Sunday, December 27, 2020

Scarce Agates just in!

 Ironstone's Heritage Museum has just received a nice little collection of scarce Puma Agates.  These little lovelies show a great range of color and patterns. They are being listed at $10 - $15 each.  They range in size from 3 cm - 5 cm.

If you are not familiar with Agates they are common rock formations primarily consisting of chalcedony and quartz. They are primarily formed within volcanic and metamorphic rocks.  The Puma agates of Argentina claim their discovery date in the late 1990's although agates in general date back to ancient Greece where they were used in jewelry and in the seal stones of Greek warriors. Our rock expert, Mr. Mike Hunerlach, has told us that Puma agates are becoming quite scarce pushing the prices up significantly.  

Here are a few photos of some of the little lovelies that now grace our shelves. If you see one that interests you, give us a call for more information. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Call to Artists Deadlines nearing!

 Ironstone Spring Obsession Art Show art entry deadlines are fast approaching.  OPEN Division entries are due Sunday, January 31st. 2021.

Theme Division entries are due January 2nd. 2021 which is barely a week away!  You may download the forms from the pages above or enter online which saves so much time.  Just go to  and click on Art Show.  If you have an issue with the entry fee portion of the form, just email Chris Gomez at cgomez@ironstonevineyards.  

There is a bit of a glitch in the programming of the web entry. Forms and images are coming through no problem, but the payment section seems to be off line.  You may mail in a check to Ironstone Spring Art Show Entry, 1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys, CA 95247, or call the Ironstone Vineyards office at 209-728-1251, let them know you entered the Art Show online and she can take your credit card over the phone.  Sorry for the inconvenience but it seems the website person is off for the holidays and won't be back till next year. One more fracture to chalk up to 2020.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Wild Things by Kathleen Dunphy new date

 NEW DATE for Kathleen Dunphy's "Wild Things". 

Mark your calendars and get your questions ready. 

Kathleen Dunphy goes live December 30th at 4:00 PM PST.  Facebook.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Ironstone Bistro new menu & More!

 Today's Covid requirements have sent us to the Breezeway.  Tasting Room & Bistro are now located downstairs in Ironstone's beautiful Breezeway Grotto. And with a new Bistro Menu!  (see below).  Waterfalls and fun Christmas displays await you for either tasting or dining. Generous spacing/distancing amidst the waterfalls, holiday decor and firepits, its a perfect way to move into the holiday spirit.  We all need a bit of that these days and Ironstone delivers.  Reservations are required so do call in advance.  The facility is closed Monday through Wednesday with the Bistro open Thursday thru Sunday.  Bistro also requires advance reservations.

Ironstone's Jewelry & Gift Shoppe is open Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 - 5:00.  We require masks properly worn and social distancing, and although we have limited occupancy the gift shop does not require reservations at this time. However, should you wish to secure a time period for private service with one of our staff, please feel free to call ahead to extension and we will most certainly try to accommodate you.  

Specials currently running in the Gift shoppe,  25% discount on the Winchester 14k yellow and white gold jewelry,  25% to 50% off on Diamond Case jewelry,  30% off special auction purchased sterling silver jewelry and 30% off special purchased estate pieces.  Just in time for Christmas!

Mind you,  we never know how the rules will change from one day to the next, but, will keep you informed on Ironstone's facebook page or here on our Museum blog.  Oh, almost forgot, the vault with the Crystalline Gold Specimen is currently closed as all indoor museums must be closed due to the current COVID regulations. 

New Bistro Menu!

Soup Du Jour    Cup 5, bowl 6

Gold Miner Chili with cornbread 8

Chips & Queso Verde housemade chips  9

Mixed Green Salad  9

Classic Wedge Salad  11, add chicken 4

Fromage Board assorted Cheeses, Dried Fruits and nuts  16

Brie Melt  9

Smoked Pulled Pork  12

Blackened Chicken Po'Boy 13

Obsession Smoked Brisket Panini  15

Bread Pudding with whipped cream 8

Saturday, November 28, 2020

"Wild Things" The Animal Art & Plein Air Landscapes of Kathleen Dumphy


~Wild Things~

The Animal Art & Plein Air Landscapes of Kathleen Dunphy

A Facebook Live Virtual Event

Friday, December 11 @ 4pm PST

Turbulent 2020 Inspires 'Wild' Virtual Gallery and Facebook Live Show Dec. 11 


Nov. 20, 2020 Murphys, CA -- In the midst of a still surging pandemic that has caused nearly every business to pivot and shift to innovative, flexible ways of connecting and conducting business, nationally acclaimed artist Kathleen Dunphy has created a COVID-19 free way to share her works -- and the backstories of what inspired them -- directly with the public.


