Saturday, March 25, 2023

Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Sally Anne Fischer


Sally Anne Fischer B. 1981

O-084 Its Cold in the Shade by Sally Anne Fischer -oil 20x30 $1500

Sally Anne Fischer is a plein air artist whose ties to the Sierra Nevada foothills spans six generations. From her great great aunt Lottie, who mothered lonely cowboys in Kennedy Meadows, to her Portuguese watercolorist grandmother, Sally Anne Fischer’s deep roots in the landscape she paints continues to inspire her art.


O-085 Kennedy Meadows by Sally Anne Fischer-oil 24x36 $1500

Sally Anne was the president of her high school Art Club and went on to study watercolor with Dan Peterson at Yosemite College, then oil painting at CSU Fresno. During her third year, she changed majors completing a degree in equine science following her love of horses and a dream of becoming a horse trainer. After university, she worked for cutting horse trainers, taught equine sciences at Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo then settled in a career as a livestock feed formulator. After having her daughter, she turned to full-time painting, eventually opening a studio in downtown Sonora, though she credits most of her artistic development to plein air workshops, and individual instruction with painters Frank Serrano, Jim McVicker, Kathleen Dunphy Suzie Baker, and Charles Waldman.


O-086 Sonora Sundown by Sally Anne Fischer-oil 20x27 $950

Her current work reflects daily experiences. Still-lifes include objects of personal significance or flowers she's grown in her garden, and landscapes with historic meaning or childhood memories. As she resides in her hometown, with her husband and her daughter, she has inspiration and local knowledge of the sprawling terrain that makes up the Sierra Nevada mountains.


O-087 Mt. Morrison Easter Sierras by Sally Anne Fischer-oil 14x22 $975

Sally Anne values high quality, handmade or antique frames, which she refurbishes in her downtown studio. While she primarily works with oils en plein air, she also uses the sun room of her 1940s home to paint every morning.


T-021 Still life with Flowers and Fruits by Sally Anne Fischer oil 10x13 $595

T-020 Daffodils and Dry Hydrangeas by Sally Anne Fischer oil 9x12 $595

Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Suzann Young

                                                                                                     Suzanna Young 

O-069 Tanka & Newborn by Suzanna Young acrylic 21x21 $325



O-070 Tanka Grand Tetons Wyoming by Suzanna Young acrylic 21x21 $325





Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist William (Bill) Wittmer


   William (Bill) Wittmer


O-074 Three Persimmons-on-a Green Plate by William Wittmer pastel 16x20 $290

 I started painting in the ‘90’s using my father’s oil paints and easel. He was a doctor, but a lifelong artist. I retired from the Oakland Fire Dept after a 30-year career responding to thousands of events including the Cypress Freeway collapse and leading a Search & Rescue Team to New York for 9-11.

I studied portrait painting with Beth Batchelor in Danville; landscape and still life with Victoria Brooks in Sacramento. In the Motherlode, I have attended plein aire workshops with Chuck Waldman and Kathleen Dunphy; landscape classes with Heine Hardwig; and figurative and portrait painting with Peggi Kroll Roberts.

O-075 Poppies-on-Wittmer Ridge by William Wittmer pastel 16x20 $200.

My wife and I share a studio in our home in Angels Camp.

I now work primarily in oil and pastel; but, have worked in watercolor, acrylic and gouache. I use photos as reference for many of my paintings – easy to have beautiful photos with the Central Sierra landscape.  These days, I am interested in returning to plein aire painting and look forward to spending more time outdoors.

Painting is a love and passion for me. I hope you enjoy my work.


Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Connie Holt-Warner

 Artist: Connie Holt-Warner

O-036 Gazing in a Coy Pond by Connie Warner oil 16x20 $2500

I am an emerging artist. This is the first show I have entered and I am so delighted to be accepted. I started painting in 2007, but set down painting for many years to focus on my family and career. I picked up my paintbrush back up later in life and enjoy it very much.

I was born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, but have lived in the West Coast most of my adult life. I currently live in Brentwood, California with my husband.

I love the oil on oil technique of painting. I am currently exploring watercolors. I get my inspiration from nature. I love seeing all of the shades of color and how the light and shadows hit a subject.

My other passion is Seascapes. I am mesmerized by the waves and seeing what veins each wave forms.

Painting puts my mind and spirit in a very peaceful and quiet place and I love getting lost there.

Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Sharon Moore

 Sharon Moore

T-018 Dancing Daffodils by Sharon Moore acryli 16x20 $600

About the Artist

Sharon Moore, ASID, is an award-winning Interior Designer and Artist. As owner of a San Ramon Interior Design firm, her work has wone numerous national and local Design awards. Sharon is a graduate of The University of Florida College of Fine Arts and Architecture and a member of the Alamo/Danville Art Society. Sharon has studied under artists Lynne Sheppard, Bob Burridge, Alex Powers, Christopher Schink, Fran Larsen and Skip Lawrence.

