Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Utica Mine Archives

Just received word that Ironstone's Heritage Museum will be hosting a one day preview of an outstanding historic find, Saturday, August 30th.

Memorabilia from the famous Utica Mine of Calaveras County. Direct from Holabird & Assoc., will be available for viewing with representatives from Holabird here to answer any questions you may have.  Word is this collection may go up for auction later this year, so now is your chance to come out and see for yourself this great historic archive.  

Now a word from Holabird & Assoc...

Utica Mine Find
The word “archive” is often thrown around to describe items for sale. But this true archive contains thousands and thousands of billheads, assay receipts, advertising envelopes, letters, business cards, river shipping receipts, whiskey and cigar related ephemera, etc. It is the complete record of the Utica Mine and nearby mines and towns associated with the Utica Mine.
You will find names like Frank Mitchler, George Stickle, and Charles Lane, places like Knights Ferry and Sheepranch, assays done by the Utica Mill, assay receipts and bills for rolled silver from Selby, hundreds of records hauling ore and lumber to the Utica Mill, and many more.
Learn about the Angels Dam breaking, the use of Union Water Works ditches to fight fires, the two fatal Utica Mine accidents and the 22 deaths associated with it, which companies in Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco were frequented and what was purchased.
Small towns and places can be found throughout the archive: Soulsbyville, Robinson Ferry, Bear Valley Station, Ranch Flat, Monarch Ville, French Canon, Bunds Ranch, and Valley Springs. Find references to forgotten mines and leases named new Discovery, Essex, Juneau, Egan, Union Copper, Ilex, Oriole, New Brunswick, Dolling and many more. Spend hours in 1918 and 1919 as the West Point mines are mapped and described and the business of the mine is laid out. The owner is attempting to market the mine for sale.

Most of these documents are mining related! There are many stories ready to be uncovered and told from this archive! Too many to even begin exploring in this short describing.