Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet Artist Elizabeth Willmon, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Elizabeth Willmon

O-055  Wine and Orchids  watercolor  20x30  $1200

Artist Statement

I love to paint the designs and patterns created by light and shadow in everyday objects all around me. While I paint in a realistic style, I add my own interpretation by laying down many layers of transparent watercolor. These layers create glowing color, emphasizing the design that first caught my eye.

I paint because I never grow tired of watching the vibrant colors I put on the paper mingle and transform something ordinary into something that commands attention from the viewer.


Originally from Clovis, I have been surrounded by creativity for as long as I can remember. My mother was a fiber artist and my father was a jeweler and furniture designer. In the evenings as they were sketching ideas for their designs, I would draw portraits.

I fell in love with watercolor when I took Dan Petersen's classes at Modesto Junior College. After raising a family and then finishing my Bachelor's degree I have come back to watercolor because it feeds my soul.

I currently live in Modesto with my husband and our little Tibetan spaniel, Cookie. I paint every day in my studio which overlooks a beautiful courtyard filled with the scent of orange blossoms. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet Artist Paula Tooman, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-133  Spring Delight watercolor  27x33  $580
My name is Paula Tooman. I really love doing watercolor painting. The colors intrigue me and the techniques always presenting interesting challenges. In my thirties I started painting – but was busy raising two children so could not paint as often as I desired. In my forties my husband and I adopted fourteen children – thirteen Ethiopians and one handicapped girl from the United States. The children were and are a joy – and sometimes a sorrow. We certainly felt emotions parallel to those experienced by parents all over the world – multiplied by fourteen! As was expected they did keep me very busy and I found time to paint only sporadically. Now I’m in my sixties and we only have four children at home. My husband prepared a home studio for me and I am enjoying the freedom to regularly paint again with my beloved water colors. It is such a luxury to have time to paint again and I’m having great fun doing it!
O-134  Rain forest Jewel  watercolor  29x25  $950

I enjoy most of all painting flowers, people, and landscapes. They lend themselves to the use of a great variety of painting materials, many color variants, and a host of presentation and brushing techniques. I am always reading books and watching DVDs by other artists to encourage myself to try new ideas and to look at each new blank paper as a new and interesting challenge.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Meet Artist Cathryn Strong, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Cathryn Strong, Groveland, CA
O-052  Bridge near Awanhee  watercolor  32x38  $630

 I re-discovered my love of watercolor in 2009 when I participated in a local watercolor class at Mt. Sage Nursery, Groveland.  As a Plein air artist, I try to attend as many watercolor workshops as I can and paint in Yosemite whenever I get the chance, and of course, with the MLAA Plein Air Painting group which enables me to paint throughout the “Gold Country”.
O-053  Call to the Mountains  watercolor  20x26  $450

Currently, I am a member of The Mother Lode Artist’s Association, Sierra Professional Artists, and Benicia Arts and show at the MLAA Aloft cooperative gallery in Sonora. As for education, I graduated from U.C. Davis and attended San Jose State University for postgraduate courses.

For the past two years, I have been juried into Ironstone’s Art Show (Spring Obsession) and was part of the 150th Yosemite celebration (Sierra Professional Artists) Art Show in Groveland, CA.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Meet Artist Wendy Rogers, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted Artist & Judges Merit Award Winner

Wendy Rogers
Judges Merit Award Winner -"Prairie Fire"
O-104  Prairie Fire  watercolor  24x30  $550
Fiddletown painter Wendy Rogers is an award winning watercolorist and blogger, with work in private collections throughout the county. Working with careful drawings and a limited palette of transparent hues, she often enhances her paintings with layers of prismacolor pencil -- deep sky blues and purples, shadows of inky indigo, soft highlights of lightest grays and periwinkle -- all serving to communicate her passion for her craft, and her growing love of Nature.

Rogers was born and raised in the shadow on Mt. Diablo in the Bay Area of California -- and area known for its wonderful fresh fruit and rich farmlands. She learned at an early age to love the land, to respect the hard work and determination of the small farmers, and craved a piece of land to plant and nurture. 
In college she studied Fine Arts and Horticulture. Figure drawings often included detailed studies of plant parts, leaves and bark textures.
O-105  Redwood Sisters  watercolor  16x20  $400

"I am fascinated by complex subject matter. I love crisply defining sepia lines that play against soft washer of glowing light, enhancing depth and adding a sense of the mysteries of Nature. The dramatic lighting effects, foliage shapes and varying textures create vibrant contrasts. I enjoy painting portraits and landscapes, I love animals and birds."

