RatzNKatz" series is a primitive, anthropomorphic, mystical, fantasy, humorous artistic presentation and is my own style of painting in oil and acrylics. The vivid colors and the action of the characters are an expression of myself for a world of happiness and harmony through strength and balance in the face of potential adversity. There is also some sauciness and arrogance thrown in at times. If the viewer stops, looks, laughs, and smiles then leaves only to come back again I will have been successful in my artistic intent.

The RatzNKatz characters in the paintings have human-like faces and qualities and the Ratz with the exaggerated bodies interact to symbolize both the struggles to coexist and to challenge each other with the underdog (Ratz) being in control of the dominant species (Katz).  The themes in each painting are unique and expressive within a particular genre. The "RatzNKatz Symbiosis 2013" is number forty seven (#47) in the Series and depicts the annual meeting between the Ratz and Katz Clans to peacefully coexist in a harmonious way. Of course there is a whole lot of cheating and mischief going on as well as the teasing amongst the characters and between the Ratz N Katz.

The original paintings and stories in the series are for sale. However, the rights to reproduction are not. Whe the paintings are actually reporduced in a limited edition series, the buyer/seller will be entitled to a percentage commission. Therefore, it is a win/win for everyone.

I want to thank you for your interest in my art.

Meet Artist Libby Fife, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Elizabeth (Libby) Fife

O-052  In Between  acrylic  10x10  $165
What I paint:
I paint landscapes and figurative works using acrylics on board and canvas. The work is realistic or representational in the sense that it comes from actual images-things that I observe-and that there is a kind of resemblance to those images. It's also abstract in a sense because it doesn't portray things in minute detail, down to the nitty-gritty. I omit and refine and simplify because that is my world view. It's how I see things in real life and so that is how I paint too.

Why I paint:
Why paint instead of say, playing an instrument or cooking or dancing? Painting seems to allow me to express, through design and content, what I think and feel about my interests and the environment around me.  With the exception of writing, painting is the only other creative outlet that gives me the freedom to explore and share with others the subjects that interest me most.

How I paint:
My technique for painting is simple and straightforward and matches my personality. Ideas for paintings begin with my own observations. I become attracted to something that I see. It could be something in my landscape or a person's gesture in a vintage photograph.  I then gather information to flesh out the question or idea.  This gathering usually involves in-the-field research. By that I mean I take my paints outside and get busy! I look at colors and the design of my idea and try to get a feel for things. If it's a conceptual figure piece, I do some online research to learn about my subject. Whether I am painting a landscape, a building, or a figure, the bottom line is that I have to be connected to my subject in some way otherwise I just can't paint it effectively.

What the work is about:
Part of my work is project driven and reflects what I am currently learning about at any given moment. My questions or interests are the starting point. I utilize vintage photographs, both my own and ones that I find, along with my writing and research to structure and support each project. The common denominator in all of this is my desire to learn about something that interests me, to paint it and to write about it, while making a strong and interesting-to-me composition to support it.

The second part of my work has more to do with what I call "structure." For painting, structure to me has to do with puzzles. How things in my environment fit together. Although I view my world as a whole, I quickly zero in on what that world is composed of. For people, it's their body parts all moving together with their environment. The gestures of their figures set against their background or interlocked with other figures. For the land, it's all of the pieces such as trees, hills, and sky acting together. To me, people and objects are not stagnant even if they are frozen in time in a photo. Shapes, colors, and light and shadow are important too but really secondary to the above. 

O-053  Winter Hillside  acrylic  10x10  $165
About The Faces (or Lack Thereof):  
 I currently paint my figures without facial features, relying instead on posture and gestures, color and line and shape, to express what I think. I accept that images of people in general can provoke strong reactions whether or not facial features are included. Getting a reaction by not including facial features is not my intent but it's very OK when that happens.  It's my hope that all parts of my paintings will elicit responses and get a dialogue going. I love to talk about my work and am anxious to know what others think. It's why I have gone to some length to explain what I do, how I do it, and why I do it.

Meet Artist Diana Eppler, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

DIANA  EPPLER                                                                                                           
O-128 Sun on the Veil  oil  22x28  $1900

 “My painting subjects are varied as that is my nature.  I will probably be perpetually in some period of transition with my art which, I hope, is a good thing.  I try to work towards a melding of classical, contemporary and my own style; always striving to share with the viewer a means of expression which is representational without being literal or prosaic.

