Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ceramic Artist June Vaughn Meet 'n Greet Demo

Mark your calendars!  Ironstone is excited to announce that Saturday, September 28th. Ceramic Artist June Vaughn will be on site!  From 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, June will be in Ironstone's Heritage Museum for carving demonstration along with Meet n' Greet.

Internationally known Vaughn Pottery has had the distinction of representing American Ceramic Artists at the International Ceramic Exhibition for many years. Known for their distinctive hand thrown vases intricately carved and decorated by June Vaughn, Vaughn Pottery draws collectors from around the world to Ironstone's Heritage Museum.  Here, they have found their one of a kind Vaughn masterpieces from our outstanding collection. 

June Vaughn will be collaborating with Murphys own Quyle Kilns, demonstrating her carving & decorating techniques on a vase provided by Quyle Kilns.   Do make a point to stop in to visit with June that Saturday. 

Monday, August 5, 2019

New Trio joins the Heritage Museum team

Meet Fu Lu Shou, our new trio joining us in the Heritage Museum.

Fu Lu Shou - The Three Star Gods represent happiness & Prosperity, status and authority, and health and longevity. The Chinese term is San Xing. San means three in Chinese and Xing means star.  They are referred to collectively as Fu Lu Shou.

If you are into Feng Shui, these three are considered lucky symbols.

Shou, often called the "Old man of the South Pole", is the star god of longevity. Images of Shou Xing are often found in birthday cards as it is said he has the power to fix the date of every person's death.  I guess that equates to a long and happy life?

Shou Zing
Next in line is Lu Zing. Lu is dedicated to the sixth star of the Wen Chang cluster, in the West known as Urs Majoris. To receive Lu is to receive wealth and Social status.  It is said Lu Xing might originally have been the Prince of Fen-yang Wang, a most honored General. He died in 781 AD at the age of 84.  (in this photo he has forgotten to put on the wings of his headdress. They are very impressive)

Last but not least, if Fu Xing.  The star of Fu is dedicated to Jupiter which is considered very auspicious. Fu has proven to bring happiness, prosperity and good luck to those who need it the most.

This ceramic deities are 36" tall. As legend states they must be in proper order and at eye level. One should never look down on them. So, here they are, looking you in the eye making promises we hope they keep!

They are actually extremely detailed and stunning to look at.  Two of the Xing's carry children that have very distinctive features.  Even if you are not into Feng Shue, you would find these interesting to observe.  Stop on by and have a look. 
They are also available for purchase should you need all the happiness, wealth and longevity they are proposed to offer.