Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vaughn Pottery "Life Force" comes to Ironstone

by Vaughn Pottery

#141 310047 "Life Flame" by Vaughn Pottery $600
Standing 26" tall, fired pottery hand carved & decorated.
Undulating design embellished with fossil & native trading beads,  this Vaughn pottery piece is one of our favorite pieces.  Unlike any other piece we have seen to date, this tall vase steps away from the symmetrical forms of most of Vaughn Pottery designs.  Not for the faint of heart, this piece  seems almost alive with inner forces breathing and flowing with life.  
#141 310047 "Life Flame" by Vaughn Pottery $600

Working around the vase,
June Vaughn wove an intricate story of life unfolding
in design and powerful symbolism.  It is a breathtaking piece we classify as a "Must See" to appreciate.

#141 310047 "Life Flame" by Vaughn Pottery $600

The  "flame" lid is hand carved antler,
embellished with jasper... inset in elaborate carved & painted fired ceramic.  
Stop by on your next visit to Calaveras County & Murphys to see this piece. Well worth the trip. It is available for purchase at only $600, so don't wait too long or it will be gone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Concert Poster!

Concert Season Schedule is here!

Ironstone's 2013 Concert Season was announced last night to Ironstone's Wine Club Members here in the Tasting Room at a very special event. Members enjoyed wine and munchies while waiting for the final entertainer's contract to come in! Talk about on the wire ... finally it did and the announcement was made!

Follow the link below directly to the Concert Page where you can see the seating charts, ticket prices and even purchase your tickets...

After a Season kick start, July 6th. with fire works and a family fun day, JOAN JETT and The Blackhearts join us on Saturday, July 20th.,  next up on Friday, August 2nd. is Melissa Etheridge.  Saturday, August 10th comes Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy and our very own Whiskey Dawn coming home for the night from Nashville!

Check out more details here...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet Artist Nina Thomson, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist


SALE PENDING   "West Sacramento River View" by Nina Thomson  pastel  9x12  $150.

     It is a challenge to take a one-inch stick of pigment, apply it to paper by moving my arm, and through that process, to capture the changing light and fixed distance -- perhaps a mile or two, perhaps 50 miles.

     I paint scenes within a few miles of my home in Sacramento. The goal is to have others see the particular part of the world as I see it, at a particular moment in time. When it works, it makes me happy all day.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Artist Anne Zils, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

About the Artist

Anne Zils grew up in Texas but, shortly after her 6th. birthday her career Army father moved the family to Honolulu Hawaii.  Anne loved to read and draw from an early age and the abilities took a formal turn after she met and married her husband in 1959. She waited until her two daughters were in school all day then enrolled in art at San Jose State, in San Jose, CA. where she received a BA in Art in 1975, and then in 1979, a "Masters" in counseling and psychology.

After school, she yearned to learn to weld. The opportunity to study welding at Columbia College presented itself when she and Ron and daughter Pam, moved to Twain Harte in the year 2000. It was love at first weld!!

Anne draws incessantly and is inspired by great photography, nature, and, very often, "metal just speaks to me", telling me what to design with it.

About the Art

Anne combines her metals with "Texas Thunder glass chunks, (supposedly created by placing lightning rods in sand where lightening is apt to strike, Probably a Texan myth?) faceted stones and ceramics applied with High Tech Nasa developed adhesives and metal pieces that have been welded and painted onto the surface.

Her metal "masks" are a combination of bullet riddled signs, which she cuts and twists into shape and to which ornamentation is then applied.  Anne also creates three dimensional pieces ranging from 12" to 8 ft tall, of varied subject matter.  Anne jokes that working in a larger scale allows her to see her mistakes more easily.

Her work may be seen and purchased at "All That Matters" in Twain Harte, CA. and at "Perfect Bargains" in Sonora, CA. One of the many charities she supports.  In the summers, her work is often displayed at Tallulah's Restaurant on main street in downtown Sonora, CA. Anne has been hung in Museums and galleries in the bay area, but prefers working locally at this point in time.

Anne does commission work as time allows, and you can reach her at:

Meet Artist David Yelick, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Artist Statement

David Yelick

David has painted primarily in the medium of oils since he was taught by his father at the age of 12.  David's father was an exceptional artist and inventor and was a skilled craftsman in iron and wood.

