Friday, March 29, 2013


We have decided to celebrate Easter with a 50% Sale on very special Gold in Quartz, Silver in Quartz and Turquoise jewelry. 

Many of these hand selected pieces are one of a kind stunners!  

I tried to take a photo of my favorite piece, not bad for a phone photo!

OK, so it's sideways, but you can see what an awesome piece it is... You should see the rest!

Gold in Quartz is a very unique stone. Using dense pieces of quartz with gold veins, the jeweler slices the stones into  slabs which are then cut into stones for setting into either 14 karat gold settings or sterling silver settings. Most quartz you find doesn't have the density to hold up to this type of cutting. The quartz used by OroCal's designers comes from the old Sixteen to One Mine of Northern California.

Nice way to celebrate your California heritage or take home a conversation piece from your travels to California.

At least come by and have a look see for yourself.  

Easter at Ironstone

It's Easter Weekend at Ironstone!  The flowers are stunning everywhere you look!  As the daffodils fade, out burst the colors of the tulips! Almost sensory overload!

Check out The Garden Guy's blog for more complete update details!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meet Artist Scott Hamill, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division Artist

Scott Hamill  

Scott feels fortunate to have found an outlet for his artistic expression in the plein air tradition. As a native Californian Scott has lived most of his life in and around the ocean and mountains of this beautiful state. He has developed a strong connection to the water and land while surfing along the Pacific coast and fishing,  backpacking and canoeing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Scott's goal is to share this connection with those who view his art.

In his plein air paintings Scott hopes to capture the mood or essence of a place and allow the viewer to enjoy the beauty of our natural world. He uses a limited palette of colors in oils, which helps harmonize the painting as well as adding the challenge of mixing all other colors from these few.  Scott's painting gear fits into a backpack, which allows him the freedom to get off the beaten path while scouting for locations to capture on canvas.

Scott live in Santa Cruz, California with his wife and two children.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet 1st Place Winning Artist, Debbie Gualco

O-075 Pompano and Circumstance by Debbie Gualco  oil  9x12  $375 
Debbie R. Gualco

Debbie R. Gualco fell in love with California when visiting from her native state of Texas in 1989. Upon relocating to California, she received her degree in architecture from UC Berkeley. She founded Reynolds Gualco Architecture & Interior Design, ( specializing in residential projects. In addition to her busy schedule as principal of an award winning design firm, she paints and teaches art professionally. In 2011, she opened Capital Artworks Studio & Gallery (

Preferring to paint/draw only from life, she enjoys all subject matter including portraits, figures, still life, and landscapes.

O-074  Lupines  by Debbie Gualco  oil  9x12  $375

Debbie has studied under Carolyn Anderson, Jeffrey Watts, Terry Muira, Don Hatfield, Kevin Courter, Randy Sexton, Fongwei Liu, Fred Dalkey, and Ramon Froman, a prior student of Robert Henri. She is a member of the Northern California Arts, California Art Club, Oil Painters of America, Sacramento Plein Air Painters, Roseville Arts, San Francisco Figurative Artists, and the Portrait Society of America.

O-078  Anticipation by Debbie Gualco  oil  14x18  $750

BA, Architecture, UC Berkeley

Oil, Watercolor & Pastels

2013 Ironstone Spring Obsession - 1st Award!
2013 Ironstone Spring Obsession - Merit Award
2012 Magnum Opus XXIII
2011 Pence Gallery - Curator's Award
2011 Winters Plein Air - Artists' Choice Award
2011 Magnum Opus XXII - Special Award
2010 Bold Expressions - Merit Award
2009 Bold Expressions - Shepherd Award
2009 SFAC Members Show - Best of Show
2008 Magnum Opus XIX - Gold Award

Capital ArtWorks, Sacramento, California
School of Light and Color, Fair Oaks, California


Meet Artist Carol Goff, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division accepted Artist

Carol Goff

O-126 Crystal Iris by Carol Goff  watercolor  16x20  $450
Murphys, CA

The watercolor medium has intrigued me since I first watched some artists painting on site in Murphys when I moved here several years ago. Through private lessons, workshops and community college classes I have learned the versatile aspects of this surprisingly forgiving but challenging medium. I continue to strive to add new dimensions to my work, always exploring new ideas and techniques.

My inspirations come from being an avid gardener and many of my paintings how my love of what is produced there. I also feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful area where I can share the delightful scenery and wildlife in the foothills and surrounding areas.
O-125  Autumn in Murphys Park by Carol Goff  watercolor  16x20  $450

I am an active member of Arts of Bear Valley, Golden Palett Art Association, Calaveras County Arts Council and the Gallery Group. My paintings have won ribbons at the Calaveras County Fain and Lodi grape Festival. I also received the third place award at Ironstone Vineyards 2011 Spring Obsession Professional Art Show. My work can be seen at the Art on Main Gallery in Murphys and at other local businesses and seasonal shows in the area.