Timed just ahead of the winter holidays, her 2020 solo show is entitled "Wild Things: The Animal Art and Landscapes of Kathleen Dunphy." The virtual gallery show opening and an interactive Q and A with the artist will be live-streamed to the public on Facebook Live Friday, Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. PST at, where it will remain available, post-event for folks to view at their leisure.


Although the Northern California-based painter is represented by several galleries across the country, due to Covid cases on the rise and protocol restrictions, Dunphy chose to create and stage her 2020 show near her home in the picturesque Sierra Foothills. The event will feature animal art, including several of her much sought-after bird paintings along with soulful, light-filled plein air landscapes of northern California scenes, many from the artist's favorite off-trail hiking spots she visited over the past months.


Among her larger works in oils (see attached) is "Scram!" in which a gaggle of life-sized, frenzied Canada geese are erupting in all directions across a 48 by 72-inch canvas, seemingly attempting to escape the frame; their movements a flurry of necks, beaks, wings and feet. 


"'Scram!’ evolved into a symbol of my feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dunphy says. "As the virus spread, it felt to me as though all the color had been leached from the world and we were all teaming up to fight the enemy. These Canada geese hissing and flapping and chasing the badness away to me summed up our universal struggle against the virus.”


The gallery event is being hosted by Ironstone Vineyards, located near historic downtown Murphys. The Calaveras County ranch on which it sits, owned by the Kautz Family for four generations, houses a winery and Gold Rush museum built in the shape of a gold stamp mill. Dunphy's show will be hung in the beautiful Heritage Room, adjacent to the museum and tasting room.  


The show will kick-off with the Facebook Live interview featuring Dunphy and local journalist Tori James during which viewers will have the chance to ask the artist questions about her paintings through Chat and see the framed paintings from various angles.


This new way of viewing art can be even more convenient than pre-pandemic trips to galleries, according to Dunphy. “I feel like what’s missing from the art world right now is the opportunity to speak directly with artists and to put your nose right up to paintings in a gallery. But fortunately, technology has allowed us to bring the art to the collector in a new and different way. You can see my work from any place in the world and interact much like being there in person.”

If Covid protocols permit, interested collectors and other members of the public may be able to view the show and meet the artist in the Heritage Room Friday, Dec. 11 through Saturday, Dec. 12. Those interested may call ahead to request a specific personal time-slot. For more details, please call (805) 459-8723 and leave a message with your name, requested time and best phone number for a call back.  

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Ironstone's Heritage Museum celebrates with you this

2020 Thanksgiving.  

Thanks for all our friends and families, thanks for supporting us during these trying times. Thanks for your friendly and sincere words of encouragement as we try to follow the Covid regulations so we can stay open for all of you.  It has not been easy and sometimes most unpleasant. But through it all we would not still be here but for all of you, our guests, our family and our friends.  Thank you. 

Ironstone will be celebrating Thanksgiving by giving staff Wednesday and Thursday off.  So, we will be closed Tuesday & Wednesday as usual and again on Thanksgiving day.   Stay safe, relax, be kind and spread some love this holiday season. 

Come visit us this coming weekend and enjoy the colors of fall at Ironstone's beautiful gardens. Sincere thanks to Larry, Ironstone's Master Gardner for his astronomical efforts in creating this color wonderland for you to enjoy. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Spring Obsession Art Show 2021

 Ironstone will be moving forward with it's 24th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show & Competition.

Entry forms are available either on the page tabs at the top of this post or by emailing  Please put in the Subject line "Spring Art Entry forms" and you will receive both the Theme Division and Open Division forms.

Coming soon you will also be able to enter the show by going to and clicking on the Art Show tab.  All works will be juried prior to acceptance into the exhibit. 

Theme Division entries will be due January 1st. 2021 with OPEN Division entries due January 31st, 2021.

Please refer to the entry forms/prospectus for complete details and rules.

