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Monday, March 15, 2021


 Pleased to announce "Feathers in the Wind"  by Michelle Thornburg is off to a new home!

SOLD  O-015Feathers-in-the-Windby Michelle Thornburg acrylic 30x40- $850

One of the first paintings to find a new home since the Show Opening on the 6th. Sold this past weekend, during a very busy day here at Ironstone.  The Gallerias are now open to view the 24th Annual Spring Obsession Art Show & Sale.  Let the Tasting Room hostess know you are here for the Art Show.  If we are not at our maximum capacity, you will be admitted immediately to browse the exhibit and enjoy the wonderful paintings and drawings on display. 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Painting by Artist Tracy Stone


T-021 Peace by Tracy Stone oil 16x20 $350

Paintings by Artist Cheryl Smith


O-025 Cherry Blossoms by Cheryl Smith acrylic 20x20 $225

O-024 Peacock in the Snow by Cheryl Smith acrylic 16x20 $150

Paintings of Artist Chella Gonsalves


O-088 Community Market-by Chella Gonsalves oil 9x12 $450

O-028 Barn Boat by Chella Gonsalves oil 9x12  $500.

SOLD  O-027 Sunflowers & Elevator by Chella Gonsalves oil 30x16  $710

O-018 Year 2020 by Chella Gonsalves mm 24x36  $550.

Meet Artist Michelle Thornburg


O-016  rainbow-dreams by Michelle Thornburg acrylic -36x36- $850

Michelle Thornburg - Artist's Statement

O-015 Feathers-in-the-Windby Michelle Thornburg acrylic 30x40- $850

My style of creating artwork is painting from the subconscious. There are no carefully planned sketches, no grids, it is just me and my paint with no expectations of anything but painting. I use my hands to apply the paint directly onto my canvas, no rules, just whatever feels right.  The key for me is to let go of the conscious world around me, and just paint, allowing my hands to take the lead. Eventually the painting reveals itself. It's like daydreaming on a canvas.

Artist's Biography

O-014  Sea-of-color-by Michelle Thornburg acrylic 30x40- $850

Michelle Thornburg is a California Artist and Art Teacher living and working in the Central Valley.  She creates dream like paintings from her subconscious using the Surrealist technique of automatism, or automatic painting.  Her technique of using mainly her hands to apply acrylic or oil paint to the canvas allow her to connect with her artwork.  Her paintings are created by applying paints onto the canvas in various colors, patterns, and movements. Her paintings are often reworked and go through many changes before they are completed. These expressive paintings are full of fanciful images and colorful landscapes.

Meet Artist Henrietta Sparkman

O-089 Periphery by Henrietta Sparkman pastel 30x22 $800

 Plein Air work of 

Henrietta Sparkman

O-091 VerdantValley by Henrietta Sparkman pastel 22x26 $600

    A versatile artist, Henrietta Sparkman earned degrees in Studio Art, Industrial Arts and Art Education. Her teaching continues with workshops both in various media regionally and abroad.

    Henrietta's work is created in both two and three dimensional mediums. Recently she has concentrated her work painting en plein air, water-color, painting making and abstract painting.

O-090 RiverBend by Henrietta Sparkman pastel 22x26 $600
    An award winning artist, she actively exhibits and her work has been shown in a variety of venues: Chartreuse Muse, Mistlin Gallery, CSU, UCSF, Yosemite Renaissance, Ironstone Winery, Museum of Monterey, The Carnegie Arts Center, California Breast Cancer Research Symposium Art Exhibit, Firehouse Gallery, JayJay, Harrington, Pacific Grove Art Center, The Grand Center Theater for the Arts, Goodwin Gallery, State Fair & more.  She is actively involved in community art organization and believes artists give as much as they create.