In the last three years, her painting has blossomed. It has become richer and more expressive.

"I like to think it is my happiness showing through. If it is true that an artist's soul can be seen in her work, them my soul is sunshine and flowers -- and donkeys!"

Wendy Rogers

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Meet Artist Marilyn Richards, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-020  Historic Passenger Railroad Car  acrylic  16x20  $700 
I started my painting experience as a child in school. I went to the California College of Arts and Crafts and then continued painting landscapes on scene for many years with watercolors. I started working in acrylics and studying with Gereon Rios of Columbia College. Mr. Rios and my digital camera have helped me to expand my subject matter to landscapes, people, animals, and flowers. Now when I paint, I start with excitement and the challenge to incorporate color, composition, and joy into my paintings.

I am a member of the Golden Palette Art Association, and Arts of Bear Valley. I have participated in the Arts of Bear Valley Summer Shows during the Music Festival and the Art in the Park Show in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park. My work was selected to be on the posters for the Arts of Bear Valley Summer Show in 2006 and 2008. I am currently showing my work at Art on Main in Murphys. I also participate in the Fall Studio Tours sponsored by the Calaveras Arts Council.

O-021  contrasts on the Stanslaus  acrylic  24x30  $500
I have shown my work in the California Art League Exhibit at the Gallo Winery, the Mother lode Art Association Annual Exhibit, the Valley Art Assn Fall Carriage Show, the Ironstone Spring Obsession Show, the Professional Fine Arts Division of the Calaveras and Tuolumne County Fairs, with numerous awards and Best of Division in the Agricultural Division. I have also shown in Puerta Vallarta and Mazitlan in Mexico.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meet Artist Henrietta Sparkman, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Contact via studio phone: 1-209-521-8336                             E-mail:

O-040  Flash Flowers  mix medium  16x20  $435

O-042  Yosemite bus stop  pastel 13x16 $345

Artist Statement

Visual Poetry is the direction I work, in painting landscapes, catching the essence of the scene without many details, is the goal and to leave the viewer their own metaphoric interpretation. Painting en plein aire gives the composition an unique vibrance and life. Working on location gives the viewer the sense of the moment, of place and conditions.
     Capturing scenes that change over time allows the observer an opportunity for that which changes and is not always constant and reminds us to be stewards of our land and nature that is often taken for granted.
     Figurative work with a live model has a different tempo in composing the human landscape. To relay the sculpture of the human form and capture the personality and the elements together in a soulful expression requires one's own personal introspection and understanding of the human circumstance.
     Abstract work has given license to turn reality inside out and create introspective improvisations. To seize the essence of matter and separate fundamentals from irrelevance is what I have created in the painting and the monotype series.
     As an artist my work overs a range of media from ceramic sculpture,printmaking, watercolour,cast bronze sculpture, painting and mixed media. I enjoy working in different mediums as well as subject matter and find that one method of communicating transposes in to another a visual message that becomes richer with time. My art explores a personal timbre and through my eyes, may you discover your own perception and meaning.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Meet Artist Katherine Plumer, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-127  The Lookouts  scrimshaw  9x12 $2500
Artist Statement
Katherine Plumer

First Prize Winner * "The Lookouts"

When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?  For me, the dream of being an artist has been unwavering, blossoming and growing ever since my little hands could use a crayon.  I create art because I can, and because I love it more than anything else, and because of the indescribable joy of the moment when a piece that I created I resonates with someone else, and becomes something that they treasure for the rest of their life.

O-131  Thankful  graphite and charcoal 29x37   $6500
 For most of my life, I have lived in the town of Wilton, California, a rural area south of Sacramento.  I was raised on a farm and have always had a passion for nature and birdwatching.  The animals that surround and inhabit my life have a strong influence on the artwork that I create.  I aim not only to portray my subject matter as realistically and accurately as possible, but also to capture the expression and soul of an animal.