We will notify all entrants of any complications arising out of the Covid19 situation. As we all know, this has been a touch and go situation for everyone.  Here at Ironstone we have in place all the regulated safety precautions and will continue to do so.  Lets all stay safe and hope we can be back to our regular activities come this next year. In the meantime, paint paint paint!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Petrified Wood

Ironstone Vineyard's Heritage Museum now features and outstanding collection of petrified wood.

Visit free of charge, the collection is located just outside the Heritage Museum & Gift Shoppe.


M.P. Hunerlach, 2016

Which minerals produce the colors found in the petrified wood?

Red and Pink colors are produced by the presence of hematite, a form of oxidized iron - Fe2O3. The intensity of the color depends on the quantity of hematite present in the petrified wood.

Ø  Process: Iron dissolves in ground water when no oxygen is present. The ground water becomes re-oxygenated as it moves though the tree trunks causing oxygen to bond with the iron. The iron then precipitates to produce a solid form of iron called hematite. This hematite is incorporated into the log's cell walls. The same process occurs when iron stains porcelain sinks. The soluble iron in ground water becomes oxidized into a solid form when it comes in contact with air, causing a reddish stain.

Yellow, Brown and Orange colors are produced by the presence of goethite - HFeO2 and Fe2O3. Goethite is a hydrated iron oxide that is derived by weathering from iron bearing minerals. It crystallizes into tablets, scales, needles, radial and concentric aggregates.

Green colored petrified wood is produced by pure reduced iron that is a magnetic, malleable mineral. The chemical composition is Fe. Referred to as native iron, it is quite rare in terrestrial rocks but common in meteorites. Native iron combines with chlorophyll to give tree leaves and plants their green colors but rarely attaches to wood cells.

White is produced by pure silica - SiO2. Since silicon, Si, and oxygen, O, are the two most abundant elements in the earth's crust. Silica group minerals are common worldwide. Free silica, SiO2, referred to scientifically as silicon dioxide, occurs most commonly as quartz. Quartz is the principal element of glass. In many respects quartz is the most interesting of all minerals. It has a larger number of distinct varieties with wider differences than any other mineral. Petrified wood, also referred to as silicified wood, is a common illustration of a quartz pseudomorph - wood is slowly replaced, cell by cell, by silica, until not a trace of the original material remains.

Ø  Process: The structural arrangement of silicon and oxygen creates an open bonding structure that permits other ions such as various forms of iron to occupy interstitial positions in the molecule and bond to it, thus producing variations in color.

Organic carbon or pyrite - FeS2 (iron sulfide), the most abundant and widespread sulfide mineral, produces Black. Because it was mistaken for gold it is often called "fool's gold." Pyrite, translated freely, means "fire mineral", a reference to the sparks given off when struck.

Ø  Process: The wood was affected as hydrogen sulfide from decaying organic matter interacted with iron forming pyrite.

Purple and Blue are produced by manganese dioxide - MnO2. This is a secondary material formed when water leaches manganese from igneous rock and re-deposits it as a concentration of manganese dioxide. As a result, it occurs more often as coatings on other minerals than as large crystals. Manganese is very important in the manufacture of steel.

Tan indicates silica dioxide is the predominate replacement mineral. This color is most often seen in permineralized wood. In permineralization, the wood's cell structure is better preserved, giving it the appearance of real wood. It should be noted that not all petrified wood is permineralized. Permineralization also transpires when wood is preserved with calcite rather than silica.  

Ø  How the very fine detail of the cell structure is preserved is not well understood. It would appear that less than cell sized gradients in acidity created very small re-precipitation gradients, replacing the wood on almost an atom by atom basis.

Good Information on the Formation of petrified Wood:



Monday, September 14, 2020

Cuff Links for the Sportsman

Crafted for the avid Sportsman, Designer Chris Chaney has created the Winchester line of fine jewelry.  Officially Licensed by Winchester, an icon of the Gold Rush Era, each of these pieces speaks fine craftsmanship and an eye to detail.
This particular pair of cuff links is cast from a 12 guage bullet end in 14k yellow gold fitted with a genuine diamond center. Total weight of the 2 diamonds is 0.40 cttw.  We only have one pair available originally offered at $2995.00. Now through November, we are marking this piece 25% off. There is only one left, so do call soon to make it yours.

For those of you who prefer Sterling Silver, we do have this same style available cast in Sterling Silver with no diamonds listed at $199.00. Stop by and check them out.

