Friday, August 23, 2013

Rim Fire Donation Station at Ladies Nite Out tonight!

We will be collecting donations that are needed for the Rim Fire Evacuees at Girls Night Out tonight in the parking lot outside of the Breezeway here at Ironstone Vineyards.  Donations needed at this time are on the list below.  Any questions please direct to Kerry Keeney at 209 728 1251.  People do not need to attend Girls Night Out to drop off donations.

Non-sugary children's drinks
Travel Sized Deodorant 
Femine Hygiene Products
New Pillow Cases
Shave Gel
Small Kleenex packets
As well as monetary donations to the Red Cross

There will also be a card station where you can bring cards with words of encouragement to the people at the shelter. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Arrivals! Vaughn Pottery

Stunning new arrivals!

This breathtaking platter is one of the largest we have seen from Vaughn Pottery. Five large turquoise stones fit serenely in a deeply carved path emanating from the centered fossil.
Textured accents highlight the horsehair patterns on the natural light pottery face.
Priced at $950.00, this piece found it's new home before I was able to post!

Smaller Platter with Horsehair design and abalone shells.  Deep carved design and a footed base.  Priced at $375, this piece stands equally well on the stand or resting on its footed base.

This tall elegant lidded vase with side details matched on the lid is a must see piece. Standing at 26" tall, the deeply carved sides evoke a sensuality and elegance of form.  Priced at $900. this piece will not stay on the shelf long!   

This new form playfully charges the eye back and forth between the dark, deep carved forms and the brilliant colored natural stones.  Two sided, each side has evolved different elaborate imagery.  Priced at $700.00

Monday, August 5, 2013

Big & Rich Play at Ironstone This Saturday, August 10!

Big & Rich

Big & Rich Play at Ironstone 
This Saturday, August 10!
Country superstars Big & Rich are bringing their "Party Like Cowboyz" tour to Ironstone Amphitheatre this Saturday, August 10! With special guests Cowboy Troy and Whiskey Dawn, it's going to be an unforgettable evening of live music. A limited number of seats are still available,

Tickets start at just $45 and the show begins at 7 p.m.

Now, lets step back for a moment and take a close look at Big & Rich's promotional photograph.  I'm thinking that photo is as "SteamPunk" as it gets!

Here at the Museum, we've been doing some studying up on "SteamPunk". 
After a wild photo session here at Ironstone Vineyards by a Bay Area Photographer with her dressed to the hilt models, our curiosity was spiked. Promoting "Steampunk" Weddings, she spent the better part of the day posing her bride & groom throughout the beautiful grounds with a variety of props.  

To say the least, I was intrigued!  LOVED the feel and mood of the outfits! (I will post as soon as we receive permission to share... )  This drove me to investigate what was behind this "SteamPunk" phenomena.  

Think Victorian, creative science of movement, the wild west ... yes, the "Wild Wild West" TV series with all the innovative weapons they used is considered by many pure "Steampunk".  Throw in a heavy dose of Fantasy with some goth and you have the basics of "Steampunk".

If you check out, "Steampunk's" roots are literary, laying claim to many of the world's great classic books, (one of my favorites, H.G. Wells, "The Time Machine" being only one).  This website defines Steampunk as a "subgenre of science fiction and fantasy" utilizing steam engines and the technology of the 19th. century while rebelling against the same.

Springing forth from these humble beginnings, is music, art, science and a world of fashion wrapped into an entire lifestyle.  A lifestyle rich with a unique creativity enveloping one's entire environment. Morphed into a thought pattern, craving & functioning in the pure science of a Fantasy Victorian. 

Fascinating, mysterious, marvelous, frightening and very romantic all at the same time...  

As we delve deeper into this unique world, we will give you updates on our discoveries... Until then, we leave you with one question ....

Is Big & Rich Steampunk? Lets go Saturday night and find out!