Friday, May 28, 2010

Ironstone wishes all a peaceful Memorial Weekend

We at Ironstone wish all of you a peaceful and reflective Memorial Weekend. Remember those who have given their lives and futures for us. As we celebrate this weekend, remember those still in the trenches. Send them your best wishes, your thanks and your goodwill as they struggle against odds some of us will never have to comprehend, thanks to their sacrifices.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last days of May... Lots of new beginnings

Finally after much planning, Ironstone's Heritage Museum WWII exhibit is Open!  Titled, WWII A Small Window, this exhibit portrays small windows into WWII. Weapons used, treasures carried, what they wore and what they thought, just small windows into WWII. This exhibit will run through August.  Check out the slide show to the right.

Also opening this last week, Our Main Galleria presents the surrealist paintings of Melinda Englebrecht.  These very powerful and emotional paintings represent the beauty of the odd juxtapositions to every life and every happening.  Stop by if you have an opportunity. These paintings are very beautiful.

Passport weekend was a beautiful weekend with passport holders catching the Gold Fever, panning with Mario on the creek.  Need I say more!

We are now gearing up for our first concert June 6th. Volunteers will be contacted next week with assignments and all are ready to rock and roll! Are you? Check out the bands on their official websites just to the right of this column. I heard a few new ones myself!  What a Great Concert Season this year!  Hope to see you all here.  Phone is ringing and a bus pulled up.. Gotta go!