Friday, April 24, 2020

Meet Artist Lynne Sutton

Lynne Sutton
6857 Hwy 26 * P.O. Box 153Mokelumne Hill, CA 9545

O-093 Spring Bloom by Lynne Sutton wc 16x20 $175 SOLD

Lynne Sutton Bio
I have lived in Calaveras County, in the Mokelumne Hill area; for the last 49 years.

I always painted and did other Artistic things while growing up. Things went on hold for a time during child rearing. Later, I took classes in Oil Painting and Pottery at Delta College in Stockton, CA.

Since my retirement from retail; I have more time and am back to painting and mixed media Art. I took lessons for several years from Deborah Marlene, of Mokelumne Hill, and learned the basics of my new medium of Watercolor. 

Painting Removed by Artist. No longer available for sale at Ironstone.

I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at Art Galleries and while traveling.   In April-May of 2019, I joined Deborah Marlene on a two week painting trip to the South of France. 

I often have dreams about my next project,
and can hardly wait to see what happens when implemented. Sometimes I feel they turn out good, and sometimes, not. But, I am still doing what I love to do...ART!

Meet Artist Deborah Marlene

Deborah Marlene

P. O. Box 207

Painting Removed by Artist. No longer available for sale at Ironstone.
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245


Deborah has been painting since the late 1960’s. Beginning with Acrylics, on to Oils, in the 1970’s, taking several Community College courses in Oils, while raising her family.

In 1996, she found her chosen medium of Watercolors. Deborah studied Watercolors with Lura Francis, of Murphys, for several years. She also attended workshops by many locally known artists, including Martha Wallace, Dale Latenin, and Carolyn McPherson.

Deborah loves bright colors and works to get the most vivid colors that she can achieve in Watercolor. Yupo paper is becoming a favorite of hers due to its ability to show the colors in the purest form. It handles a lot like Alcohol Inks on Tile, which she also enjoys.


Painting Removed by Artist. No longer available for sale at Ironstone
Deborah’s Studio is open one a year for the Calaveras County Artist’s Studio Tour, which runs the last weekend in September. She is a member of the Arts of Bear Valley and CCAC, and shows in many of their events.

Devorah teaches Watercolors and Acrylics in her home Studio. I really enjoy introducing my joy and knowledge of these mediums, to eager to learn students. Classes are tailored to the individual.

To contact Deborah Marlene for classes, you may email:

Meet Artist Tosya Shore

Tosya’s Art Bio

Why would anyone take on the most humbling hobby (next to golf)

Painting???  Right!!!!

T-028 Silly Daffadilly by Tosya Shore wc 18x24 $650   1
It all started for me when I fell in love with a watercolor by Judy Greenberg and bought it … my first original painting. It was fresh, loose and expressive. AND from nowhere, my thought was “I want to learn how to do this!”  What was I thinking??  Clearly I was young and na├»ve. This was 23 years ago. With no drawing or painting skills, no art history under my belt, wife, mom, and a full time Software Engineer, I took Judy’s watercolor class.

O-068 High Wire by Tosya Shore wc 22x30 $1500 OPEN DIVISION 3RD PLACE
 Long story short, I developed a Love/Hate relationship with watercolors; so exciting, but so darn challenging. What kept me trying was Judy saying “We all have a few HUNDRED crappy paintings to do, so get them out of the way now”.  This definitely gave me the right expectation, so I continued to take classes and stuff some painting into my already busy life.

O-067 Fall Over by Tosya Shore wc 15x22 $800
 Once I learned to just enjoy the process and let go of the result, it became my passion.  And this passion has helped me through some very tough times.  I’m still finding my way though this exciting medium and love discovering.
T-027 Daffy tiptoing through the two lips by Tosya Shore wc 15x22 $625

BTW, I’m a northern California girl born and raised.

Meet Artist Barbara Conley

Barbara Conley

Barbara Conley has been active in the arts since high school. She began art classes in 1970 and began showing and selling her paintings soon after. Although primarily self-taught Ms. Conley has studie3d under such artists and Millard Sheets, Charlotte Britton, Jade Fon, Tom Nicholas, Harry Dunlap & Zoltan Zabo. Her style has developed into a unique statement that reflects her personal feelings about each subject.

Barbara’s paintings are as easily recognizable as a personal signature. The themes she paints, in meticulous detail, are the things that surround us, those which remind us of the passage of time yet continue to surround us in the warmth of familiarly. Barbara has shown extensively throughout California and her paintings are represented in many private collections Her work has won many awards and has been shown in Southwest Art and US Art magazines.

Barbara uses several mediums in the expression of her artistic abilities. Her primary medium is acrylic but she uses it in such a manner her work is often mistaken for oil. Although her acrylic paintings are most familiar she also has shown work done in watercolor, pencil, oil, and charcoal.

Having lived in the San Jose area for many years Barbara now lives in the Gold Country and is taking advantage of the many aged buildings and lovely country scenes. Most of the aged historic buildings will be taken by time and expansion and Barbara would like to capture them on canvas before they are gone forever.

Barbara’s paintings are represented in the prestigious New Masters Gallery in Carmel California.

If you have questions regarding her art work, Barbara can be reached at (209) 532-0207.