O-128  The First of Spring  color pencil graphite 20x23  $1125
O-130 Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed graphite 12x14 $395

The work you see here represents a few different techniques and media.  Over the years I have explored many ways of creating art, and currently focus on engraving and drawing.  I invite you to visit my website,, or join me on Facebook at

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Meet Artist Helen Scofield, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Helen Scofield
O-037  Aspens in the Fog  oil  22x36  $400
Helen's artwork depicts her love of and involvement with color.
Subject matter that makes a definite statement in terms of color of emotion is what stirs her creativity. She primarily paints in oils because of the richness and texture of the medium.
O-038  Rushing Water  oil  18x18  $350
Helen is a resident of Vallecito, having moved to the Sierra Foothills from Santa Rosa in 1992. Her art education was obtained through community college courses, workshops and private lessons.  She has been accepted and won awards at the prestigious Central California Art League Exhibit at the Gallo Winery, the Haggin Museum, the Carriage Show, the Mother Lode Art Association Annual Exhibit, Ironstone Vineyard's Spring Obsession Exhibit and the Professional Fine arts Divisions of the Sonoma, Calaveras and Tuolumne County fairs. In 2007, she won Ironstone Vineyard's "Spring Obsession" Poster award for her oil painting "Spring".
O-039  Survivor  oil  16x20  $400
Helen's work may be seen at local businesses; Art on Main in Murphys, Murphys Grille and through seasonal shows with Arts of Bear Valley, and on her website:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Meet Artist Ron Miranda, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Second Prize winner "Splash Mob"
O-026  Splash Mob  oil  36x24  $4000
Originally from the island of Guam, Ron currently resides in Long Beach, California. He studied art at the California State University, Long Beach, where he earned a Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree graduation with honors. Ron is currently a professional graphic artist receiving many awards and accolades for his graphic designs. As a successful graphic designer, Ron is ready to transition to fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming a full - time fine art painter.

At a young age while growing up in Guam, Ron began developing his art skills with Crayola crayons, experimenting with blending and layering colors together,. The desire to explore the interaction of color and its emotional response motivated him more to becoming an artist. His drawing skills progressed by observing his older brother, Roland, an established cartoonist from the Guam Daily News.

Most of Ron's inspirations and influence are from fond memories of Guam; romanticizing the rich tropical vegetation, fauna and some of the amazing color, textures and patterns that channel their way into his paintings.  Heightened color is paramount in Ron's paintings with exaggerated hues to push boundaries and strike a chord with the viewers.

Many of Ron's works range from representational to abstract. The concepts for his abstract run deep from his island culture and music. Ron finds incentive for his representational pieces from his collection of personal digital library of images that he photographed.

Ron is very well versed in computer graphics design programs and will occasionally apply his artist skills to illustrate or paint using Photoshop or Illustrator,. Most of Ron's painting compositions are developed on the computer and he transfers the final composition to the painting. On occasion, Ron will work on multiple traditional mediums from charcoal, gouache, pencil, color pencil, acrylic, and oils.

Ron feels that every painting is a journey of exploration to discover new techniques, rouse the creative mind to capture the imagination, and anticipating the development from a blank canvas evolving to an amazing and wonderful image.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meet Artist John Lovewell, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-114  Sierra Gray Fox  oil  36x36  $1600
Statement from the artist:

It is my pleasure to personally share some things in my life that have contributed to my love of wildlife and its habitat and the desire to express this in the field of art.

