Thursday, May 8, 2014

Post Clinic images ...

If you missed the Free Appraisal Clinic by Holabird & Associates
here are a few more items that came in...

This was an antique shadowbox that was animated. Excellent condition and very funny!

Several antique Guns & Rifles came in. This was the more rare

 Interesting figuring fetching around $300

Fake? or Museum Treasure?  Turned out to be a lovely print... not worth as much as the frame!
There were several outstanding collections of original art that came in. These were done by artist D. Schuler

 Yes, there was GOLD as well, some outstanding specimens too!

Prospector Mario brought in his bathroom waist basket and discovered it was a custom art piece from the early 1900's.

This might be a Miwuk paint brush?

Some things required a closer inspection...

 Is this genuine? The blade seems to be, but ...
 More outstanding art..

This was an outstanding collection from an authentic gold rush bad guy!

  Rugs and more rugs..
 Excellent antique rifle ..
Antique clothing well preserved
Great old metal & glass sign