Meet Artist Terry Richardson

 Terry Richardson

O-049 -Aspens-by Terry Richardson -oil  20-x 10- $350

I began doing art at an early age while in grade school. I can remember spending hours in my room drawing, copying other artist’s work.  I studied it formally in High School and college but abandoned it to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy and to raise my 2 girls.  At some point in my adulthood I mentioned to my husband that I would like to start painting again and that year, for my birthday, he bought me an easel, paints and paint brushes. There was no turning back now! I needed to refresh my skills so I enrolled in an art class through Columbia College taught by Gereon Rios.  I was hooked!

O-050 -Life Gives You Lemons-by Terry Richardson - oil 12-x 14- $325

I continue to be inspired by the beautiful world around us and other artists.

O-051-Princess- by Terry Richardson oil 15x17-$475

Thank you and enjoy the show.

Terry D. Richardson

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Meet Artist Judy Ryder

 July Ryder


O-055 Bee-Target- by Judy  Ryder wc 22x22 $1200

I stepped into the world of art seven years ago when I took my first photography class.  Taking photos opened my eyes in a new, inquisitive and expansive way to what was around me.

As one thing often leads to another, a photographer friend encouraged me to join Popi Tyler's watercolor class. This was an invitation to learn something new. Her weekly class provided an opportunity to sink into the study and practice of painting while observing my emerging style and expression. Popi has been a wonderful teacher.

When I paint, I open to my evolving creative process, and I love how it offers an element of surprise between intention and what is finally captured on paper. As I was drawn to the abstract in photography, I also enjoy combining realism and abstract in my paintings.

My home is in Sebastopol, California, where my husband and I raised our family and continue to reside.

Judy Ryder


Meet Artist Cali Roberson


Cali Roberson

2nd Place Winner, Open Division
O-021 Above the Fray by Cali Roberson pencil 14x18 $2000

Cali Roberson grew up outside of Oakdale, California where her parents raised horses and sheep. Her dad worked for a large ranch and Cali spent a lot of time working with him, learning how to handle horses and cattle. Her artistic tendencies were apparent early on and the local butcher shop would put her finger paintings in the window.

O-022 See-It-My-Way by Cali Roberson pencil 10x14 $850

     At age 11 she began spending summers living with cutting and cow horse trainers Carl and Kathy Gould. Cali moved with them to Napa, going into home schooling programs to continue showing horses. She began starting and training her own horses and working for local ranches during shipping and branding seasons.

O-023 Bend by Cali Roberson penink 8x10 $850

After taking drawing and art classes in high school, Cali realized how passionate she was but still wasn’t sure about making a career of it. In order to live at home and continue her other passion, showing cow horses, she went to her local college, CSU Stanislaus. While there, Cali majored in Art and also received a minor in Business Administration.

     After years of trying to work a full-time job, train her horses, and draw, Cali decided to make a change. She quit her office job in 2009 to be a full-time artist. She is married and raising two little girls on their small ranch in Escalon, California. She continues to train and show her own horses and works part time for a large cattle ranch. Cali feels this firsthand knowledge of her subject matter is essential to the authenticity of her art.

Meet Artist Katherine Plumer

 Katherine Plumer

Artist Statement

When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?  For me, the dream of being an artist has been unwavering, blossoming and growing ever since my little hands could use a crayon.  I created art because I feel like it's something I need to do, and because I love it more than anything else, and because of the indescribable joy of the moment when a piece that I created resonates with someone else, and becomes something that they treasure for the rest of their life.

For most of my life, I have lived in the town of Wilton, California, a rural area south of Sacramento.  I was raised on a farm and have always had a passion for nature and animals.  The creatures that surround and inhabit my life have a strong influence on the artwork that I create.  I am not only to portray my subject matter as realistically and accurately as possible, but also to capture the expression and soul of an animal.

O-047 Rosebud by Katherine Plumer pencil 11x14 $8900

The drawing you see here in the show is done with colored pencil, which is perhaps my very favorite art medium.  Over the years I have explored many ways of creating art, and currently focus on engraving, drawing, and a mixed media style that combines elements of painting and drawing.  The subject, Rosebud the Red Roan Clydesdale draft horse, actually lives just a mile or o down the road from me, and I've been lucky to spend time with her!  I've wanted to draw her for years, and finally did so after taking some reference photos at a horse show early one morning a couple years back.  This drawing turned out exactly as I had hoped.