     I was born in Cody, Wyoming and raised in Kalispell, Montana, not far from Glacier National Park. I had a great time growing up, going fishing and hunting with my father and as a teen, hiking with my buddies into the back country wilderness, taking pictures with my trusty 35 mm SLR.
     I guess I was drawing birds and animals as soon as I could hold up a pencil. I took up taxidermy at 12 yrs old, and soon folks were dropping off specimens on the front porch. I was also called on to draw and paint things, even symbols on the sides of Teepees, and I enjoyed illustrating the High School Annual with scenes from Indian life.
     Although I left the area, my heart was always there. However, I did make it a point to always take my wife and sons to Yellowstone Park every summer for vacation, where I continued to take pictures of old snags and rocks and scenery that I filed away for future use in bringing back old memories on canvas when I had free time.
     That is why I strive for realism, so the painting can be convincing enough that you feel you have stepped into an actual scene of Nature and you are there for real, witnessing some king of drama or action, which for me usually means ... predators.
     I was largely self-taught, but felt encouraged when some folks seemed to appreciate my efforts ... and even more so when some of my pieces were accepted into the Los Angeles Audubon Society Wildlife and Environmental Art Show.
     When I found time, I would take hikes into the sierras and so finally I decided to move to Sonora, to be close by the mountains.
     This was a great decision ... here the Oil Painting World of technique and color was really opened up to me by a local artist and teacher, Gereon Rios of the Sonora Academy Of Fine Arts.
     I hope then, that my paintings will be successful in bringing an measure of appreciation for God's wonderful creations and that my experiences and memories will perhaps evoke the same joys I have and that lie deep in the soul of those who have tramped the woods ... or even maybe those who were only able to dream about it. 

John Lovewell

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Meet Artist Susan King, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist


T-021  Nature's Symphony  collage  20x24  SOLD
     Susan King is a 30 year resident of the Murphys and Arnold areas. Now retired from full time teaching, she has realized exciting new time to focus on her exploration of the visual arts. The wonder of the natural world, which surrounds the Sierra foothills and beyond, is her inspiration.
Susan uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create unique emotional connections within her work. Water color, pastels, rice paper and printer's inks are some of the essential components of many of her pieces. "Every painting is a continual learning experience for me, considering the interaction of composition, design and color and materials. The process can be most humbling and exhilarating."

     She is a member of Arts of Bear Valley and shows her pieces at their various shows. She also displays work at Art on Main and The Magnolia Cafe. Susan has been awarded Ironstone Vineyard's annual theme division winner of the Obsession Art Show for two years.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meet Artist Mary Hyodo-Polk, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Mary Hyodo-Polk
O-043  Natural Garden in Spring watercolor  23x29  $250
Always doing art since early childhood, drawing on margins of magazines and discarded books, it was second nature to draw, When in middle school, she was inspired by a teacher to enter into community of art contest which she won with a watercolor painting of a local park. When in high school, she designed and painted posters and programs for sport events and wall decorations for school dances. After going to college majoring in education, she was a stewardess for Northwest Airlines to satisfy her thirst to travel. When she had enough, she found her way into the commercial wart world doing graphics, illustrations and art direction for an ad agency and then Lockheed and Hewlett-Packard; all the while, taking many art courses in different mediums including clay sculptures, composition and color theory, drawing in pencil and charcoal, painting in acrylics, oil, pastels and watercolor. After taking courses from some of the finest professional artists, she settled for trying to develop her own style. She went to uninstructed figure drawing sessions twice a week doing from 1 minute to 20 minute poses and occasionally doing one post for 2 to 3 hours. She liked the spontaneity of watercolor and the fluid, transparent glazing you can't get in any other medium, and it's easy to transport when doing pleine air. But because every medium has something to offer, it's fund to work with different ones; therefore, she did a mixture of artwork-among them portraits of people in pencil, watercolor and oil.

O-045  Easter pre-omelet  watercolor  23x29  $325
Mary has bee juried into shows and exhibited in may different places winning many ribbons for best of show, first place and other awards. In one show, the judge bought her painting before it was hung. She is currently a consignment artist at Gallery 10 in Sutter Creek.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet Artist Dale Allan Huey, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Dale Allan Huey
Angels Camp, CA
Judges Merit Award Winner  *  "Washboard Chaz"

O-124  Washboard Chaz  pen & ink  9x13  $150
In an almost literal sense, Dale was born with a pencil in his hand, doodling airplanes, car and spaceships on anything that would accept a graphite smudge.  As a young man, a visit to the famous Canyon Road art market in Santa Fe gave him the opportunity to meet pastel artist Albert Handel. Mr. Handel's legendary skills with color and light ignited a hidden passion in Dale to draw the natural world around him. Possibly, that i why he made the wise decision to raise his family in the historic Mother Lode, where he finds endless inspiration in its land, color, and dreams of gold.
O-123 Vineyard Wagon color pencil  15x11  $240
Dale has an obsessively creative personality, combining the tactile disciplines of pencil, paint, wood, glass, and paper, into unexpected objects of art. Despite his lack of formal study, Dale's keen eye and wide skillset have led to a number of awards - his art has been shown at the Haggin Museum of Stockton, and the Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Amador county fairs. Currently, Dale is best known locally for his themed deck chairs made of reclaimed wood, which have collectively raised over $1200 at several Calaveras County Art Foundation and Farm Bureau charity auctions. These chairs reside in the collections of former Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz, the Whisky Slide Ranch of Mokulumne Hill, and the AM Ranch of Paloma.