In addition to the cuff links, the Winchester line features pendants and earrings. Stay tuned for more on these fun pieces.

Moving into the holidays, put your best foot forward with these eye catching pieces.  

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Vintage Coins now available

Ironstone Heritage Jewelry Shoppe now has a nice collection of vintage coins available for sale.  Stashed away for several years this collection originally came in as part of an auction lot that Mr. Kautz, Ironstone owner, purchased.  He had his eye on a few vintage tokens for the Museum section which were immediately put on display.  The rest of the lot has remained boxed up and stashed in a corner till #CoronaCleaning brought it back to the surface.  If you are looking for anything specific, drop us an email here at Ironstone and we will get back to you.   In the meantime, enjoy.

Most of the coins are US coins, some quite old and many more recent.  All in very good condition. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Meet Australian Gold Nugget "Fair Dinkum"

"Fair Dinkum" is a nugget found in Australia in 2014. As the story goes, seasoned prospector Mick Brown was a couple of weeks into giving up smoking and was getting grumpy so his wife told him to leave the house for some fresh air.

Six inches beneath the surface, Mr. Brown hit the top of a gold nugget with his detector. "I thought bugger me, it is, it's bloody gold", Mr. Brown said. "I just dug it up, 87 ounces of the good stuff".

The name "Fair dinkum" came about as people left its weight and said, "fair dinkum this is huge".

Mr. Brown finds his nugget quite attractive and says it has "good grooves and moves".  He thought is was silly to be secretive about his nugget and thought it better to let people have a hold. "What am I supposed to do, 'yeah I've found a nugget but you can't look at it'", he said. "It's cool and it's given everyone a good little rev up."

As a result, many replicas have been created to give everyone a chance to see what a great nugget it is.

Come out to Ironstone's Heritage Jewelry Shoppe and take a look at one of Mr. Brown's exact replicas.

Truly as beautiful as Mr. Brown declares.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Missed it!

Ended! Missed this one. Keep an eye out for our next daily special....
Today Ironstone Heritage Jewelry Shoppe is featuring a Hand Crafted piece created by Pottery Artist June Vaughn.

Vaughn #310063 345  $100

This fun piece is a very stylistic turtle. Fired ceramic, this creative piece is hand painted set with tiny beads.  The necklace is adjustable to fit between 15" - 25".  If you are interested in this piece, you may purchase from Ironstone Vineyard's website or give us a call today from now till 3:30pm.  We will offer free shipping if you call today for this piece.

209-728-1251 extension 47

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

We are Back!

Ironstone Heritage Jewelry Shoppe is open!  Although we are open this holiday weekend, our regular hours are 10am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday.  Check out our Ironstone facebook page for all the safety steps we are taking for the protection of our guests and staff.  We do ask that you refrain from handling merchandise unless you intend to purchase.  We are required to follow all the guidelines so that we can remain open for you. Help us stay that way! 

We are offering a 25% discount on our fun Winchester 14k Gold jewelry. Cast in 14k Yellow and White Gold from actual bullet ends, these pieces also feature genuine diamonds.  Perfect for the Sports Women in your life.  Come in to see our full line, or go to to shop on line.

Take care, stay safe and come see us soon!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Meet Artist Lynne Sutton

Lynne Sutton
6857 Hwy 26 * P.O. Box 153Mokelumne Hill, CA 9545

O-093 Spring Bloom by Lynne Sutton wc 16x20 $175 SOLD

Lynne Sutton Bio
I have lived in Calaveras County, in the Mokelumne Hill area; for the last 49 years.

I always painted and did other Artistic things while growing up. Things went on hold for a time during child rearing. Later, I took classes in Oil Painting and Pottery at Delta College in Stockton, CA.

Since my retirement from retail; I have more time and am back to painting and mixed media Art. I took lessons for several years from Deborah Marlene, of Mokelumne Hill, and learned the basics of my new medium of Watercolor. 

Painting Removed by Artist. No longer available for sale at Ironstone.

I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at Art Galleries and while traveling.   In April-May of 2019, I joined Deborah Marlene on a two week painting trip to the South of France. 

I often have dreams about my next project,
and can hardly wait to see what happens when implemented. Sometimes I feel they turn out good, and sometimes, not. But, I am still doing what I love to do...ART!

