Thursday, July 1, 2010

Artists, Chris Barhnart & Nanette Oleson on exhibit through Aug. 11

Artists Chris Barnhart and Nanette Oleson are on exhibit at Ironstone through August 11th. Check  out the biography and slideshow below ...

"Pissarro in the Field"

The second of the two Spalt Guitars is named       "Pissarro in the Field". Breathtaking piece, in the words of Artist Paul Schmidt...
"Lucien Pissarro, son of Camile Pissarro - well known French impressionst painter often called the "father of impressionism" began as a painter but during the 1880's became enthusiastic about woodcuts and wood engravings. (Embedded in the redwood burl of this outstanding electric guitar) this five - color woodcut from 1897 (catalogued in Fern - #92) was entitled variously "In the Field" or "Gold Cloud". The poetry of this astounding print spoken through its language of colours and composition thrilled me immediately upon viewing it.  The gold was reminiscent of Tiffany, and the muted glow was consistent with so many of the other works of art l'd selected. Mango, koa, walnut, redwood burl, poplar, and Macassar ebony (bridge) comprise the woods selected to enliven this instrument, along with the silver, pearl, abalone, Catalin knobs and bone switch. The son-gold yellow orange pickups mirror the character of the lithograph, which weds golds, greens, blues, yellows and browns to form its disposition.  The pearl inlay shaped into gynkgo leaves-inspired-kites sweeps through the body and into the neck for a graceful and strident theme that compliments the stirring quietude of the art.  Bountiful, bold, gentle, and startling in its beauty."