Friday, March 29, 2013


We have decided to celebrate Easter with a 50% Sale on very special Gold in Quartz, Silver in Quartz and Turquoise jewelry. 

Many of these hand selected pieces are one of a kind stunners!  

I tried to take a photo of my favorite piece, not bad for a phone photo!

OK, so it's sideways, but you can see what an awesome piece it is... You should see the rest!

Gold in Quartz is a very unique stone. Using dense pieces of quartz with gold veins, the jeweler slices the stones into  slabs which are then cut into stones for setting into either 14 karat gold settings or sterling silver settings. Most quartz you find doesn't have the density to hold up to this type of cutting. The quartz used by OroCal's designers comes from the old Sixteen to One Mine of Northern California.

Nice way to celebrate your California heritage or take home a conversation piece from your travels to California.

At least come by and have a look see for yourself.  

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