Meet Artist Barbara Gill, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division accepted Artist

O-201 Seasoned Sketches by Barbara Gill  watercolor  18x24  $250
Barbara Gill

About the Artist:
I graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara with a BA in painting and received my MA in painting from California State University Fresno

Gallery Representation:
Mistlin Gallery, Modesto, CA

Exhibitions and Awards:
Point Lobos: Jewel of the Central Coast Carmel Art Institute, Docent Award
59th Annual Spring Show, First Place
Stanislaus Artist Open Studio, First Place Purchase Award
California Fine Art Show, State Fair
Yosemite Renaissance XXIV

Workshops I Present
"Splash" is the study of waves in watercolor
"Ink Flower Paintings" with Oriental brush

Membership in Art Organizations
Signature Member, MBPAPA
Valley Sun Catchers Plein Air Painters
California Watercolor Association

Artist's Statement:
My goal is to show the beauty in Nature and the need for conservation of our natural areas.

Meet Artist Annie Fountain, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division Artist

Annie Fountain
O-044  Still Beautiful  by Annie Fountain  oil  12x24  $720

Annie Fountain is a plein air artist dedicated to capturing the essence of the great outdoors near her Sierra Foothill home and elsewhere. Enamored by painting on location, she can be found regularly along old roads and ranches and by lakes and rivers in the mountains and foothills.  whether outside of in the studio, Annie's design and color instincts have a permanent outlet at the easel.

With its vast beauty and warm climate, the foothills of the Sierra have shaped her art. The first thing she sees in choosing her subject is usually the reflection of light followed by color.  Then she interprets what she sees and communicates it visually in her oil paintings. It is the impression of that moment that people relate to - that special something they've seen and experienced before - that draws their attention. For her it makes the effort exciting, satisfying and worthwhile.

Bachelor of Science, Biology, San Franciscfo State University
fort Mason Art Center, San Francisco
Plein Air Studies and Workshops with recognized artists

Currently Showing:
Just For You Gallery of Fine Art, Healdsburg, CA
Hanford St. Gallery, Sutter Creek, CA
Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys, CA

Annie can be reached at:

Meet Artist Libby Fife, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division Artist

Libby Fife - Fine Art

O-061  Hillside Path  by Libby Fife  acrylic  10x10  $125
Artist's Statement:  

Thank you for taking the time to view my work.  Getting to know an artist and learning about them and their work is an important component to enjoying the art that they make.

I am a transplanted Bay Area native, living and working in the beautiful foothills of California gold country. The experience of growing up in the East Bay, attending school there, and subsequently working in that environment for many years was a very positive experience. My husband and I decided on a change though and moved to Valley Spring in the summer of 2010.  I still maintain my ties and identity with the Bay Area but have enjoyed incorporating my new life here into my current artwork.

When asked why I make my art, what drives it, the response is always the same: I am interested, plain and simple. The landscape and history of the buildings where I live is compelling to me. Frequent walks at our local lake, trips to other areas in the county, and a general reverence for the natural and built world surrounding us help to give a scaffolding of sorts to my work.  Within those structures of trees, hills, and buildings there is a simplicity and stillness to the world. That stillness is calming in this age where everything seems very noisy and fast paced.  My paintings reflect this simplicity and designs that are uncomplicated yet still interesting to the eye.  Places and objects are reduced to an elemental image yet are still familiar and recognizable to the viewer.  It is with extreme gratitude that I live in such a wonderful place.  I love the peace and quiet that can be experienced here in a small, rural community. With all of the visual noise and complications, my paintings are a welcome respite from clutter, detail, and the clamor of everyday life.

Please note my website and email address listed above. I love to hear comments and to answer questions so please feel free to contact me.  My CV is available upon request.

Meet Artist Robert Feigen, Spring Obsession Open Division Artist

Robert Feigen

My name is Robert Feigen and I am the artist that has performed the attached painting.  I am a graduate of California Polytechnic college in Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and in Business Administration.  I have studied for three years at the Sonora Arts Academy and have been an artist for six years.  I am now retired and have chosen to focus on my passion for painting and the arts.