At the moment, Dale is exploring colored pencil, with a Grisaille under painting of India ink or Prismacolor art markers. He also keeps up his skill with pen and ink, using the medium to create works of delicate intricacy which draw the eye in for extended study. As time permits, he also dabbles in corrugated paper sculpture, in the form of a 1/10 scale 1926 Hudson Boat tail racer.
O-122  Red Racer  mix media  13x16  $150
Dale also has an alter ego, inspired by the likes of "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, Von Dutch, and Robert Williams - he produces automotive cartoons and caricatures that harken back to the early days of Southern California hot rodding.  His medium of choice for this art is a Wacom digital art pad and Autodesk "Sketchbook" program, producing purely hand drawn art on a computer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet Artist Cindy Henderson, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Cindy Henderson-Liotta 

O-126  Wishing  acrylic  12x24  $500
Cindy is a California Native, and is a registered member of the Chickasaw Tribe of Oklahoma. Cindy's maternal grandmother being a full blood Chickasaw/Choctaw from Oklahoma.

Cindy started drawing very early and her love of color and fantasy has continued into her adult life.

Currently Cindy is studying art at Columbia Community College in Columbia, California.  Her studies include watercolor, oils, acrylics, and sculpting.
Cindy is the mother of two, enjoys her family and friends and finds inspiration in her colorful family.
Cindy's art reflects her love of imagination and is inspired by everything around her. She says she just draws and paints what pops into her head.

O-125  Peeking  acrylic  16x20  $300

She currently has her art displayed in the College Bookstore at Columbia Community College.
Cindy has also designed the wine labels for Renegade Winery in Mokelumne Hill, California. She is working on labels for a new brewery slated to open in Galt, California.
Cindy is excited to share her Fantastical Art with All.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Meet Artist George Haskell, Spring Obsession accepted artist

George Haskell, 
Oil Painter

O-101  Vibrant Yosemite Spring  9x12  oil  $250

George Haskell's first artistic love has always been landscape painting, in particular Yosemite.  He has always been captivated by the grandeur of Yosemite Valley season by season, scene by scene and moment by moment.  It is never the same valley twice. Capturing and interpreting the moods of the valley has alway been always a challenge and deeply inspiring.  Since retiring from a career teaching special education has focused on creating paintings that evoke a feeling of the time place and season for the observer.
O-102  Half Dome Fall  oil  9x12  $250
           George began oil painting when he took a semi independent studies class in painting in college during the seventies.  He has worked for the past ten years to sharpen his skills.  During much of this time the main influence on his approach to painting has been his longtime friend and teacher Judy Cain.  Using color, often emphasized, evoking a feeling in the observer has been a primary consideration. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Meet Artist Carol Goff, Spring Obsession accepted artist

Carol Goff
O-057  Just Resting  wc  $400

The watercolor medium has intrigued me since I first watched some artists painting on site in Murphys when I moved here several years ago. Through private lessons, workshops and community college classes I have learned the versatile aspects of this surprisingly forgiving but challenging medium. I continue to strive to add new dimensions to my work, always exploring new ideas and techniques.

My inspirations come from being an avid gardener and many of my paintings who my love of what is produced there. I also feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful area where I can share the delightful scenery and wildlife in the foothills and surrounding areas.
O-058  Reflected memories  wc  $400

I am an active member of Arts of Bear Valley, Golden Palette Art Association, Calaveras County Arts council and the Gallery Group. My paintings have won ribbons at the Calaveras County Fair and Lodi Grape Festival. I also received the third place award at Ironstone Vineyards' 2011 Spring Obsession Professional Art Show.  My work can be seen at the Art on Main Gallery in Murphys and at other local businesses and seasonal shows in the area.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Meet Artist Susie Hoffman, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Susie Hoffman



  Susie took up art after she retired from teaching sixth grade English/history 13 years ago. She started in watercolor, but has branched into drawing, oils, pastels, collage, and acrylics. She and her husband, Larry, created the art center Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis where she has enjoyed classes by many foothill artists over the last six years. From pastel classes to mosaics, she is always eager to learn something new. She also teaches art and sells many of her photographs at Town Hall Arts.