Meet Artist Deborah Marlene

Deborah Marlene

P. O. Box 207

Painting Removed by Artist. No longer available for sale at Ironstone.
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245


Deborah has been painting since the late 1960’s. Beginning with Acrylics, on to Oils, in the 1970’s, taking several Community College courses in Oils, while raising her family.

In 1996, she found her chosen medium of Watercolors. Deborah studied Watercolors with Lura Francis, of Murphys, for several years. She also attended workshops by many locally known artists, including Martha Wallace, Dale Latenin, and Carolyn McPherson.

Deborah loves bright colors and works to get the most vivid colors that she can achieve in Watercolor. Yupo paper is becoming a favorite of hers due to its ability to show the colors in the purest form. It handles a lot like Alcohol Inks on Tile, which she also enjoys.


Painting Removed by Artist. No longer available for sale at Ironstone
Deborah’s Studio is open one a year for the Calaveras County Artist’s Studio Tour, which runs the last weekend in September. She is a member of the Arts of Bear Valley and CCAC, and shows in many of their events.

Devorah teaches Watercolors and Acrylics in her home Studio. I really enjoy introducing my joy and knowledge of these mediums, to eager to learn students. Classes are tailored to the individual.

To contact Deborah Marlene for classes, you may email:

Meet Artist Tosya Shore

Tosya’s Art Bio

Why would anyone take on the most humbling hobby (next to golf)

Painting???  Right!!!!

T-028 Silly Daffadilly by Tosya Shore wc 18x24 $650   1
It all started for me when I fell in love with a watercolor by Judy Greenberg and bought it … my first original painting. It was fresh, loose and expressive. AND from nowhere, my thought was “I want to learn how to do this!”  What was I thinking??  Clearly I was young and naïve. This was 23 years ago. With no drawing or painting skills, no art history under my belt, wife, mom, and a full time Software Engineer, I took Judy’s watercolor class.

O-068 High Wire by Tosya Shore wc 22x30 $1500 OPEN DIVISION 3RD PLACE
 Long story short, I developed a Love/Hate relationship with watercolors; so exciting, but so darn challenging. What kept me trying was Judy saying “We all have a few HUNDRED crappy paintings to do, so get them out of the way now”.  This definitely gave me the right expectation, so I continued to take classes and stuff some painting into my already busy life.

O-067 Fall Over by Tosya Shore wc 15x22 $800
 Once I learned to just enjoy the process and let go of the result, it became my passion.  And this passion has helped me through some very tough times.  I’m still finding my way though this exciting medium and love discovering.
T-027 Daffy tiptoing through the two lips by Tosya Shore wc 15x22 $625

BTW, I’m a northern California girl born and raised.

Meet Artist Barbara Conley

Barbara Conley

Barbara Conley has been active in the arts since high school. She began art classes in 1970 and began showing and selling her paintings soon after. Although primarily self-taught Ms. Conley has studie3d under such artists and Millard Sheets, Charlotte Britton, Jade Fon, Tom Nicholas, Harry Dunlap & Zoltan Zabo. Her style has developed into a unique statement that reflects her personal feelings about each subject.

Barbara’s paintings are as easily recognizable as a personal signature. The themes she paints, in meticulous detail, are the things that surround us, those which remind us of the passage of time yet continue to surround us in the warmth of familiarly. Barbara has shown extensively throughout California and her paintings are represented in many private collections Her work has won many awards and has been shown in Southwest Art and US Art magazines.

Barbara uses several mediums in the expression of her artistic abilities. Her primary medium is acrylic but she uses it in such a manner her work is often mistaken for oil. Although her acrylic paintings are most familiar she also has shown work done in watercolor, pencil, oil, and charcoal.

Having lived in the San Jose area for many years Barbara now lives in the Gold Country and is taking advantage of the many aged buildings and lovely country scenes. Most of the aged historic buildings will be taken by time and expansion and Barbara would like to capture them on canvas before they are gone forever.

Barbara’s paintings are represented in the prestigious New Masters Gallery in Carmel California.

If you have questions regarding her art work, Barbara can be reached at (209) 532-0207.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Meet Artist Popi Tyler

T-020 Dont-Fence-Me-In by Popi-Tyler mm 22x17 $890
Sonoma County


Popi Tyler

Popi Tyler is honored to be the recipient of the 18th Annual Ironstone Vineyards Family Choice Award, 2015. You can find her poster of yellow daffodils here in the Ironstone Vineyards gift shop.