David's artworks include commissioned portraits, seascapes, and wildlife.  He enjoys painting and drawing and has worked in a variety of mediums, such as acrylic, watercolor, wood and stained glass.

O-184  "Blue Ocean"  by David Yelick  acrylic  14x18  $125

Meet Artist Courtney Wise, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Courtney Wise
Artist Statement

O023  "Birds and Flowers"  by Courtney Wise  collage  11x15  $375

 For as long as I can remember I have loved to create art, take photos and figure out how things work. My hands are rarely idle. I listen best when I can sit and draw. While attending graduate classes or sitting in church my notes are covered with little doodles of things I see or things I make up. Art is an outlet for me; it is time when I get to sit and think, express things that are going on in my life or just a way to unwind from a busy day.

One of my fondest memories in Kindergarten was when my teacher allowed me to stay at the paint easel and create artwork past the time when everyone else was finished. From the time I was five I was encouraged to pursue a career in art.  With that encouragement and support from my family I continued to draw, paint and sculpt my way into college.  I earned a Bachelors of Art in Art Studio from Sonoma State University in 2001. Planning on becoming an art teacher I moved to Sacramento to earn my teaching credential and worked part time, but plans to teach started to change with my desire to own a business.

O-027  "Wedding Headress"  bu Courtney Wise
pencil  7x13  $225
Scrapbooking has always been a huge passion of mine; I am my family's photographer. I love capturing moments in time, people's expressions along with being able to look back at all of the memories. In 2002, I opened Scrapbook Dreams in Stockton, CA which I designed and built from the ground up. I ran and operated my business for three years. It was a dream come true, to be able to create my own schedule, create scrapbook pages all day and help others design their memories in an artful way.

I am a person who likes change and a challenge, so after three years of hard work, I sold my business to become a teacher. Teaching has always been a passion; my original plan was to become an art teacher, but I again changed paths because I wanted more job security. I earned my multiple subject teaching credential and have been teaching for eight years. I also have earned my Masters in Education and I am highly qualified in History. I love to bring art and creativity into the classroom and inspire my students' imaginations.

Art is a passion, a past time, an outlet, an expression, and a part of who I am. For me creativity can be found in an old broken down barn, on my nieces' faces, from a photograph, from a comment, from a cloud in the sky or simply from a thought.  I look forward to bringing color to a blank slate that will make a statement, make someone think or question, or bring a smile to someone's face. Art is and always will be a part of who I was created to be. 

O-025  "Eight Days of Sunshine"  by Courtney Wise  pen/wc 11x15  $275

Meet Artist Marilyn Wear, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Marilyn Wear    NWS, WW, CWA
O-138  "Amid the Manzanita" by Marilyn Wear  watercolor  11x16  $850


Marilyn was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.  She worked as an advertising artist/illustration until 2003, then left her last job in commercial art to pursue her dream of becoming a full time fine artist. Her work won immediate recognition, winning awards in juried shows around the country.  In 2005 she was selected as a signature member of the National Watercolor Society. She has since earned signature memberships in Watercolor West and California Watercolor Association.

O-139  "Bridalveil Fall"  by Marilyn Wear  wc  16.5x11  $950
Although she also paints with oil and acrylics, her favorite medium is transparent watercolor, where she uses a technique of layering many glazes of watercolor to create richness and depth, while retaining a glowing vibrancy.  She finds some of her best subject matter close to home in her garden and in the Sierra Nevada mountains, particularly the dramatic landscapes of Yosemite National Park. She has a special interest in painting birds, and most recently the flora and fauna of one of her favorite places in the world, Hawaii. her style is realistic with an emphasis on capturing the light, color and mood of her chose subject.

She is currently represented by First Street Gallery in Turlock, CA and Cedar Street Gallery in Honolulu Hawaii

Meet Artist Martha Wallace, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

O-106  "Pink Peonie"  by Martha Wallace  wc  18x21  $425

Martha Wallace

My journey with watercolors is an ongoing adventure and after 30 years I still get excited whenever I start a new painting.  The possibilities of this medium are endless as long as you are willing to experiment, which means failure along with success.  As I tell my students, "It's not the destination, it's the journey".