    Honors include awards at Delicato Vineyard Show (including 1st place 2015 & 2016); the Mother Lode Art Show (including 1st place 2013, 2nd 2015); Valley Arts Show (including 1st 2013, 2nd 2015); Oak Valley Art Show Best of Show Photography 2014 & 2015, People's Choice Award 2015, and six 1st place art awards 2015; Calaveras County Fair (including 8 best of division and 26 first place awards in last give years); Mother Lode Fair (2014 Best of Show, two best of divisions, five 1st places); and Oakdale Show 2013 (1st).
    Susie's oil painting, "Simple Things", was on the cover of the September KVIE "OnSix" program guide to promote the 2015 auction on public television. Her watercolor portrait of Glenn Wasson as Black Bart appears in his recently published book, "Too Much to Swallow". Her photograph, "On Your Mark", division Winner from the Calaveras County Fain, was published in Mark Twain's 88 Days in the Mother Lode & Stories of the Gold Rush.
 "Fifty Pounds of Love", a portrait of her Chocolate Lab pup, was featured in the window at Mistlin Gallery in Modesto as part of the Central California Art Showcase 2015. Two of her watercolors were published in Sierra Wonders, a book of visual and literary works honoring the Sierra Nevada. Two additional watercolors were published in Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate, a Taste of Literary Elegance. Her graphite portrait, "I Hope You Dance", appeared on the 2012 program cover of the Ironstone Spring Obsession Show. Her art has been bell ringers at the KVIE auction, 2014-2015.

    Susie's artwork is displayed at Galerie Copper, Copper Cellars, Roaster's Coffee House, and Saddle Creek resort in Copperopolis; Frog's Tooth Winery in Murphys; Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp, Calaveras Arts Council in San Andreas; various venues in Sonora including Stage 3, Sierra Cellars in Twain Harte, the Mistlin Gallery in Modesto, and the Rabbask Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. She is currently Venue Director for the Mother Lode Art Association.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Meet Artist Gregory Gallardo, Ironstone 19th Annual Spring Obsession winning Artist

Congratulations to Gregory Gallardo,  3rd. prize winner, Open Division, "Some Distant Dawn".
O-079  Some Distant Dawn  collage 48x17.5  $1450
Gregory Gallardo

Gregory Gallardo was born in Santa Ana, California in 1962. As a teenager, he was mentored by artist Don White and found early success exhibiting his figurative drawings and paintings. Upon receiving a scholarship to attend art school, Gregory did what any rational 17 year old would do; he left home, left school and traveled the world as a musician for the following 10 years.

O-078  Costas Hummingbird  collage  12x12  $325 
Returning home from his travels, Gregory settled into a less nomadic lifestyle, attending several local Southern California Colleges and University's, but had little patience for organized art instruction and found that networking with other successful artists to be a more satisfying learning experience. Gregory soon left the confines of the classroom to produce commissioned art work and the occasional gallery exhibit. He reemerged on the art scene full - time in early 2001 blending his love for music and the visual arts to create his own unique views on humanity and spirituality.  Most recently Gregory has explored abstract and figurative themes using Acrylic Paint, Collage and Mixed Media.

Since his return in 2001 Gregory's work has been exhibited extensively throughout California and found its way into several permanent collections and museums on an international scale.
O-077 Rooster Dance  collage  12x12  $325

Gregory Gallardo
Social Media:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Baby Reserve Chardonnay is on it's way!

Took a walk along the driveway to see the first buds of the Reserve Chardonnay coming in.

With a warm day and gentle breezes, you would think it already summer!

Lots of guests today enjoying the Daffodils and Tulips in the barrels. They are so full of color it is almost overwhelming.

Sensory overload ... bring your camera or palette! There are not only daffodils & tulips, but from what I can count, at least 6 additional varietals in those barrels. Once a year full color display. Come by and visit before the spring color is gone. Worth the trip to Ironstone. While your here, stop in and say hello!

