Friday, December 10, 2010

Kathy does it again! Gift giving made easy @ Ironstone!

 With Christmas weeks away and New Years close on its heels, it is time to check out Kathy B's stunning gift baskets.

Don't wait to the last minute, or if you do, no better place to do your shopping up to 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve than Ironstone!

Kathy B's workshop has been as busy as Santa's! Creating her masterpieces just for you and yours.  Each basket is created with a specific theme in mind and clearly captures Kathy's inspiration.  Over the years, Kathy has put together some spectacular baskets for me for many different occassions. All have received raves from not only the recipient, but anyone who is lucky enough to see the basket before we all jump in to enjoy the treasures inside.

The photos here depict her New Years or Special Celebration Gift basket with Ironstone's very own version of champagne with colorful glasses and special treats galore.  Just below is her "lets eat" basket, full of tasty treats and Ironstone's exciting Obsession wine.  The bottom photo is what I call the "Lets Party!" basket featuring our local O'Gomezy Salsa, one of my personal favorites, with local olives and more.

If you have someone special you want to surprise with either a fun or elegant treasure, come by and take a look at Kathy B's creations.  You will surely find the special one that is here, waiting for you now!

Check out the slideshow here in the blog for images of more of Kathy's great basket selections.  If you don't see what you are looking for, or prefer a massive knock em out basket, just give Kathy a call. Let her do her magic for you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Linda Abernathy, Bead Weaver

This is just a small sampling of Linda Abernathy's work.  Stunning and detailed, it is amazing just watching her work those tiny beads.  I've put a slide show to the right. It is well worth the time to stop and look.  Even more so to come by and see her live.  As well as a very talented lady, Linda is also one of the most charming artists you will ever meet.  Hailing from the Bay Area, Linda has family throughout the Gold Country which is how we are graced with her company here at Ironstone's Heritage Museum.  We really love her visits. 
If you are a designer or just getting started with beadwork, come by and Linda will provide you with great pointers and suggestions on techniques and tools of the trade.  She has been doing this longer than the current beading fad began.  As a floral designer in one of her past lives, Linda if full of creativity.  Ever visit she delights us with a new fresh flower arrangement that is worth the stop itself! 

Linda will be her the rest of today and Saturday.  Do stop by and say hello.

Marble Game boards back! Only $60. Limited quantity. Call now... on Twitpic

Marble Game boards back! Only $60. Limited quantity. Call now... on Twitpic

These are going fast! Call to reserve one for yourself or your favorite family for Christmas! While supply lasts... 209 728 1251 ext #45

She's Back! Wow! on Twitpic

She's Back! Wow! on Twitpic

Linda Abernathy is back at Ironstone today and Saturday. Check out her jewelry for the bottle! Taking a nice bottle of wine to that party? Dress it up! Pick up one of Linda's elegant pieces of jewelry for the bottle.

Then, take care of yourself with one of her stunning beaded pieces. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces. LInda also does custom work. Come meet her and see how she does her magic.