My paintings are about my surroundings and life experiences. I sometimes work in a series of paintings and take my subject to the limit, going in as many directions as possible, adjusting mostly in my mind the composition, color, shape, texture, sunlight and shadow.  If I work from a limited sketch, I check for technical correctness, then it's "playtime". Continuing series include birds, nests, shells, leaves, window boxes, fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants and pottery from the Southwest.
O-105  "Trio of Lemons"  by Martha Wallace  wc  19x23  $525

I divide my time painting for myself and the galleries, teaching private classes to children and adults in my Murphys studio, and traveling to public schools to teach in the Arts in Education program. My paintings can be found at Tea Antiques and Art on main in Murphys, CA.  "Everyday I get to do something I love."

Meet Artist Marti Walker, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

O-041  "Delta River Bend"  by Marti Walker  pastel  16x20  $800

After living and studying abroad prior to her high school years, Marti Walker spent many years on the East Coast of the United States (Virginia & Boston). She attended University of Colorado where she majored in Languages & Anthropology. She flew for TWA and Pan Am Airlines for seven years after college. In 1978, she settled in Sacramento, California.
Initially, her pursuit of art was an antidote to the rigors of corporate life. Her passion for painting landscapes grew as she devoted her recreational time to exploring and painting the surrounding wetlands, rivers, and mountains, and traveling throughout the world. Studying with carefully selected artists over the years, she has learned her craft from such notables as Gregory Kondos, Lady Jill Mueller, Ning Hou, Susan Sarback, Gary Pruner, Zoltan Svabo and Calvin Liang, among others.
"My art combines my passions for painting and travel. I paint to record the sensation of a moment in time, to create in the viewer a palpable feeling of being transported into the scene. Using vivid colors and contrast to push beyond the image, I attempt to evoke the vibrancy and immediacy that comes from being in that place and time.  Each scene is carefully chosen to evoke a silent rhythm designed to transport one to a place of quiet meditation, to capture the serenity that being in nature gives me. I want the viewer to have the reverential sense of being along in the scene and at peace with themselves."  

O-043  "Yellow Boat"  by Marti Walker  pastel  9x12  $325

"Marti Walker is a listener. Her close observation of nature advances her capacity of doing paintings of great interest." - Gregory Kondos

Selected Exhibitions
2012 Ironstone Vineyards Spring Obsession Award of Merit
2011 East Sacramento Clunie Celebrations - East Sacramento, CA COUNCILMAN'S AWARD
2011 International Paint Out - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA - 3RD. PLACE AWARD
2011,2010,2009,2008,2007,2006,2005 - California Landscape Exhibition - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA - 1 of 10 Demonstration Artists
2011 Winters Plein Air Festival - Briggs & Co. Winters, CA - 2ND PLACE AWARD
2010,2009,2008 S12 Gallery, Sacramento, CA. On going shows from January - December
2010 Winters Plein Air Festival - Briggs & Co. Winters, CA
2009 Winters Plein Air Festival - Briggs & Co. Winters, CA 3RD PLACE QUICK DRAW AWARD
2008 Paint the Town - Briggs & Co. Winters CA. 1ST PLACE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD
2007 California Wanderings - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis CA. - SOLO SHOW
2007 Cigar Box Show - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA - Group Show
1995 League of Carmichael Artists Open Show - MERIT AWARD - Carmichael, CA.

Meet Artist Myra Steward, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Myra Steward
Artist's statement

"Every painting tells a story and captures a single moment of thought in time"
O-096  "Jungle Zip Line" by Myra Steward  wc  13x19  $400

Art is an essential part of my everyday life.  I try to incorporate it into every aspect. I had dreamed of painting since I was a little girl. After reading the book, The Artist's Way, I finally gave myself permission to try painting.  It's a passion with me now. Even if I'm not painting, I'm planning the next painting in my mind or sketching.

I have studied with several teachers including: Cassidy Aikman, Jim Estey, Phillis Eyman, Beverly Fields and Anne Bradley.  I've also attended workshops with Father William Breault and David Lobenberg. I belong to two paint groups that meet every week.

The mediums and subject matter I use are varied. I sometimes work in watercolor, but also  enjoy working with collage and mixed media. Recently I've begun experimenting with watercolor on canvas. I love the affect because it creates a much looser style, which has carried over to my painting on paper.

