Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Artist Janis Pastore-Smith, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist


O-080  Sunflowers and Lemons  by Janis Pastore-Smith oil  16x20  $1250
An early interest in drawing followed by watercolor classes in high school made it an easy decision to continue my love of art at the University of the Pacific. At Pacific, I studied with Professors/artists Larry Walker, Richard Reynolds and Richard Yip.  After graduation in 1968 with a degree in art I began a 25-year teaching career. Between teaching and raising a family with husband Andy, there was little time to devote to my art.  It wasn't until after retirement in 2008 that I returned to my passion, studying water color and drawing from Deanna Hunt through the Pacific's Osher Program.  I continued my studies at Pacific under the tutelage of Professor and artist Lucinda Kasser.  There I began working in oils, discovering my passion for the rich, vibrant colors and energetic brush strokes the medium allows.  y landscapes are inspired by travels through Italy and France and by many trips into the Sierra Nevada and the majestic seaside areas in and around Pacific Grove.  I continued exploring the medium, expanding into the area of still life, taking workshops with artist Peggi Kroll-Roberts. My current work continues with still life paintings and landscapes that reflect my love of the natural beauty of California.

2013, Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys, CA 16th Annual Spring Obsession Show
Nov. 2012, featured artist, Goodwin Gallery, Stockton, CA
2012, 1st. place, Woodridge Winery, Acampo, CA.
2011, 2nd place, Goodwin Gallery, Stockton, CA
2011, Mustlin Gallery Show, Modesto, CA
2011, 2nd place, Woodbridge Winery, Acampo, CA.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet Artist Mary Ann Newman, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Mary Ann Newman
O-167  Spring Woodlands by Mary Ann Newman  17x18  $350

Although my earlier careers were in Social Group Work and Stay-at-home-Mom, I became interested in art in the mid=1970's when our family lived for a year in Switzerland. While there I visited as many museums as possible and participated in an art study tour to Venice, Assisi & Florence. Returning to Mill Valley I enrolled in art classes at the College of Marin in Art History, Design, Painting and Fiber and emerged years later, a serious handweaver. I purchased my Gilmore Loom in 1979. There were additional studies in weaving in Oslo, Norway; Sievers School of Fiber Arts on Washington Island, Wisconsin; at the Mendocino Art Center and in workshops arranged by local handwearers Guilds.

In and advanced fiber class, teacher Nancy Soper introduced us to the work of Theo Moorman, and English weaver. Moorman says in her 1975 book Weaving as an Art Form that "Nowadays weaving and the processes of manipulating thread and fiber are generally accepted as an art form" and introduces the one person artist-designer-weaver approach in contrast to the past where weavers worked from a design given to them by painters. the huge old tapestries one sees hanging in museums were designed by painters and woven probably mostly by men sitting on hard benches at looms in Belguim and France.
O-166  Rushing River by Mary Ann Newman  16x16  $300

The work in this show is my own adaptation of the Theo Moorman technique which I weave on my floor loom using a heavier background warp with surface yarns held down by finer warp yarns to create the inlay image. It enables me to create pieces with the freedom of color and design. I find inspiration in nature. I have exhibited in San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma County galleries and Libraries.

Mary Ann Newman
Santa Rosa, California

Meet Artist Phil Murillo, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Phil Murillo  - Artist Bio
O-064  Mill226  by Phil Murillo   53x38  $975
     From my childhood in Chicago, to my current everyday life in the central valley, art has played a vital role throughout my life.  As a kid drawing comic strips, to a teen replicating rock album covers and bands' logos, to my career choice in graphic design, art has always been at my core.

     I graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Advertising Design. Shortly thereafter I started a career in the commercial sign industry.  I had the opportunity to learn and hone my skills at hand lettering, logo design, large format graphics, wall murals, typography, commercial and electrical signage. Ultimately my artistic style and my art studio were developed from my work life experiences.