O-127  Courthouse, Fall Morning  oil  22x28  $1900

I used to worry where was I going with my art?  Was I a colorist, tonalist, impressionist, plein air or studio painter?  I now know my art leads me.  Each piece is individual and dictates how it should be painted.  First comes what I feel, then what I see.  When I paint it is me and it is my own.  An idea for painting frequently comes from my emotional response to color and light.  I build around that, often changing the subject matter partly or entirely until the color, light, movement and design meet to fit the mood.  This manner of creating a painting works well for the studio, which I very much enjoy, however, painting en plein air (outdoors in one sitting) is a good way to rejuvenate the very feeling that create the moods.  The California foothills offer the artist an abundance of choices to paint.”  
O-129  Vineyard Pond  oil  11x14  $450

Born in Amador County, Diana lived at Lake Tahoe and in Nevada, Southern and Northern California before returning to the foothills in 1997.  She now resides in Jamestown.  She attended Western Nevada Community College and studied with Wellington Smith, noted artist, lecturer and teacher.  Workshops over the years included Janet Tarjan Earl, Edgardo Garcia, Jeanette LeGrue, Kathleen Dunphy and Charles Waldman although she considers herself, basically, self taught.  Past Board of Director of the Siskiyou Art Assoc., Creative Arts Guild and  Mother Lode Art Assoc. Past member of the Lithia Artists Assoc., Central Sierra Arts Council and Central Calif. Art Assoc.  Founding member of the Post Gallery and founding Director of Aloft Art Gallery, Sonora . Currently her works can be seen locally at Ventana Gallery, Sonora; Galleria Copper, Copperopolis and the Europa CafĂ©  in Sonora as well as on her web site.

She has been accepted in numerous juried shows and won many awards including Foothill Favorites in the MLAA Shows.  A finalist in California Shines Statewide Art show for the 2011 US Capitol Christmas Tree Celebration.  Her works hang in homes and businesses across the country.

Meet Artist Patty Ehlers, Ironstone Spring Obsession Art Show, Open Division accepted artist

Patty Ehlers

O-059  A Kiss  graphite  16x20  $425
I received a Bachelor of Arts in Art from San Jose State University with a concentration in Design.   Following college I worked as a free-lance illustrator which allowed me to segue into a job with Lockheed.   While at Lockheed I worked as a Cartoonist and Technical Illustrator.  Europe called and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in England but had, by then, moved into the Technical Field of Computers.   Art was never out of my thoughts and I dabbled in textiles and ceramics as a hobby.  
O-058  Egg Head  graphite  14x18  $375

In 2011 I retired and relocated from the Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills.   I jumped back into the art world by taking drawing classes at a local gallery.  The focus in my drawing class was portraiture. 

I enjoyed portraiture but there seemed to be something missing for me.  Graphite is so soothing to work with and to view but my cartooning background took over.   I enjoyed skewing the reality with the quirkiness, the gray tones with the vibrant colors, and taking advantage of illustrating the abundant wildlife of the Sierras.      

Meet Artist Judy Day, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division accepted Artist


O-065  June Loop  wc  16x20  $225
Judy attended Art Center School of Design and Cal State Northridge, where she received a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and a K-12 Teaching Credential in Art Education and Math.  She recently retired from 25 + years teaching at David Starr Jordan Middle School in Burbank, California.  Judy taught Beginning art, Cultures through Art, Photography, Cartooning, Animation, and Algebra.  In April of 2010 she moved the foothills of Jackson, and began studying with several local artist and concentrating on her painting. 

O-066  Fort Bragg wc  16x20  $275
Judy’s art credits include the following: Illustrating three educational children’s books, numerous brochures, posters, paintings and cards, two cut paper banners (3 x12 feet) that hang seasonally in the First Christian Church of North Hollywood’s Sanctuary.  For the last 5 years, Judy has directed a week long children’s art camp in Studio City for 3rd thru 12th graders.  She is currently serving as the President of the Amador County Artist Association.

Her awards and honors are: 1993-94 Jordan Middle School Teacher of the Year, 1994 Burbank Woman of the Year, 1995 Outstanding teacher Award given by the LA Times and CSUN School of Education, and finally in 2002 the California League of Middle Schools Educator of the Year Nominee.