I enjoy painting a variety of subject matters, but especially like to paint exotic birds and animals. I always paint with a limited palette of just one blue, one yellow and one red, keeping me challenged to create as many shades of color as possible.

Meet Artist Sharron St. John - Hill, Ironstone's Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Artist Statement

Sharron St. John-Hill

O-182  "Grapes" by Sharron St. John-Hill  watercolor  11x15  $325

Sharron has been painting since the age of 12, when her father first introduced her to oils.  Since that young age she has continued to use various mediums and studied various techniques and applications used in the art field.  Her experience includes botanical porcelain painting, ceramics, tole and decorative painting, and watercolors, plus faux and mural painting.  Her faux painting and mural experience was acquired while working for a business in Orange County.  She has completed floral design school and enjoys doing flower arrangements for parties and weddings. Since moving to the foothill area six years ago, she has learned mosaics and likes to relax by creating unique pine needle baskets. She has worked in various homes in the area creating murals which are usually floral designs.

O-183  "Sunflowers"  by Sharron St. John-Hill   acrylics  16x20  $385
Sharron and her brother, David Yelick often paint together in their art studio and enjoy doing all types of arts and crafts.

Meet Artist Henrietta Sparkman, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

O-135  "Cathedral" by Henrietta Sparkman  acrylic  18x36  $625
Henrietta Sparkman

Artist Statement

    Visual Poetry is the direction I work, in painting landscapes, catching the essence of the scene without many details, is the goal and to leave the viewer their own metaphoric interpretation. Painting en plein aire gives the composition a unique vibrance and life.  Working on location gives the viewer the sense of the moment, of place and conditions.
    Capturing scenes that change over time allows the observer and opportunity for that which changes and is not always constant and reminds us to be stewards of our land and nature that is often taken for granted.
    Figurative work with a live model has a different tempo in composting the human landscape.  To relay the sculpture of the human form and capture the personality and the elements together in a soulful expression requires one's own personal introspection and understanding of the human circumstance.
    Abstract work has given license to turn reality inside out and create introspective improvisations. To seize the essence of matter and separate fundamentals from irrelevance is what I have created in the painting and the monotype series.
    As an artist my work covers a range of media from ceramic sculpture, printmaking, watercolour, cast bronze sculpture, painting and mixed media. I enjoy working in different mediums as well as subject matter and find that one method of communicating transposes into another a visual message that becomes richer with time.  My art explores a personal timbre and through my eyes, may you discover your own perception and meaning.

Meet Artist Michaela Smail, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Michaela Smail
SOLD  "Sheer Moonlight" by Michaela Smail  scratch board  5.5x8.5  $125

Hello, my name is Michaela Smail and I am a junior at Bret Harte High School.  I have been taking art classes since I was very young and it has always been my passion.  I'm greatly looking forward to pursuing my passion by going to art school in fall of '14. 

O-195  "Greatness" by Michaela Smail  scratch board  9x11  $400

This spring break I will be journeying to Costa Rica with fellow students from my high school on a biological research trip in order to study the Leatherback Sea Turtle.  The trip is very expensive so in order to earn the money to go I have been entering my art in multiple art shows and trying to sell it.

O-193  "Ruby Red"  by Michaela Smail  acrylic  9x12  $150

I absolutely love all varieties of arts and I hope that you are able to see my passion through my artwork!

Meet Artist Pam Purselle, Ironstone's Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Artist: Pam Purselle
SOLD   "Rusty Wheels"  by Pam Purselle  wc  15x22  $300

Pam Purselle lives in the Gold Country of California with her husband David.  The rolling hills and historic small towns of the area have been an inspiration in her art work.

Always drawing and doodling as a child, she first started painting in oils as a teenager.

Her love affair with watercolors began when she was lucky enough to study with Dorner Schuler. His use of color and water to create lovely foothill landscapes was eye-opening.

Pam continued watercolor instruction with Martha Wallace, as well known teacher and artist in Murphys.

In 2007, she began studying with Jill Figler, a nationally recognized watercolorist.

Pam's passion for all art mediums has benefited her many students over her years as an elementary teacher.

Now retired, she is immersing herself in her art and enjoying networking with other artists.

O-028  Going to the Movies by Pam Purselle  wc 11x15  $275