     Working Class Studios reflects the concept and approach  behind my artwork.  I have a technical working class approach to each painting. I do much planning and visualizing in the beginning stages of the piece. After the plan is in place, I apply many frenetic translucent layers. I follow the plan generally, but always allow for the colors to flow, overlap and interconnect.  These free flowing colors create new images, shapes and color schemes within themselves, a colorful planned chaos.

     Working Class Studios also reflects the importance to me of being environmentally conscious.  Whenever possible I use recycled sign surfaces, re-used substrates, salvaged wood and materials for my paintings and frames, turning landfill into artwork.

     Thank you for your interest. I appreciate it.

     Phil Murillo

O-065  Snow White  by Phil Murillo  21x28   $650

Meet Artist Charlotte Mahood, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Charlotte Mahood
Artist Biography

O-205  Barco Rifigio  by Charlotte Mahood  36x36  $3000

Charlotte makes her home in the foot hills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains with her husband and their three pups, El Greco, Leonardo and George. Her studio is located on their property next to their home providing her the opportunity to work on projects any time of the day or night.  Printmaking and Oil Painting are her passions.  Her printmaking work includes, etching, Chine Colle', Monotypes and mixed media.  Charlotte observes and records her impressions of the world around her in colorful passages.  Her figurative work records humanity at work and at play, evoking strong emotion on the part of the viewer. She imparts a sense of design that is uniquely her own.

After earning her Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Degree with high honors at Cabrillo College, Charlotte pursued further studies at The Scottsdale Art School, Kala Art Institute of Berkeley California and The Monterey Peninsula College.  A long time resident of Santa Cruz County before locating in the foothills, Charlotte was a member of The Santa Cruz Art League and the Pajare Valley Art Council. Presently she is a member of The Calaveras Arts Council, Arts of Bear Valley, the Golden Pallet, The Oil Painters Alliance and The Monterey Peninsula College Printmakers.

Her work has been selected for a number of juried shows and is in private collections throughout the Untied States.  Charlotte's work is available for purchase and is exhibited at the Art on Main Gallery, Murphys, California

Meet Artist John Lovewell, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

O-207  Leapard by John Lovewell  36x24 $2400
JOHN LOVEWELL                                                                                                        WILDLIFE ART

Statement from the artist:

It is my pleasure to personally share some things in my life that have contributed to my love of wildlife and the wilderness and the desire to express this in the field of art.

     I was born in Cody, Wyoming and raised in Kalispell, Montana, not far from Glacier National Park.  What a great time I had growing up, going fishing and hunting with my father and as a teen hiking with my buddies into the back country wilderness with my trusty 35 mm SLR.
     I guess I was drawing birds and animals as soon as I could hold up a pencil, I took up taxidermy at 12 years old, and bacame the town stuffer as people began dropping off specimens on the front porch. I was also called on to draw and paint things, even symbols on the sides of Teepees, and I enjoyed illustrating the High School Annual, with scenes from Indian life.
    Although I left the area, my heart was always there, like getting all choked up in cowboy movies when I saw the Mountain Scenery. I did make it a point to always take my wife and sons to Yellowstone Park every summer for vacation, where I continued to take pictures of old snags and rocks and scenery that I filed away for future use in bringing back old memories on canvas when I had free time.

     That is why I strive for realism, so the painting can be convincing enough that you fell you have stepped into an actual scene of nature and you are there for real, witnessing some kind of drama or action, which then usually means ... predators.
     I was largely self-taught, but felt encouraged when individuals would buy my efforts ... and even more so when some of my pieces were accepted into the Los Angeles Audubon Society Wildlife and Environmental Art Show.
     When I found time, I would take hikes into the Sierras and so finally I decided to move to Sonora, to be c lose by the mountains.
     This was a great decision ... here the Oil Painting World of technique and color was really opened up to me by a local artist and teacher, Gereon Rios of the Sonora Academy of Fine Arts.
     I hope then, that for my efforts will be successful in bringing a measure of appreciation for God's wonderful creations and that my experiences and memories will develop scenes that will perhaps evoke the same joys I have and that lie deep in the soul of those who have tramped in the woods ... or even maybe those who were only able to dream about it.