Meet Artist "Alex" Furtney, Ironstone Spring Obsession Art ShowO-107

Deanna Furtney "Alex", currently lives in Copperopolis.

O-107  Bob  acrylic  16x20  $400

Born and raised in California, studied art with Alma Steinger.

Furthering her career, Alex was a fine arts major in the USC School of fine Arts.  While at USC, she studied oils, life drawings with Hans Gebhardt. Alex received many awards including the Zellerbock award for excellence.

After College, while keeping up with her painting; she continued to study art. Eventually, she taught art classes in nearby high schools.

Upon moving to Northern California, she was exposed to many artists. Her style developed into bold landscapes as well as doing portraits. She was a founding member of The Center of Creativity and Community, in San Andreas where she taught classes and did design work for landscaping.  She continues to show her work at Gallery 23 in San Andreas. Next spring, she can be seen t Treasure Island Art Show in San Francisco. She does accept commissions.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

Deanna "Alex"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Meet Artist Libby Fife, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

Libby Fife – Fine Art

O-029  Precarious  acrylic  $235
Libby Fife earned her B.A. degree in Psychology from Cal State University, Hayward and worked for 17 years in the banking industry. A layoff in 2007 prompted her to reevaluate her path and to have another look at being creative. Traditional quilting worked well for a while and then frustration set in when she had difficulty finding just the right color of fabrics. This led to painting on the fabrics to get the desired results. That process led to painting on canvas and just about the steepest learning curve anyone has ever experienced!  An ongoing effort to learn about design and composition, art history and the language of creativity, and sales and marketing has led Libby to her current level of work. She has sold her work  both in and out of the county where she lives and has exhibited her painting in local shows. Additionally, Libby has taught classes in sketching and color use to beginning/intermediate painters.

Artist Statement:
Simple renditions of complex things: this is how I think of what I love to do as an artist. Much of what I paint reflects my current interests of those things that I see every day. Along with color, I use geometric and organically derived shapes and lines to represent my ideas, interests and feelings. The resulting images are all based somehow on my observations or thoughts. Whether it’s spending time at museum, driving around my area, or going on a walk, the constant input provides the basis for my creative output. Reading and writing helps me to clarify my thoughts. Sketching helps me to come up with representative images. The resulting pieces, I hope, can be enjoyed on many levels: as colorful paintings utilizing lines and geometry; as pieces that somehow resonate with the viewer’s own ideas; or as something that represents what I think and what I get to share with the viewer. Whatever the outcome, the work satisfies me and at the end of the day it is what makes me happiest.

Style is always difficult to pin down. Knowing a little bit about art history and individual artists can be helpful. At this point, I am firmly in the camp of modern abstract art made during the first half of the twentieth century. I owe a huge debt to many artists long gone: Henri Matisse, Stuart Davis, Fernand Leger and Wassily Kandinsky are all favorites.  Many current day artists have also helped me along by showing what is still possible, most notably Shirley Jaffe and Etel Adnan.  It isn’t hard to draw inspiration from people who have paved the way for me. Advice from a few professional artists, the practice of self-reflection, and actively working in the studio nearly every day all help to support the ongoing process of making art.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Meet Artist Carol David, Ironstone 2016 Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-030  A Secret Place  pastel  18x15  $400
Carol David

Carol David is a California impressionist whose work is manifested solely, and splendidly, in pastels.

her love of art and nature began while she was still a child tagging after her father, a UC Davis entomology professor who documented his work in pen and ink. her father recognized her potential as she entered high school and encouraged her to do what many wanting to be commercial artists did at the time; take a correspondence course.

Carol's love of art only grew and correspondence courses led to being her high school newspapers art editor and then graduation from San Jose State University with a BA in Commercial Art and Art Education, to which she added a teaching credential and certification in Special Education.

Carol added a beautiful family into the mix and art quickly had to fall a bit lower on the priority list, but Carol's passion remained and she has found her way back to a full schedule of working her craft. Carol finds great inspiration in workshops and connecting with other artists and some of her most compelling work has resulted from that.