T-019 Daffodil Maze  by Sharon Moore acryli 10x30 $500

About the Art

Sharon works primarily with acrylic and mixed media. Her contemporary approach and evocative use of color has been widely accepted and honored at juried show in Danville, San Ramon, and Murphys, CA.

Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Peggy Brennan-Wagner


As a Native Californian, Peggy has lived most of her life coastal adjacent while enjoying recreational time in and around all the mountains, lakes and rivers this beautiful state has to offer. Peggy developed a deep connection with nature early in life, surfing the southern California coast, an avid camper and backpacker, fishing and floating rivers. Today, Peggy finds herself in Gold Country in the shadows of the lower Sierra foothills. Her artist vision fully captured with the dip of her brush into lots and lots of water, and color too.

Peggy's art reflect her love of nature and water, focusing primarily on landscapes finding inspiration while traveling. With the nest empty, Peggy and her husband find themselves often on the go, both Son's living out of state there is always a new National Park, Coastal Preserve of breathtaking vista waiting to be captured in watercolor.

O-039 Tunnel Vision by Peggy Wagner wc 11x14 $100

Peggy began her artistic practice coloring in the bathroom wallpaper flowers with her box of crayons, evolving to watercolors on seashells and then to acrylic landscapes, having only minimal secondary school educational experience in Art it wasn't until well after her collegiate years she began to study fine art watercolor under accomplished instructor Wendy Soneson and truly found her pallet.

Statement from the Artist: No truer are the words of Renoir, and my hope is you fell this in my paintings. "I'm in love with the sun and with the reflections in the water and to paint them I would go around the world"

Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Bonnie Mae Waldon

 About the Artist Bonnie Mae Waldon

O-042 French Country Harvest by Bonnie Waldon $1200

        Born and raised in Oakland, California, Bonnie Waldon spent many years living in the Bay Area but has spend the last 40 years calling Murphys her home. Bonnie moved to Murphys long before the graceful buildings that line the main street were even a sketch, when the only grocery store was Davie's and Michelson Elementary received all four of her children, who were at the time, in grades K through 8. She and her husband wanted their children to grow up in a place that was safe and the schools in the  city were experiencing problems that she was not going to accept. Bonnie spent the next fifteen years raising all of her kids with her husband Jerry. I was only when her last child went off to college that Bonnie found herself with time to explore a long-ignored creative side. As a young woman she liked to draw, but opportunities to pursue art for as woman in East Oakland in the 1960's were scarce. Now, children grown, Bonnie took an art class with Harrion Rios that immediately awakened her love of painting, specifically with oil paints, as the texture and feel are what really inspire her as she works. Primarily self-taught, Bonnie loves the social connection that can be found when chatting with other artists, and the happiness her work brings to those who receive it.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Meet 2023 Spring Obsession Artist Kim Vagt


Kim Vagt Artist:

Kim Vagt lives in our wonderous Sierra Nevada Foothills!

O-079 Estuary-in-the Bay by Kim Vagt mm 12x12 $225

Recently retired in 2020 from a career in healthcare, Kim lives in the countryside near Mokelumne Hill in our pristine Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California where she has her art studio.

Kim gains inspiration from the wonder of local landscapes and florals, abstract art compositions, and her true love for color.

She enjoys various mediums and techniques using Acrylic, Watercolor, Alcohol Ink, Oil Pastels, and Encaustic Wax. Every painting elicits pure creative energy for her with a desire to create a unique emotional connection for the viewer. “One piece leads me into the next and brings an exhilarating sense of joy, wonder, and learning”.  

O-080 Alyssum-Fields-of-Glory by Kim Vagt mm 12x12 $325

Her recent judged art pieces showcased at:

·        Crocker Art Museum, Wonderous Wax Exhibit 2020

·        Sacramento Fine Arts Center 54 and 55th National Motherlode Art Exhibit 2020-2021

·        The Gallery 48 at Natomas, Movement, Mastery and Medium Sierra Wax Artists Exhibit, 2021

·        Ironstone Vineyard, 24th and 25th Spring Obsession Art Competitions, 2021 and 2022

·        Calaveras Art Council Gallery, A Few of My Favorite Things, Exhibit, 2021

·        Propeller Art Gallery, Layers of Meaning International Encaustic Exhibit, October 2021

·        Roseville Blueline Arts Gallery, California Encaustic Artists Exhibit,  March, 2023

Check out Kim’s website: