Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meet Artist Dan August, Ironstone 2016 Spring Obsession accepted artist.

O-115 What a Little Dew will Do   18x24  watercolor and acrylic   $700
Name: Daniel August

Date of Birth: 11/13/1937

Education: Chaffey College; AA degree in Art
       California State College in Fullerton; BA degree in Art
       California State College in San Bernardino; Teaching Credential in Art

I taught Art for 22 years in the Fontana Unified School District in Fontana, California.  The subjects I specialized in were; oil-painting, watercolors, printmaking, silk-screening and ceramics.

My preferred medium is watercolor and my subject matter is generally based in realism but approached with an abstracted view.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meet Artist Scarlett Fiorini, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Scarlett Fiorini

O-060  Half Dome  acrylic  28x40  $1350

 I have always been moved to express feelings & thoughts through many mediums of art. I don’t merely want to capture an image, but with every stroke & layer my desire is to let it become a vessel of wonderful expression & inspiration. Every piece is a joy-filled journey to play with form, color, light & balance until I reach that happy place, and I am able to share that with others. 

O-061  Juicy Fruit  acrylic  16x20  $375
O-063  Rain Frogs  acrylic  16x20  $375

Monday, March 28, 2016

Meet Artist Cheryl Smith, Spring Obsession accepted artist

Hello, my name is Cheryl Smith and I want to share my art experiences with you.

O-090   Tulip in the Rain  acrylic  18x24  $425

I began drawing at age seven, and was accused of tracing my drawings as they were so realistic. My mother realized my talent and from that young age encouraged me in every way, giving me the confidence, strength, and endurance to persevere and never give up doing what I loved the most. That is my Art; it is my passion in life!

I have had a myriad of art occupations during the past thirty-five years and have loved every one of them. I was a Graphic Artist for several newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Senior Graphic Designer for an Ad Agency, Art Director for the Penninsula Advisor, and Art teacher for Jr. and Senior High School students. I have also illustrated a children's book.

I was commissioned by Running Fence-recycled to create artworks from the historic textile panels of Christo's Running Fence, Marin and Sonoma counties, 1976. My pieces made from the panel fabric have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and can be viewed on

I am currently engaged in Fine Arts, doing paintings, custom table designs, crafts, and mixed media pieces using fabric and paint. Being chosen for the 19th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show is a blessing to me. 

I do hope you enjoy my work and will support me in the future. My goal is to create more paintings in 3-D using different and unique medium and designs and to create more colorful and imaginative tables. Thank you for coming to see my work.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Meet Artist Sulastri Linville, Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-087  Eager For Attention  pastel $750
Sulastri Linville

Born in Holland and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sulastri has been doing art since childhood. She has award winning art at the Ironstone Vineyards Spring Art Shows and Sonora Art Shows. Sulastri works in all painting media. Living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, she shares her unique impressions of the world. Her paintings show a deep love of nature.

O-089  Rascally Raccoon Babies  pastel  $1200

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Obsession Winners 2016

Ironstone's 19th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show kicked off this past weekend with outstanding weather, stunning Spring Flower displays, Northern California Daffodil Society Spring Show and the wild Murphys Irish Days event downtown Murphys.   

Present through the weekend were 10 accepted artists displaying a much broader range of their style with original art work and prints along with Art in Action and an outstanding demonstration of the fine craft of Hand Paper Making. Participating artists were:
Alyssa Casey
Vickie Chew
Carol Clark
Sulistri Linville
Deborah Marlene
Connie McLennan
Ruth Morrow
Katherine Plumer
Juliana Tillman
Kathleen Wolf

Judges Merit Award Winners:

"Point Arena" by Judy Day

"Prairie Fire" by Wendy Rogers

"Washboard Chaz" by Dale Huey

3rd Prize Open Division
"Some Distant Dawn" by Gregory Gallardo

2nd Prize Open Division
"Splash Mob" by Ron Miranda

1st Prize Open Division
 "The Lookouts" by Kathleen Plumer

Family Merit Award Winners:

"Nature's Symphony"  by Susan King

"Lynn Takes a Break"  by Juliana Tillman

Theme Division Winner / New 2016 Poster

"New Spring" by Vaughn Lew

Meet Artist Judie Cain, Spring Obsession accepted Artist


A Colorist's Impressions from life

O-068  Tumble Down  oil  20x24  $1300

Oil painter and instructor

A native of Burlingame, CA, Judie studied at California College of Arts after high school. Family responsibilities behind her, and taking early retirement from the business world, Cain returned to painting by attending college, numerous workshops and taking private lessons.

Painting from lie as much as possible, or from her own reference photos, Ms. Cain strives to capture the light and mood of the moment using brush and/or palette knife. Her colorful paintings are uplifting and inspiring.

She has taught her workshops, "Basic nuts & Bolts of Oil Painting" and "Color Demystified" in the western states as well as other local venues. She currently teaches adult summer classes covering painting fundamentals and color. Primarily an oil painter, Judie has begun also to use gouache, an opaque watercolor.

Ms. Cain has been represented in galleries in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico and California, including Murphys, Sonora, Copperopolis and Carmel.  She has several works in print, Giclee and on home products and is collected world wide.

Judie lives in Murphys with her husband, Lou Papais, where she has a private, working studio.

For information about her paintings, gallery representation, classes and studio, please go to or call 209-728-2267 (studio). Email:
O-067  Favorite Time of Year  oil  20x24  $1300

Friday, March 25, 2016

Meet Artist George Dillon, Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-=019  Tango Dancers  acrylic  30x15  $325

     George has had an interest and a connection to art all his life but only in the last eighteen years has he been able to dedicate his full time to its pursuit.

     His teachers include nationally renowned landscape artist Charles White, watercolorists Penny Soto and Joan Dougherty, Judie Cain, a frequent contributor to Artist Magazine and portraitist Gary Bergren.  Ben Kikuyama, an internationally known featured artist at the Lahaina Galleries in Maui has been his mentor in the field of mixed media and three-dimensional art.

     George's style is most often surreal or modern and has been influenced by Picasso, Matisse and Georges Braque as well as his first encounters with African Art and travel. So farGeorge has traveled to over ninety countries. His feature show for March will exhibit works he created from his experiences in several of these localities.

     His imagination and whimsy have all been inspiration to him and have encouraged his experimentation with color, theme and materials. His 3-dimensional art, which was the subject of a presentation to the Lodi Council of Arts, is typically built from canvas or paper and then layered upon each other to form his interpretations of the subject. He takes a more conventional approach to more traditional themes.

     George's art is typically both bold and colorful and challenges his viewers' sensibilities with sometimes humorous and sometimes penetrating looks at culture and its surroundings. Further adding to his art are his pithy titles that often reflect both innuendo and a healthy splash of irony.

     When asked what type of art he creates, Dillon responds, "It is hard to categorize, but I am known for color. I want each observer to have an emotional response of some type to my paintings. The vivid use of color causes a reaction as we tend to be internally stirred by the spectrum before us. I can describe what a painting means to me, but I hope the viewer comes up with a meaning that conjures up his or her own inner feelings."
O-018  Sunny But Windy  acrylic  18x24  $300

     Dillon always starts a painting with the idea of where he wants to go but reflects that sometimes the creative process takes over and the finished product is something he never dreamed of. He gets a great feeling looking at a painting and having no idea how he did it but great satisfaction in the accomplishment.
He offers a tip for viewers, "Often my titles help to discover what the art piece is trying to convey".  Many of his titles will challenge the observer to examine their own awareness.

currently George is a member of the Calaveras County Arts Council, the Amador County Artists Association and the Lodi Council of Arts. His works have been on display in several venues in the Bay Area, Sacramento and currently in the California foothills.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meet Artist Jeanette Crawford Baird, Ironstone Spring Obsession artist

O-143 Lotus Garden  oil  40x30  $2400

Jeanette Crawford Baird

Artist Statement

For me, my painting is about learning to see light in new and different ways, how it affects color and form. It is about developing a deeper way of expressing myself that hopefully, resonates with the viewer.  As I grow as an artist, obtaining clarity of sight has become exciting.  I paint in both acrylics and oils, with my passion being portraiture, especially vintage photos.  There is something that resonates with me in trying to capture the gesture and expression of a person at a precise moment in time.
O-144  Lavendar Fields  oil  16x20  $850

Currently, I am exhibiting with a group of seven artists –Bay Area Studio Artists (BASA) as well as curating several solo shows for the upcoming year.  Art has become an incredible focus in my life as I see where this journey may take me.  I feel like I have discovered my voice through my painting.  What an incredible experience!

O-145  Sound of Silence  oil  24x30  $1640
Jeanette Crawford Baird


2008 – 2014 - Lafayette Art Gallery, Lafayette, CA
2009 - 11 - Blackhawk Gallery, Danville, CA
2008 - 09 - Pioneer Art Gallery, Danville, CA
2008 – 11 - Valley Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA


Collector Art in Berkeley, CA and San Francisco, CA; Artist Markets, Lafayette Art Walk; Chow Restaurant in Lafayette & Danville, CA; Lafayette Art & Wine Festival; Open Studios; Permanent Installation at Old Town Theater - Lafayette, CA;  Marilyn Citron O’Rourke Art Gallery – Benicia, CA; Orinda Library; Danville Art in the Park; Village Theater Art Gallery – Danville, CA ; Blackhawk Bistro; Mason Wine Cellars in Napa, CA; Orinda Book Store - Orinda, CA; Chimney Rock Winery in Napa, CA


v Jeanette LeGrue, Peggie Kroll-Roberts, Timothy Horn, Bryan Mark Taylor, Randy Sexton, Camille Przewodek, Brian Blood, Wanda Kemper, Marcy Wheeler, Sandy Ostrau, Carol Marine, Ken Auster 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meet Artist Misty Dawn, Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-154  Joe Rocket  graphite 14x17 $550
Misty Dawn Whittle, 

Equine Artist

About myself:
Originally from Angels Camp, I now reside in Placer County with my husband and son. Last year I made a big life change and retired, after 27 years, from a wonderful career as a hairstylist. For multiple reasons, but primarily, to help my husband in his new business ventures, but also to re-ignite a passion I have had all my life, self-taught drawing. I am lucky to have married into a multi-generation cattle ranching family from Angels Camp, that has given me the an outlet to pursue my other passion of photography. From those priceless shots of cowboys in action, I am able to capture and translate those images to graphite artwork.
I have been around horses all my life, and the depths of their beauty are beyond the majestic physique, but their spirit. I am in awe of each one I meet. Our own horses are a great source of inspiration as well. and I am sure they are very tired of getting their pictures taken. I've recently met some fantastic professional photographers who allow me to use their images as well. It's amazing the talent that surrounds us.
I take much pride in specializing in exact detail, albeit, very time consuming, but equally gratifying. I am now being asked to do commission work of equine, pets and people, and I love, love seeing the reaction on people's faces when they see their beloveds immortalized in a piece of art. It gives me great pleasure.

Thank you for viewing!
                              ~Misty Dawn

Friday, March 18, 2016

Free Art Demonstration, History & Technique of Hand Papermaking, by artist Alyssa Casey

1894 Six Mile Road
Murphys, Ca. 95247


For Immediate Release
For more information contact:
Chris Gomez
Ironstone Vineyards
Phone: (209) 728-1251
Fax:      (209) 728-1275


Accepted Spring Obsession Artist, Alyssa Casey presents a demonstration of HandPapermaking at Ironstone Vineyards, March 19, 2016. Free to the public from 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM, Alyssa Casey will be demonstrating her methods in Ironstone’s Culinary Center.  Alyssa will be available after the demonstration for questions.
Hailing from Berkeley, this is Alyssa’s first year participating in Ironstone’s 19th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show which opens at 10:00 AM, Saturday, March 19th, 2016 and runs through Mother’s Day weekend.  Three of Alyssa’s paintings were accepted into the Spring Show and will be available for viewing along with over 100 other original accepted paintings.

Alyssa Casey will also join other artists with an art booth featuring more of her paintings, prints and finished handmade papers available for sale.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meet Artist Vaughn Lew, Spring Obsession accepted Artist

W. Vaughn Lew
Murphys, CA.
T-014  New Spring  pastel  17x25  $700

    I have been drawing since I can remember, and that lead me eventually to major in commercial art at Sacramento State. Our instructor was DeWitt Whistler Jayne, a prominent commercial artist, illustrator, and portrait painter.  He was a huge influence.

O-116  Lewis Ranch Road  oil  18x24  $700

    After graduation I went on to get a teaching credential and was fortunate to get an art teaching job at Elk Grove High School. I taught art for several years, but decided to get into construction.
    I eventually became a contractor and worked at that profession until my wife Glenda, daughter Melissa and I moved to Murphys in 2008, and built a home. That's when I started painting again. My mediums are oil, pastels and prismcolor pencils.
    One thing is certain, art requires a commitment. I fell that I now have a bit more time and space to concentrate on my painting. landscapes, townscapes, wildlife, portraits, old cars and machinery, and any other "good stuff" I like are my subjects. My goal is to create images that are well composed, spacial, and form-full, and that bring the viewer an opportunity to pause and reflect.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Meet Artist Anne Graham, Spring Obsession Accepted artist

Sarah Anne Graham – Artist Bio

O-066  Wine Flower  18x22  Lino single $150

Sarah Anne Graham lives in California.  After a few years

traveling around the United States and abroad; from Virginia, 

Georgia, Oregon (a brief time in New Zealand), 


and Idaho to her current residence in California, she is 

working on oil paintings of the landscape of the Sierra 

Nevada foothills, as well as continuing her printmaking work 

on wood and linoblock transfers on maps.

Graham’s paintings are mostly representational depictions of 

the natural world, with the occasional object inserted, used

to symbolize loss and arrested development. The surreal 

quality of these paintings illicit ambiguity and are meant to 

provoke further investigation.

Her prints are abstracted landscapes, and nature themed.  

The woodblock transfers onto maps remind the viewer of the 

role of conservation, management and the nomenclature of 

science to classify and collect info on the natural world.

Her works have been shown in one-person and group 

exhibitions in the US, as well as New Zealand. Graham 

studied at the Atlanta College of Art, and received her BFA 

from Oregon State University in 2003 in painting and 


O-064  Purple Flower  24x58  Lino single  $300
For more information, go to

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Meet Artist Mary Jean St. Claire, Ironstone Spring Obsession accepted artist

O-118 Red Roses oil  11x14  $395
Angels Camp, CA. 95222

Mary Jean has been an aspiring artist since the age of crayons. After a heavy focus on art in high school and college, she continued her studies in the San Francisco Bay Area with artists such as Howard Brodie and Dr. Raymond Brose. A past member of the University Art Club, Committee for Art at Stanford and the San Francisco Ceramic Circle, she won multiple awards in the Bay Area juried shows. Her work can be found in many private collections throughout the world. During a very long haitus from painting, Mary Jean returned to school to study interior design after which time she opened an antique store and worked as an interior designer.
O-119 Pensive oil  12x16  $495

A move to Angels Camp in 2006 created the opportunity to revisit her love of oil painting. Here she paints and studies with some of the area's finest artists and continues to win awards in juried shows. Aside from occasional trips to favorite artists' workshops, she likes to paint locally and feels fortunate to live in an area with such an abundance of subjects from which to choose.

Mary Jean is a member of the California Art Club, the Mother Lode Art Association, The Calaveras Art Council and the Arts of Bear Valley.  Her work can be seen at Town Hall Arts in Copperopolis, CA and the Aloft Gallery in Sonora, CA as well as on her website at Art can also be purchased directly from ETSY.

O-120  Wilber  oil  12x12  $385

Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet Artist Popi Tyler, Spring Obsession accepted artist

T-023  They Like to Party ' til Day ... Light  wc  25x32  $980
Popi Tyler,

Santa Rosa, 

I was born here in this gorgeous land of Northern California, with childhood memories of riding my horse through Gravenstein Apple orchards and cattle ranches.  I learned to be alone and observe the beauty of nature and the way things grow.

O-136  Forty-one and Counting  wc  22x30 $1800
My formal education includes over 40 years of art classes and workshops. I have studied ceramics and painting in California, Mexico, and Hawai'i. My training at Linecona Academy of Art in Honolulu opend my eyes to the endless joys of watercolor.
O-136  Terpisichore, No. 1  wc  22x15  $1200

Recently, I have studied with Dale Laitinen, of Mountain Ranch, California, who continually teaches me to see new things in our landscape all around us.

To me, there in nothing better than a day painting with my husband and friends. I have such wonderful painting buddies -- each one is precious to me.

Good friends, beautiful views -- what 

O-137  Three Hearts Mooning Mine  wc  30x22  $1800
could be better!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Meet Artist Connie McLennan, Spring Obsession accepted Artist

Connie McLennan
T-001  Daffodil Cheer  oc 18x14  $400

Connie McLennan grew up in Yreka, CA, where she showed quarter horses and sometimes accompanied her father, a veterinarian, on his calls amid the natural beauty of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding countryside.

She graduated from CSU Sacramento with a journalism degree, then spent two years studying illustration at San Francisco's Academy of Art. She began as a freelancer, illustrating a variety of advertising, institutional and editorial projects, including thirteen children's books.

She attended annual painting workshops with Craig Nelson in the 90's. In 2010, she turned to painting full-time and was enormously influenced by a series of workshops with well-known impressionist Don Hatfield. 

Connie is a two-time contributor to the U.S. Air Force Art Collection. Her work has won a variety of awards, including Best of Show in University Art's 2012 Open Show and an Honorable Mention and Second Place in earlier Spring Obsession shows at Ironstone.  She works at home in Rocklin.