T-021 Navajo-Trail by Popi-Tyler mm 15x11 $620

Her inspiration for that winning painting, titled Garden District, were the glorious bulbs that are in bloom all around the vineyards grounds.

Popi recalls, “The Family Choice Award is one of my all-time favorite awards because my painting was personally selected by Gail, John, Joan and Stephen Kautz”.

O-103 After  Midnight by  Popi Tyler mm 11x15 $620.

“Aquamedia paints & pencils are thrilling to use … But the happiest part of my artist life, is an almost 10 year tradition of getting together with my group of 8 treasured artist friends on Friday for art support & laughter.”

“I am currently continuing my studies under two great friends and master watercolorist:

Dale Laitinen pf Pioneer California, and

Christopher Schink of Santa Rosa, California

Happy Trails!

Popi Tyler

O-104 Hope Valley by Popi Tyler mm 22x15 $870

Meet Artist Robert Feigen

T-022 Daffodils in Motion by Robert Feigen  acr 16x20 $579


My name is Robert Feigen and I am the Artist that has preformed The Daffodils in Motion painting. I am a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and in Business Administration. I have been an artist for approximately twenty years and have studied at the Sonora Arts Academy for three years. I am also a current Vice President in the Motherlode Art Association in Sonora/

The Daffodils in Motion Painting is a 16” x 20” Acrylic work of art and is part of a series. It portrays interpretive daffodils flowing freely and serenely in a field of dreams.

I hope you enjoy my painting and will look forward to seeing everyone at the 20202 Artist Reception.


Robert Feigen

Meet Artist Roy Ishii


O-005 Asian Lilies by Roy Ishii  wc 18x24 $350

    I was born in Honololo, Hawaii on March 29, 1942. I attended the local elementary and high schools and then went on to Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana where I completed a bachelor of science degree.  This was followed by four years of medical school at University of California in San Francisco. My medical training continued as an intern at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center and two more years as a pediatric resident at Harbor General/UCLA Medical Center.

T-003 Daffodil Armada by Roy Ishii  wc 18x24 $350
    After my medical training was completed, I was inducted into the US Air Force where I served 2 years as a pediatric medical staff officer at Keesler Air Force Base in Bilozi, Mississippi. There, I met and married my wife Gayle.

    Once my military service was done, we moved to Lodi, California where I practiced general pediatrics for 37 years. Our family grew to include two daughters and now 2 grandchildren. Upon retirement in 2010, I had time to pursue some hobbies, one of which was watercolor painting. Fortunately, there were some very good watercolor artists locally (Deanna Hunt, Jeanne Janssen and Andrea Morris) who taught me the basics of watercolor and how to try to control a medium that very often has a mind of its own.

    I continue to enjoy the creative process and hope others might enjoy the work that is produced.

Meet Artist Susan King



T-007 Cascading Sprintime Celebration by Susan King wc 11x17 $595
  Susan King is a 30 year resident of the Murphys and Arnold areas. Now retired from full-time teaching, she has realized exciting new times to focus on her exploration of the visual arts. The wonder of the natural world, which surrounds the Sierra foothills and beyond, is her inspiration.

  Susan uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create unique emotional connections within her work. Water color, pastels, rice and collage papers and printer’s inks are some of the essential components of many of her pieces. “Every painting is a continual learning experience for me, considering the interaction of composition, design and color and materials. The process can be most humbling and exhilarating.”

O-110 El Capitan Glow by Susan King wc 11x17 $350
  Susan has been awarded Ironstone Vineyard’s annual theme division winner of the Obsession Art Show for two years, resulting in their vineyards poster each year. Arts of Bear Valley has selected pieces for support of their Bear Valley Music Fest and Calaveras Big Trees art shows. Art on Main in Murphys displays her originals, giclee prints, and unlimited edition prints. Yosemite Renessance accepted and displayed her work in the National Park.

O-111 Misty Morning in the Valley by Susan King wc 11x17 $350
  A community outreach of the Arts to the children of the Highway 4 communities has meen her passion as well, including art classes presented to the students of Hazel Fischer, Michelson and Mark Twain Elementary Schools.

