Wednesday, December 2, 2009

As Seen on TV!  The release of Daniel D'Agostini & Molly Chappellet's new coffee table book, "Into the Earth: A Wine Cave Renaissance".  This book is a must see.  My first reaction was "Wow!"  This is one big and beautiful book. If you can get past the stunning photography, you realize this book is a history of the develpment of the great aging caves of the wine industry.  This is also a very heartfelt and special project for Daniel D'Agostini.  Daniel is credited with taking most of the spectacular photos in this rather large book.  The Kautz Family of Ironstone Vineyards and the D'Agostini family have a great bond tied to the rich history of California's gold rush.  D'Agostini winery is credited with being one of the first commercial wineries developed during the actual gold rush.  During the days, wine was fermented in large redwood barrels. Along comes Mr. John Kautz building a tribute to the Mining Era with Ironstone Vineyards to procure several of those antique barrels and put them to use as the entry doors to Ironstone Vineyards very own aging caverns as well as the paneling in the spectacular tasting room.

These in themselves are a must see, but, back to the book.  We have the book for sale here in the Heritage Museum at Ironstone. Don't take my word for it, come see for yourself, it is a beautiful history of a significant development in California's wine industry and a must have for all you wine lovers.

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