And the Winners Are!


2021 Open Division Winners

1st. Place Open Division:   Popi Tyler , “Whistler’s Mother No. 1” 

O-059 Whistler's Mother No. 1 by Popi Tyler mm 15x22 $870


 2nd Place Open Division:   Cali Roberson   “Above the Fray” 

O-021 Above the Fray by Cali Roberson pencil 14x18 $2000


3rd. Place Open Division:    Ron Miranda  “Orange Crush” 

O-019  Stir-Orange Crush by Ron-Miranda  oil 28x22 $2500


Judges Merit Ribbons:

George Dillon, “Flutists”    

O-011 The Flutists by George Dillon acrylic 18x24 $200.

Stephen Testa, “Bella” 

O-045 Bella-by Stephen Testa wc 26x21 $450

Tabitha Kremesec, “New Wave”   

O-004 New Wave by Tabitha Kremesec oil 16x20 $435


2021 Theme Division Poster Winner:

Vickie Chew “ Incipient Bloom”  

T-005 Incipient-Bloom-by Vickie-Chew oil 16x20 $600

Open Division Judging this year was conducted by Art Collectors:

Stephen Kautz & Marita Calloway.

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