Monday, November 26, 2018

Crucibles or shot/wine glasses?

Ironstone's Heritage Museum has on display several crucibles that were recovered from the 5000 ft level of the Historic Argonaut Mine in Jackson, California. They spent the last 99 years as part of a private rock collection recently purchased by Ironstone owner, Mr. John Kautz.

The Argonaut Mine deposit was discovered in 1850, ultimately reaching a vertical depth of 5,570 feet via a 63 degree shaft.  The mine operated until 1942 producing more than $25 million in gold.  Unfortunately, it was also the site of the worst gold-mining disaster in the state's early history.  

Along with the nearby Kennedy Mine, it is registered as a California Historical Landmark #786.

Crucibles found at the 5000 ft level of the Argonaut Mine in Jackson, California

Now, back to crucibles... These crucibles are heat resistant containers used to smelt the gold recovered from the mine.  Smelting refers to melting then "burning off" the impurities that gold might be mixed with, resulting in nearly pure gold.

The crucibles you see here in the photo from the Argonaut Mine are in excellent condition with some amazing glaze patterns.

Here in the Museum, we were so taken by the forms and colors of the old crucibles that we decided to partner with our dear friend June Vaughn of Vaughn Pottery to come up with some fun ideas for you to enjoy.  
Our new shot glasses joining the historic Crucibles from the Argonaut Mine.

Shot Glasses?  Wine Cups? Saki Cups?  Whatever you choose!
They are now here and available for you just in time for the Holidays.  Vaughn Pottery created two styles influenced by the originals, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  All sell for $26.  We are excited about these fun ceramic glasses and hope you enjoy them as well.  

You may email cgomez@ironstonevineyards if you would like us to save you one before they are sold out! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Maggie, our Museum gal at Ironstone is in a contest to be one of the “calendar girls” for Patelco's 2019 Pet Calendar.  Maggie so wants to be a Calendar Girl, and welcomes any votes she receives. Maggie will reward all her supporters with a full body tail wag the next time you see her at the Ironstone museum and jewelry store.  Just click on the link below to vote for Maggie.   Besides helping Maggie, every vote helps rescue animals in need.  Also, if Maggie wins, she will donate her prize to the Calaveras County Humane Society in their efforts to help pets in need.  You can vote once per day from each device you have.  So, vote early and vote often.  J

Saturday, November 10, 2018

CALL to Artists * Entry forms now available

Entry forms for Ironstone's 22nd annual Spring Obsession Art Show are now available.  You may download from this site, email cgomez@ironstonevineyards or come in to Ironstone Heritage Museum or Tasting Room and pick one up.

Theme Division entries are due Friday, January 4th, 2019. OPEN Division entries are due Saturday, January 26, 2019.

Details are included with the entry forms, however,
should you have any questions, please feel free to email cgomez@ironstonevineyards.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Vaughn Pottery New Arrivals

#347  $350 front
#347  $350 back view

Like Christmas morning, we were ripping the paper off the boxes revealing treasures beyond our expectations.  These new designs are breathtaking.  The intricate carvings into the new clays speak volumes of the creativity and imagination of June Vaughn.  With a new color palate in this first vase, Vaughn Pottery has opened a new phase of design.  Too difficult to describe here, a visit is a must. 
#349  $400

Seen above is a new shape which we are very excited about.  In natural colors the carved footed vase features a lidded top. 

#348   $325
This subtle beauty is inlay-ed with jasper and fossils, highlighted with intricate carvings in an almost mystical design.
Below are featured two of the new signed wearable art pieces.  All include adjustable necklaces. 

#3414  $160
#342  $140