My fifty piece "RatzNKatz" Series is a primitive, anthropomorphic, mystical, fantasy humorous artistic presentation and is my own style of paining in oil and acrylics.  The vivid colors and the action of the characters are an expression of myself for a world of happiness and harmony through strength and balance in the face of potential adversity.  There is also some sauciness and and arrogance thrown in at times.  If the viewer stops, looks, laughs, and smiles then leaves only to come back again I will have been successful in my artistic intent.

The Ratz and katz characters in the paintings have a human-like faces and qualities and the Ratz with the exaggerated bodies interact to symbolize both the struggles to coexist and to challenge each other with the underdog (Ratz) being in control of the dominant species (Katz).  The themes in each painting are unique and expressive within a particular genre.

The "Ratz N Katz Annual Golf Championships" is number fourty-three (#43) in the Series and depicts the Ratz poker finalists competing at golf and at the same time the "Mischief Ratz" competing in every way they can.  Of course there is a whole lot of cheating and mischief going on as well as the teasing of one of the Katz who would like to get at the Ratz characters.

The original paintings and stories in the series are for sale.  However, the rights to reproduction are not.  When the paintings are actually reproduced in a limited edition series, the buyer/seller will be entitled to a percentage commission.  Therefore, it is a win/win for everyone.

I want to thank you for your interest in my art and I will look forward to meeting you personally at the artist reception and at the show.

Robert Feigen

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the Winners ARE!

After an exciting opening weekend this past Saturday & Sunday, The 16th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show got off to a fantastic start!  

This years Judges; Kathleen Dunphy, Craig Nelson & Anna Nelson graciously presented the Open Division Awards Saturday. With comprehensive explanations and detailed reviews of the selected works, they not only educated those of us who love and appreciate art, but also encouraged and inspired those of us who create.

Executive Chef Rob outdid himself with a wonderful menu of food & wine pairings, highlighting the newest releases of Obsession Wine, this year a new Red Obsession joining the ranks.

As always the Ironstone Staff were professional, attentive and masters of the great evening mood. KUDOS!

Now, ON To the Winners!
*PS all these pieces are currently available for purchase. Contact Ironstone's Tasting Room staff for more details or email

OPEN Division Winners
in Ironstone's 16th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show:

1st Place Winner:
Debbie Gualco, "Pompano and Circumstance"

2nd Place Winner:
Melinda Shook, "Retired 298"

3rd. Place Winner:
Stephanie Benedict, "Lighthouse Keeper's House"

Judges Merit Awards went to:

Karen O'Neill, "Grand Opening"

Debbie Gualco, "Lupines 29"

Bruce Hancock, "Miner's Cabin, Ironstone"

Family Merit Awards went to:

Judy Day, "Thistles"

Vaughn Lew, "Biding Time"

John Lovewell, "Leopard"

Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Artist Sharon Denny, Ironstone Spring Obsession Open Division accepted Artist

Sharon Denny

Because I love our mountains and treasure their beauty, I moved to Arnold 30 plus years ago. Painting in watercolor is a wonderful way to capture some of that beauty. 

After raising my 8 children and retiring, I finally have time to paint.  There are still not enough hours to paint all that I see and love and want to share.  I will keep spending much time in the outdoors where the inspiration is the greatest.

Meet Artist Judy Day, Ironstone Spring Obsession OPEN Division accepted artist

Judy Day

Judy attended Art Center School of Design and Cal State Northridge, where she received a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and a K-12 Teaching Credential in Art Education and Math. She recently retired from 25+ years teaching at David Starr Jordan Middle School in Burbank, California. Judy taught beginning art, Cultures through Art, photography, cartooning, animation and algebra.  In April of 2010 she moved to the foothills of Jackson, and began studying with several local artists and concentrated on her painting.

Judy's art credits include the following: Illustrated three educational children's books, "My first Word Search", "Beginning Sounds Word Hunt" and "Fun Faces Fun Days", numerous brochures, posters paintings and cards, two cut paper banners (3x12 feet) that hang seasonally in the First Christian Church of North Hollywood's Sanctuary. For the last 5 years Judy has directed a week long children's art camp each summer in Studio City. She is currently serving as the President of the Amador County Artist Association.

Her awards and honors are: 1993-94 Jordan Middle School Teacher of the Year, 1994 Burbank Woman of the Year, 1995 Outstanding teacher Award given by the LA Times and CSUN School of Education, and finally in 2002 the California League of Middle Schools Educator of the Year Nominee.

Judy loves the outdoors and has hiked and sketched in the high Sierras most of her life.  "My art is inspired by my backpacking trips into the Sierras, vacations around the world, majestic landscapes, historical sites and practically everything in my neighborhood. You never know what will catch your eye and inspire you."

Judy's art work is displayed at the Sutter Creek Gallery in Sutter Creek California