Judy loves the outdoors and has hiked and sketched in the high Sierras most of her life.  “My art is inspired by my backpacking trips into the Sierras, vacations around the world, majestic landscapes, historical sites and practically everything in my neighborhood.  You never know what will catch you eye and inspire you”

Judy’s art work is displayed at the Sutter Creek Gallery, at 35 Main St.  in Sutter Creek, California.

Meet Artist Geneva Davis Season, Spring Obsession Art show OPEN Division accepted artist

Geneva Davis Season
O-176 Springtime Splendor  oil  16x20  $400
  I began my painting career over 30 years ago. I am mostly self-taught. I enjoy painting all subjects and in all media. My passion for painting comes from my garden and through my travels viewing the beauty of nature that God created. I love the burst of green in the spring and the brilliant colors of fall.
O-179  Garden Entrance  oil  12x16  $400
The intensity and emotion in my paintings frlow from my love of all subjects, whether florals, gardens, figures, animals or landscapes. I want my collectors to enjoy the painting and appreciated what I saw and how I interpreted what I was seeing. I thank God everyday for giving me the ability to paint and share it with others.
O-178  Tropical Splendor  oil  14x18  $1200
My paintings may be viewed at Pinecrest Gallery, All That Matters in Twain Harte, Town Hall Gallery in Copperopolis, Ventana and Aloft Gallery in Sonora ... My home studio is open to visitor's by appointment only.

Meet Artist Barbara Conley, Ironstone's Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Barbara Conley

O-088 Old Homestead  wc  6x10  $495
  Barbara has been painting since 1970. Primarily self-taught her paintings are easily recognizable as her style has developed into a unique statement that reflects her personal feelings about each subject. Barbara's primary medium is acrylic, but she uses it in such a way that it is often mistaken for oil. Although her acrylic paintings are most familiar she also works in watercolor or oil.

O-089  Winter Day  wc  8x10.5  $495
Living in the foothill community of Sonora, California, she is taking advantage of the wonderful old buildings and scenes of the area, doing studies for her larger studio pieces.

O-087  Kris & Nolan at the Roundup  acrylic  16x20  $2300
Barbara has shown throughout the U.S. and her paintings are represendted in private and corporate collections. She also has won numerous awards including the Grumbacher silver medal and many Best of show. Barbara is represented by New Masters Gallery in Carmel, CA., Aloft Art gallery in Sonora, CA., Petroglyph Gallery in Mokelumne Hill, CA., and Town Hall Arts, Copperopolis, CA.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet Artist Vickie Chew, Ironstone's Spring obsession Open Division accepted Artist

About Vickie Chew

O-0140  Along the River  oil  12x16  $275
Vickie has lived all of her adult life in Calaveras County in the mid northern Sierra's and Foothills. She has a BA in Business Administration and has been studying art for the last eighteen years. While a student at Columbia College, she was published in the annual student review for her artwork and one of her murals can be seen in the Sonora Police Department’s Dispatch Center. She has won many awards including Best of Division at professional art shows. She works continuously to broaden her painting knowledge by attending master workshops and seeking inspiration from her favorite mentors. Her paintings are mainly in oil, some acrylic, charcoal, and pastels. She especially enjoys Plein Air painting, the challenge of capturing the mood and the feel of the day before the daylight is lost, and the shadows change. Vickie accepts commissioned work, contact Vickie today.

O-138  Really  oil  30x20  $600

Meet Artist Patricia Cherry, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist


Patricia Cherry
Ms. Cherry believes all of life is art.  

Her motto for a creative life:  ”Ditch your inner critic, laugh at yourown ego, pick the thing you love and work like crazy, and no matter how tough it gets practice gratitude and peace daily."