  Susan recently wrote, illustrated and published a children’s book entitled, -Copper Girl A True Story of a Therapy Dog


Meet Artist Lisa Livingston


O-073 Floral-Tapestry by Lisa-Livingston acrylic 9x12 $400
 Lisa Livingston is an artist from California’s Central Valley, an Area distinguished  by beautiful Gardens, abundant farmlands and flourishing orchards which have deeply influenced her work.  An avid gardener, her paintings are often inspired by bountiful flowers, trees and colors found in nature throughout the year.

O-072 Symphony-of-Spring-by Lisa-Livingston mm 14x11 $600
The art she created features complex patterns of shape and color presenting a unique vision of the natural world. Her acrylic, watercolor and mixed media paintings portray flowers, landscapes and abstract nature forms that reflect the temporal beauty of the seasons and cycles of nature. She often captures a poetic, transcendent quality in her subjects.

O-071 New-Beginnings-by Lisa-Livingston mm 9x12 $400
Lisa’s work has been shown in exhibitions at Filoli, the Carnegie Art Center, and Ironstone Vineyards among other regional venues and is included in private collections.

A Former Art History instructor at both Modesto Junior College and CSU Stanislaus, she now devotes her time to research, painting, photography, and other creative endeavors.

A portfolio of current work is available at

Meet Artist Linda Lawrence

Linda Lawrence

T-009 Stems & Buds by Linda Lawrence  oil 4x12  $125

Always artistic by nature, Linda was constantly drawing as a child, and enjoyed art classes throughout her school years in Soquel and Fresno, California. As an adult, her loveof design was explored through photography, homemade cards, sketches and interior decoration.

O-089 Biking on Six Mile by Linda Lawrence oil 20x20 $325

Linda and her husband, Ron moved to Murphys in 1992, for its inherent natural beauty and small-town lifestyle. As her children grew more independent, Linda was thrilled to begin taking classes through Columbia Junior College, and first studied with Hermione Rios.

O-090 Petal Pushers by Linda Lawrence oil 16x20 $295
Linda paints primarily in water-based oils, which she finds to be user-friendly and a bit healthier overall. Though the years, she has developed a playful, colorful style, and had enjoyed and appreciated the influence  of instructors Diana Boyd, Susie Hoffman, Sunny Sorenson, Eva Walker, and Judy Cain through Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis. She has also taken workshops from Murphys renowned plein air artist Kathleen Dunphy, and Colley Whisson of Australia at Coastal Maine Art Workshops in Rockport, Maine.

T-008 Spring Snow Day by Linda Lawrence  oil 16x20  $295
Linda often shows her work at the Calaveras County Arts Council and was chosen to present a painting in their 2017 show, AnimalScapes. She was also invited to show at the Studio 11 Gallery in Oakland, California in 2018. She currently paints at ArtScapes in Murphys.

Linda is thoroughly enjoying the process of becoming an artist, and the self-expression, freedom, and mindfulness it provides. She considers her fellow artists soulmates and true inspirational treasures.

Meet Artist Victoria Fout

Victoria Fout

T-017 Trumpets in Spring by Victoria Fout  mm 16x20  $400
Life can be very hard so I try to add a splash of color and whimsy by imagining my own fantastical worlds and beings, exploring the duality between fantasy and reality, light and darkness, life and death, expressing emotion, and reimagining nature.  I create fantastical creatures within surreal landscapes using acrylic on canvas as my main choice of medium. I love a colorful palette, and creating different textures so much that in some pieces, I often manipulate and sew raw canvas, include 3- dimensional elements such as fabric and acrylic mediums to elevate the painting experience to bring my fantastical worlds even more to life.

O-088 Textured Tree  by Victoria Fout acrylic 16x20 $400

I grew up in Angels Camp, California. I found my love for rt at Columbia Community college during the most difficult time in my personal life. Art became a life-raft; I found comfort, escape, therapy, and a creative outlet. Art allows me to be me, and express myself. I am now a local artist with a fresh and unique colorful perspective. I earned my BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2016. I am currently on of the Gallery Artists showing my work at Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp. My artwork has also been shown at the Calaveras County Art Council, Ironstone Vineyards, Crafty Chicks Road Show, and at the Calaveras County Fair. I also serve as a Board member at the Calaveras Art Council.

Lost within my own darkness I find the colors of expression and joy when I paint. My art is an invitation into my world, welcome.