I invite you to follow me on social media, where you will see "behind the scenes" as I create new custom art pieces.

Facebook:  KatherinePlumerFineArt

Instagram: katherineplumer

Meet Artist Vaughn Lew

 W. Vaughn Lew Bio:

O-033 South Fork of the Stanislaus by Vaughn Lew  oil 24x18 $1155

Born 1946 at Baker City, Oregon. Lived a ranch/country life. Lots of free drawing with pencil and india ink.

O-034 Tuolumne Grazers by Vaughn Lew  oil 24x12 $770

 First art Techer gave minimal instruction, just draw, draw, draw. That was fine with me. Moved to Lodi California 1961. Took some art but still not much depth to the instruction. 

T-025 Let There be Light by Vaughn Lew  oil 18x24 $550

Enrolled in the art program at Sacramento State. Emphasis was on commercial art with DeWitt Whistler Jayne, a nationally known illustrator, portrait painter, and art director. Tarmo Pasto, an art psychologist and art instructor, was also an important influence. After college I taught art at Elk Grove High School, Los Rios Correctional Center, and various adult education programs. Currently live in Hughson, California with my sweet wife Glenda, Daughter Melissa, Precious the cat, and sister Sadie the Dog.

Meet Artist Carol Leonti

 Carol Leonti

O-052 Fire-in-the-Sky by Carol Leonti wc 41x34 $1975

I love transparent watercolor because it naturally expresses my feelings for my subjects. It can make images glow with light and i am constantly challenged by its many exciting possibilities.

I have studied with talented painters Christopher Schink, Alvaro Castagnet, Frank Webb, and Dale Laitenen. Influential mentors are Carl Miller AWS and Popi Tyler from Santa Rosa.

O-053 Down-by-the-Creek  by Carol Leonti wc 14x8  $695

My paintings hand in Gallery One, Petaluma, and can also be seen on my website and on the Gallery One website.

Meet Artist George Haskell

George Haskell

Artist and Musician


O-073 High Five by George Haskell oil 8x10 $275

 George’s passion for painting started in college when he took an independent study in painting. After retiring from a forty year career in special education George returned to art.  Among his favorite topics are Yosemite, seashores, sunsets and animals.  What ever the subject is George focuses on capturing luminous, light color and mood of the subject at hand.  He has studied with Judy Cain, Susan Sarback and Heinie Hartwig. George is a member of Arts Of Bear Valley.

O-075 Spirited by George Haskell oil 12x12 $475


Besides art, George is also a musician.  He sings and plays both guitar and banjo at local wineries and restaurants.


O-074 Security by George Haskell oil 8x10 $275

George lives just outside of Murphys on the top of Treasure Mountain with his wife Patricia, two cats, two corgis and two horses.

Meet Artist Sandra Campbell



O-039 Mountain-Stream by Sandra Campbell pastel 12x16 $225

 I love color and experimentation.  My subjects include landscapes, florals, still life and animals.  Initially, I worked only with soft pastels but since have branched out into collage and acrylics, often combining these into mixed media pieces.  Lately, I’ve created some abstract works, a complete departure for someone who used to produce only realistic art. 

SOLD  O-042 Red-Blue-Birds-Against-Striped-Sky by Sandra Campbell collage 12x15 $210


For pastels, I like to work on sanded surfaces, which allow for more layers of color.  When people hear the word ‘pastel,’ they may think of soft colors.  But what attracts me to this medium is the possibility for vibrant oranges, brilliant yellows, and intense purples and reds. 


O-041 At-the-Beach by Sandra Campbell collage 14x14 $185

Mixed media pieces utilize traditional canvasses, canvas panels or boards, both cradled and flat.  Many of my collage pieces are fabricated from rice or similar-type papers, which come in a variety of textures. Others utilize papers out of discarded picture books or atlases.