O-031  Tulip Parade  pastel  18x18  $450

Over the past years, it became clear that pastels were her medium of choice. Carol's work has since been seen in exhibits across California and she has received significant recognition and awards for her work. Her most recent award was at the Tahoe show "Truckee Exposed" where she received first prize for her "Lupines" piece. She was also honored by the Stanislaus Arts Council with their 2010 Excellence in Arts Award for Visual Arts.

Carol's work is also commissioned on a regular basis. Subjects range from sentimental college football scenes to sweeping landscapes to people enjoying a sunny day to equine beauties.

Carol believes pastels are her tools to interpret, expose and share a beautiful world. And most days, that's just what you'll find her doing.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


O-004  Mosquito Lake  oil  30x40  $1600
Vickie has lived all of her adult life in Calaveras County in the mid northern Sierra's and Foothills. She has a BA in Business Administration and has been studying art for the last nineteen years. Vickie is a juried member of OPA, Oil Painters of America, CAC, California Art Club, Calaveras Arts Council and Arts of Bear Valley. She has won many awards in professional art shows and she works continuously to broaden her painting knowledge by attending master workshops and seeking inspiration from her favorite mentors. She additionally has pursued art course work through local colleges.

O-007  Big Trees Stroll  oil  8x6  $1215

 Vickie’s oil paintings shown here at Ironstone were completed with brush and palette knife, in studio and Plein Air. She accepts commissioned work in studio and murals, contact her today at 209-743-4126

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Meet Artist Alyssa Casey, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted artist

Alyssa Casey              

O-036  Sunday Afternoon  mix media  30x40  

     Having majored in Fine Art and Biology and minored in Geography at UC Berkeley, Alyssa Casey is passionate about drawing, papermaking, teaching, science, and travel.  Through studies with papermaking masters Victoria Rabal in apellades, Spain, Roberto Mannino in Rome, Italy, Professor Kamori in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Paul Wong of Dieu Donne Papermill in New York, she has gained experience with many papermaking techniques and fabers, including abaca, cotton, eucalyptus, hemp, linen, sisal, pine, sugar cane, and recycled paper.  These experiences are synthesized into site-specific works, collages, drawings, sculptures, and localized papermaking workshops using, for example, garden hosta in Massachusetts and cornhusks in central California.

O-034  Wind  mix media  20x27  
close up of Wind

     Among other international and national venues, Casey's work has been shown in Works of Art on Paper at the Long Beach Island Foundation for Arts and Sciences, Loveladies, new Jersey, curated by Carter Foster of the Whitney Museum Department of Drawings, and in Furthermore - The 8th Biennial Exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, curated by Lilly Wei.  Awards include two first place honors for drawing from the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival, Newport News, Virginia, 2005 and 2007, an honorable mention for the handmade paper sculpture, Llibre (Book), from the 7th Biennial - Artwork on Paper, in Sant Pere De Riudebittles, Spain, 2012, and a grant from the U Embassy, Department of Cultural Affairs, in Lisbon to complete the drawing project, California - Alentejo, shown at Escrita na Paisagem, Festival of Performance Art in Evora, Portugal, 2007.  Her work is currently on view at Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs in Long Island City, New York, as part of the show, Devotion/Destruction: Craft Inheritance, curated by Rebecca Pristoop.

O-033  Fall  mix media  38x25  

     In 2012, Casey completed a residency at the Museu Moli Paperer de Capellades, a living museum of papermaking in Capellades, Spain and, in 2014/15, participated in three residencies in Fjellerup, Denmark, through the social practice project, Fjellerup i Bund & Grund, by Anna Lise Jensen, where she completed three large-scale works, Fjellerup Strand og Tang, Strandkroen Palimpsest, and Vandmolekyle.
Commissions include illustrating the children's book Nothando's Journey by Jill Manly and, in 2015, receiving a public art commission with collaborator Rosella Morales, through the 42 degrees art agency for the large-scale installation, Bay Colors, at 901 Market St. in San Francisco, as well as a commission from the City of Brentwood to paint two utility boxes, Balfour Packing Shed and Liberty Basketball.
Detail of Fall

Casey lives and works in the San Francisco bay area and is part of the Bay Area Based art collective, "sub-set" with Hope Amico, Elizabeth Boyne, and Rebecca Redman.