Sunday, March 7, 2021

Meet Artist Terry Richardson

 Terry Richardson

O-049 -Aspens-by Terry Richardson -oil  20-x 10- $350

I began doing art at an early age while in grade school. I can remember spending hours in my room drawing, copying other artist’s work.  I studied it formally in High School and college but abandoned it to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy and to raise my 2 girls.  At some point in my adulthood I mentioned to my husband that I would like to start painting again and that year, for my birthday, he bought me an easel, paints and paint brushes. There was no turning back now! I needed to refresh my skills so I enrolled in an art class through Columbia College taught by Gereon Rios.  I was hooked!

O-050 -Life Gives You Lemons-by Terry Richardson - oil 12-x 14- $325

I continue to be inspired by the beautiful world around us and other artists.

O-051-Princess- by Terry Richardson oil 15x17-$475

Thank you and enjoy the show.

Terry D. Richardson

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Meet Artist George Haskell

George Haskell

Artist and Musician


O-073 High Five by George Haskell oil 8x10 $275

 George’s passion for painting started in college when he took an independent study in painting. After retiring from a forty year career in special education George returned to art.  Among his favorite topics are Yosemite, seashores, sunsets and animals.  What ever the subject is George focuses on capturing luminous, light color and mood of the subject at hand.  He has studied with Judy Cain, Susan Sarback and Heinie Hartwig. George is a member of Arts Of Bear Valley.

O-075 Spirited by George Haskell oil 12x12 $475


Besides art, George is also a musician.  He sings and plays both guitar and banjo at local wineries and restaurants.


O-074 Security by George Haskell oil 8x10 $275

George lives just outside of Murphys on the top of Treasure Mountain with his wife Patricia, two cats, two corgis and two horses.

Meet Artist Sandra Campbell



O-039 Mountain-Stream by Sandra Campbell pastel 12x16 $225

 I love color and experimentation.  My subjects include landscapes, florals, still life and animals.  Initially, I worked only with soft pastels but since have branched out into collage and acrylics, often combining these into mixed media pieces.  Lately, I’ve created some abstract works, a complete departure for someone who used to produce only realistic art. 

O-042 Red-Blue-Birds-Against-Striped-Sky by Sandra Campbell collage 12x15 $210


For pastels, I like to work on sanded surfaces, which allow for more layers of color.  When people hear the word ‘pastel,’ they may think of soft colors.  But what attracts me to this medium is the possibility for vibrant oranges, brilliant yellows, and intense purples and reds. 


O-041 At-the-Beach by Sandra Campbell collage 14x14 $185

Mixed media pieces utilize traditional canvasses, canvas panels or boards, both cradled and flat.  Many of my collage pieces are fabricated from rice or similar-type papers, which come in a variety of textures. Others utilize papers out of discarded picture books or atlases.


Landscapes are created both from my own photographs and by working plein air with fellow artists in a group that meets twice monthly for critique and support.  Many of the finished products are featured at an annual art show sponsored by the Amador County Artists Association (ACAA).    

O-040 Flowers-in-Blue-Vase-by Sandra Campbell pastel 16x18 $250


Amador County is alive with artists who inspire me and support my efforts.  Periodically, I take a college class or an artist’s workshop which may send me in a new direction.  Membership in the ACAA and Amador County Arts Council provides collegial support as does my informal art group.  My work is on display at the Sutter Creek Gallery at 40 Main Street, Sutter Creek.  View additional images on my website at and the gallery’s website,    

Meet Artist Jan Atwood-Ramey



Jan Atwood-Ramey


O-017 Xan by Janice Atwood-Ramey wc 12x14 $1200

One picture, one idea, can send me on a journey of creativity. I love that journey!


I have always been interested in portraiture. My mother was an artist and I was always fascinated by her oil portraits of my sister. I spent hours drawing faces.


Now I try to expand my horizons with a floral or landscape and have some success but I am always happy to return to portraits.


I have developed some skill in pastels as well as watercolor and use both depending on what the subject seems to be best suited for.


This portrait is of my grandson, Xan, at age 14. He is changing so rapidly that each portrait that I do of him seems to be of a different person.


                             Jan Ramey