Landscapes are created both from my own photographs and by working plein air with fellow artists in a group that meets twice monthly for critique and support.  Many of the finished products are featured at an annual art show sponsored by the Amador County Artists Association (ACAA).    

O-040 Flowers-in-Blue-Vase-by Sandra Campbell pastel 16x18 $250


Amador County is alive with artists who inspire me and support my efforts.  Periodically, I take a college class or an artist’s workshop which may send me in a new direction.  Membership in the ACAA and Amador County Arts Council provides collegial support as does my informal art group.  My work is on display at the Sutter Creek Gallery at 40 Main Street, Sutter Creek.  View additional images on my website at and the gallery’s website,    

Meet Artist Jan Atwood-Ramey



Jan Atwood-Ramey


O-017 Xan by Janice Atwood-Ramey wc 12x14 $1200

One picture, one idea, can send me on a journey of creativity. I love that journey!


I have always been interested in portraiture. My mother was an artist and I was always fascinated by her oil portraits of my sister. I spent hours drawing faces.


Now I try to expand my horizons with a floral or landscape and have some success but I am always happy to return to portraits.


I have developed some skill in pastels as well as watercolor and use both depending on what the subject seems to be best suited for.


This portrait is of my grandson, Xan, at age 14. He is changing so rapidly that each portrait that I do of him seems to be of a different person.


                             Jan Ramey

Meet Artist Margarita Anderson

SOLD O-069 Tucked Below the mountains by Margarita Anderson acr 9x12 $250

 I am a Tracy, CA artist, motivated by the natural beauty of California and influenced by both French and California Impressionism. I paint in acrylic both outdoors and in the studio. I have been a member of the Tracy art community for nine years and am currently on both the Tracy Art Commission and the board of the Tracy Art League.

Please visit my website to view more of my artwork at

You can follow me on Instagram at margaritaanderonfineart

You also can find my work online at The Grand Galleries in Tracy 


In the New Dawn online exhibit published by the Livermore Art Association

Meet Artist Kristina S. Anderson

 Artist Bio

Kristina S. Anderson, is an impressionist painter based in the Central Valley of California. She i a protege of award winning artist Vincent Walsh, who was himself a disciple of Can Waldron. Kristina holds an Art Minor from Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, and has since studied with Viacheslav Korolenkov.

Our creator romances each one of us everyday. His way to my heart is through color, nature, and the people in my life. As an artist I am drawn to capture this encounter I have with Him, and I choose to express it through color and flowing strokes.  As I am but an instrument, I can only hope that these pieces will spark moments of peace, solace, and joy to those who view them.

O-066 Alleyway Curiosity by Kristina Anderson acrylic 8x10 $200

Juried Shows

2021 Spring Obession Ironstone Vineyards Murphys, CA

2020 Carnegie Art Showcase Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, CA

2020 Expressions Tracy Art League, Tracy, CA

2019 Expressions Tracy Art League, Tracy, CA

O-067 BC Memories by Kristina Anderson acrylic 9x12 $250


Grand Theater Center for the Arts

Cultural Arts Division

715 Central Avenue

Tracy, CA 95376 209.831.6TKT (6858)

O-068 Autumn Trail by Kristina Anderson acrylic 8x10 $200

Friday, March 5, 2021

Ironstone Vineyard's 24th Annual Spring Art Show & Competition - UPDATE 3/11/2021


Saturday March 6, 2021 through May 23, 2021

Exhibit Open to the public

Thursday—Sunday, 11:00—3:00

please note: if room is at 25% occupancy, you will be required to wait for an opening. Check with Bistro staff.

Closing Gala Weekend Event

May 22 & 23, 2021 11:00 - 3:00

Artist Meet n Greet, Art in Action Free admittance

Artist Reception / Food & Wine Pairing 3:00 - 6:00 $25 pp

Reservations required: 209-728-1251

More information:

Ironstonevineyards facebook