Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mike Doyle Cigar Box Guitars on display June 9th!

Each Concert Season I have great fun in displaying new, unique or classic guitars from one of our outstanding American Guitar makers. This year is no exception! I am excited to be bringing in wonderful guitars that speak history, tradition and down home fun - Cigar Box Guitars hand made by one of our own local guitar makers, Mike Doyle.  Take a look at Mike's website, then come on by June 9th. from 12:00 - 3:00 to meet the master!

Doyle Cigar Box Guitars will be on display through Ironstone's 2012 Concert Season. Keep an eye on our Ironstone facebook page for additional dates Mike will be here to meet & greet.   

Signing out for now, The Heritage Museum

Friday, May 11, 2012

Art in Calaveras County

Sad to see the 15th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show come down this week. It has always been one of my favorite exhibits with some outstanding artists and art work.

But, don't fret!  This summer is jam packed with plenty of art of all mediums to keep our avid art fans busy up here in the Gold Country.

Just in for a visit today was Quyle Kilns. I was excited about the great schedule of events they have lined up for this summer!  Why not make this summer your clay experience year and learn how to work a wheel with clay or learn how to create a clay sculpture? Just a couple of classes lined up feature Jim Bass and Marlene Bradford. Or, just stop into their gallery up Hwy 4, just above Murphys to see the great works of art on display and for sale. You can find the link to their website below on our "favorite Links" section below.  Don't miss out on any of the fun!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Obsession Art Show Open Division Award Winners

1st Place Winner  
"All Aflutter"  
31 x 24 Watercolor Collage $2000

by Artist Lynn Slade

My paintings are a combination of watercolor and handmade rice papers known as "Washi". I work with this combination to capture both the color and texture of my subjects and to recreate the mood that these subjects inspired in me.  I am drawn to bold, dramatic shapes and color and I love the color intensity that the layering of papers and paint provides.  Both the creation as well as the finished piece becomes a tactile experience as well as a visual one.  Looking closely at one of my paintings, you'll find multiple layers of color enhanced by the unique qualities of the washi itself: small pieces of newsprint; gold threads; bits of bark or leaves; various textures and patterns that draw you into the image.

I received my BFA in Design from the University of Southern California.  My graduate work in Graphic Design was done at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  for over 20 years, I owned the Alyson Design Group, a graphic design company specializing in corporate advertising, magazine and marketing design as well as direct mail advertising.

Since beginning my painting career, my paintings have won numerous awards in both local and national shows and I have been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine, in the North Light book, Splash 12, Celebrating Artistic Vision, and in the upcoming Eyes On: Landscape from Blaze Hill Press.  I am currently represented by Gallery 10 in Sutter Creek, Ca.

Quarterly, I give 3-day workshops at my studio in Pioneer as well as carious artist associations.  The classes introduce the student to my painting techniques and include the review of design concepts teaching ways for the painter to direct the viewer's eye through a painting.  The classes are for both beginners and more advanced painters.

I am available for demonstrations, critique sessions, workshops and show judging.  I also accept commission work.

2nd Place Winner
"Last Light"
11 x 14  Pastel


by Artist Geneva Davis

Over twenty five years ago Geneva's creative art journey began. Her work may be characterized as realism to impressionism, but as variety of subject matter a distinctive style has evolved which can vary depending on the subject matter and medium.

The variety of subjects has included animals, birds, rich and lively florals and gardens that evoke color and mood.  Others might consider the sentimental renderings of children to romantic figures the most moving to the imagination ... In any case, the journey continues and might include almost any subject, but be assured it will have warmth and emotion as a constant.  the ability to create art comes to her as an unexpected surprise and a gift from God.  Her paintings are in many private collections.

3rd Place Winner
"Green River Sunset"
36 x 51  Fiber

by Artist Patricia Gould

"With a BA in Fine Arts/Art History, and sewing since the age of eight, it's no surprise that I chose fiber art as my passion in life.  A True fabric addict, many different types of fabrics find their way into my artwork and I never met a color I didn't like.  Travel was a very important part of my upbringing and my family visited almost all the National Parks in the US and Canada before I was out of school which gave me a deep appreciation for our precious Mother Earth and her creatures.  Since 1993, I have been creating mixed media fiber landscapes, drawing inspiration from trips to China, East Africa, Russia, Antarctica, and extensive travel throughout North America and Europe.

I'm drawn to a few subjects in nature that I find perpetually intriguing and my voice is whispering a tribute to the incredible beauty in both the subtle and violent forces of nature, only touched by the hand of humans on rare occasions.  I'm obsessively drawn to trees, rocks, all forms of water and animals; I portray these subjects as if they were asking to me to reveal their messages to the world.  My fiber pieces are dramatic portraits of Earth and I hope to draw the viewers into these scenes to share the exhilaration I feel and to cherish the wonders of the place we call home."

Patricia's art quilts and wearable art creations have won both national and international awards and are in private collections worldwide.  In 2009, she was honored to exhibit her work at the Florence Biennale.  Patricia won a Niche Award in 2008 and was chosen as an Artist-in-Residence for a month in Hungary in 2005.  The State of New Mexico has purchased and installed eight of Patricia's landscapes as part of the Art in Public Places Program.