Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gold discovered by Marty!

Marty Davis, while on a business trip today to the Sysco Foods Show here at Ironstone, stopped in to pose next to the 44 lb crystalline gold specimen.
Marty, who works at La Contenta Golf Course in Valley Springs ( http://www.lacontentagolf.com/ ) as the Golf Course Manager, was working for Sonora Mining Company at the Jamestown site back in 1992. 
Marty, hearing the alarms go off on the belt, was the first to see this amazing specimen as it came up the conveyor belt. Marty claims as he picked it up, he was surprised by its weight, at that time total weight around 66 lbs. Today, after cleaning, it weighs in at 44 troy pounds of gold weight.
Glad to have Marty stop in today!

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