John Lovewell

Friday, April 19, 2013

Vaughn Pottery delivers! New Arrivals!

Life Force  - #310101  $600
 Bill & June Vaughn of Vaughn Pottery have blown us out of the water with this stunning new piece!  It is an eye stopper!  No one just glances at this piece. It draws you into it layer after layer - textures, colors and a richness that older pieces only hint at.  Inlayed with turquoise and ammonite fossils that interplay with the deep designs and rich earth colors this piece is a life force in and of itself.

Life Force  - #310101  $600

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meet Artist Ronald Houck, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Ronald Houck
Lodi, Ca

Artist Bio:

Ronald Houck was born in Salem, Oregon, but grew up in the greater San Francisco Bay Area of California. Ronald received a BA in Studio Art from California State University San Francisco in 2010.

During his high school years he developed a love for both art and misic. After high school he continued to develop as an artist, while also becoming a professional musician, singer and songwriter. He then formed a vocal trio with his wife and brother and preformed throughout Northern California and Nevada for more than eight years.

He is best known for his expressive and figurative oil paintings that capture the mood, emotion, and spirit of people in a variety of environments. Blending traditional and contemporary painting techniques, the artist compels viewers to uncover the mysteries and narratives within his work.

Ronald has been privileged to work with several nationally and internationally renown artists throughout his education, such as Craig Nelson, Warren Chang, Tae Park, Dean Larson, Zackary Zdrale and Baoping Chen.

Ronald has done commissioned portraits for prominent patrons in Central California and is beginning to achieve national recognition as an artist through his award winning work displayed at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA in 2010 and through gallery exposure.  Ronald is a member of Oil Painters of America and is currently teaching life drawing, foundational drawing, and color theory at The Art Institute of California-Sacramento and The Art Institute of California-Sunnyvale.  After raising three sons, he currently reside in Lodi, CA with his loving wife Suzanne.

Meet Artist Susie Hoffman, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Susie Hoffman,

     Now exploring art after retiring from teaching English and history, Susie considers herself a "professional art student". She and her husband, Larry, created the art center Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis where she has enjoyed classes by many foothill artists over the last four years.  From oil classes to mosaics, she is always eager to learn something new.
    Susie first started this art journey ten years ago in watercolor.  Happy to retire early, she discovered a wonderful East Bay watercolor group that even traveled to southern France to paint in the small towns of the Dordogne region.  Since opening her art store, she has branched out into oil, graphite, collage and pastels.  She also sells many of her photographs at Town Hall Arts.
    She lovers trying new media and tries to find something unique to teach at the Copper Art Club, a group she started out of her home when she and Larry moved to Copper seven years ago.  The club now meets weekly at Town Hall Arts.
    Painting in oil is her challenge right now. "I love the freedom and color that can be achieved in oil, but I also enjoy practicing drawing skills with graphite portraits of my grandchildren," Susie said.  She always takes several photos and sketchbook along on trips to create what she calls "airplane art" - small graphite portraits done "en route".
    Honors include awards at the Mother Lode Art Show, Delicato Show, Calaveras County Fair, Riverside Carriage Show, and Oakdale Transportation Show.  Her graphite portrait, "I Hope You Dance", appeared on the 2012 program cover of the Ironstone Spring Obsession Show.  Susie's artwork and photographs are displayed at Galerie Copper in Town Hall Arts, under the clock, in Copperopolis Town Square. She is currently program director for Mother Lode Art Association.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gold discovered by Marty!

Marty Davis, while on a business trip today to the Sysco Foods Show here at Ironstone, stopped in to pose next to the 44 lb crystalline gold specimen.
Marty, who works at La Contenta Golf Course in Valley Springs ( ) as the Golf Course Manager, was working for Sonora Mining Company at the Jamestown site back in 1992. 
Marty, hearing the alarms go off on the belt, was the first to see this amazing specimen as it came up the conveyor belt. Marty claims as he picked it up, he was surprised by its weight, at that time total weight around 66 lbs. Today, after cleaning, it weighs in at 44 troy pounds of gold weight.
Glad to have Marty stop in today!