Sunday, July 10, 2016

Well, that was fun!

July 2nd. Independence Celebration was a big hit again this year.

First band up wandered the grounds playing awesome accoustics to the grateful crowds.  As the generators were unloaded, and the stage bands struck up some toons, out on the dance floor more dancers than we have seen in past years were having a ball!  

People were meeting their lawn neighbors, singing along or just visiting with friends, family and neighbors. Amazing what can happen when all cell service is down!  Seems one of the many fires that day took out two towers and left everyone without.  they actually had to spend the day talking to each other or doing something other than text or play on social media.

While up front all looked well, behind the scenes was chaos. Organized chaos mind you. With no power, all the food & beverage vendors were scrambling for generators to keep on functioning.

Ironstone crews were busy relocating massive light towers to locations deemed most critical come dusk, hooking up generators to keep everything running smooth, finding a lost ice delivery truck, the list goes on and on, but all ended with another amazing fire works display that just never ended!

We will all remember this year's event for some time to come.

Now, lets get ready for our first concert!