Fine Art education includes attending San Francisco State University, California College of Arts and Crafts, University of California at Berkeley, and Escuela de Belles Artes in San Miquel de Allende, Guanajauto Mexico. In addition she has taken many other art workshops from diverse and talented Artists. She did this concurrently while working as a busy CEO of a San Francisco Bay Area Staffing firm.
An award winning professional artist she has won awards at such shows as Ironstone Spring Art Show and Gallo’s Annual Art show. She has had one-person shows in San Joaquin, Calaveras, Amador and San Mateo Counties. In Northern California her art can currently be seen at Bonsack Gallery in Oakdale and at C Gallery and Fine Art in East Sonora.
Patricia was co-founder of Sonora Art Trails, a successful open art studio tour bringing tourists and art lovers to Tuolumne County. She is frequently a guest speaker for community groups on the subject of why art is important to education and society. She is known for writing a weekly column for Sierra Lodestar, “Art Matters”.  She teaches “How to Find Your Visual Voice” to a select group of artists who take their painting but not themselves seriously.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Judy Boles, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Judy Boles Art
O-026  Pioneer Cabin Tree  acrylic  12x16  $350

As a girl, I took many cross country road trips with my family, watching the varied landscapes go by. During those trips, my father instilled a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the beauty in all landscapes: orchards, cornfields, lakes, mountains, sea coasts and even barren deserts. Painting and drawing the things I saw became a favorite childhood pass time.  After finishing college, I taught high school English and Art in northern California for several years, but my art soon took a back seat to the joys of children and to the demands of the corporate world. Since my retirement in 2006, I have been pursuing my passion for art more fully.
O-025  Bear in Bloom  oil  12x16  $350-

My work is a visual diary of scenes that have inspired me. The close observation needed to render a scene on canvas makes me feel connected to the place. While living many years in Sonoma County, I was drawn to the coastal hills, the shoreline, and the wonderful vistas of the wine country. In 2011 my husband and I moved to Arnold, CA, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where we live in the awesome beauty of a national forest. My new inspirations are mountain streams, alpine lakes, Sequoia trees and the constantly changing seasons.
O-027  Uneven Ripening  oil  9x12  $350

Please visit my web gallery at:
or email me at:

Meet Artist Connie McLennan, Spring Obsession OPEN DIVISION accepted artist

Connie McLennan

O-112  Winter Hills, Monterey Co.  oil  24x24  $1495
2nd. Place Winner

Connie McLennan grew up in Yreka, CA, where she showed quarter horses and sometimes accompanied her father, a veterinarian, on his out-calls amid the natural beauty of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding countryside.

Connie graduated from CSU, Sacramento with a degree in journalism, then spent two years studying illustration at San Francisco's Academy of Art. She began as a freelancer, illustrating a variety of advertising, institutional and editorial projects, including thirteen children’s books. 

O-111  Spring Smorgasbord  oil  14x12  $425

She attended her first painting workshop with Craig Nelson in 1994 and continued paint with Craig for five days every winter for several years. In 2010, she turned to painting full time and was enormously influenced by a series of workshops with well-known impressionist Don Hatfield.

Connie is a two-time contributor to the Air Force Art Collection. One of her paintings currently hangs in the State Capitol, representing the 1st Senate District in California’s 2013-2014 Senate Contemporary Art collection.

O-110  Tulip Dance  oil  12x12  $350

Meet Artist Marilyn Wear, Open Division Accepted Artist & 1st. Place Award Winner!

Marilyn Wear garnered the 1st place award at Ironstone's 17th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show.

Marilyn Wear NWS, WW, CWA

O-069 Storm Along the Canal  watercolor  11x16 $800
1st. Place Winner, Open Division


Marilyn was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, where she graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. She worked as an advertising artist/illustrator until 2003, then left her last job in commercial art to pursue her dream of becoming a full time fine artist. Her work won immediate recognition, winning awards in juried shows around the country. In 2005 she was selected as a signature member of the National Watercolor Society. She has since been selected for signature membership in Watercolor West, and California Watercolor Association.

Although she also paints with oil and acrylics, her favorite medium is transparent watercolor, where she uses a technique of layering many glazes of watercolor to create richness and depth, while retaining a glowing vibrancy. She finds some of her best subject matter close to home in her garden and in the Sierra Nevada mountains, particularly the dramatic landscapes of Yosemite National Park. She has a special interest in painting birds and wildlife, both local to home and to wherever she travels. Her style in realistic with an emphasis on capturing the light, color and mood of her chosen subject.

O-068  Nut Snatcher  watercolor  11x16  $800

She is currently represented by First Street Gallery in Turlock, CA
and Cedar Street Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii

Marily can be contacted by email and or through her website: