Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Artist Robert Feigen, Spring Obsession Open Division Artist

Robert Feigen

My name is Robert Feigen and I am the artist that has performed the attached painting.  I am a graduate of California Polytechnic college in Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and in Business Administration.  I have studied for three years at the Sonora Arts Academy and have been an artist for six years.  I am now retired and have chosen to focus on my passion for painting and the arts.

My fifty piece "RatzNKatz" Series is a primitive, anthropomorphic, mystical, fantasy humorous artistic presentation and is my own style of paining in oil and acrylics.  The vivid colors and the action of the characters are an expression of myself for a world of happiness and harmony through strength and balance in the face of potential adversity.  There is also some sauciness and and arrogance thrown in at times.  If the viewer stops, looks, laughs, and smiles then leaves only to come back again I will have been successful in my artistic intent.

The Ratz and katz characters in the paintings have a human-like faces and qualities and the Ratz with the exaggerated bodies interact to symbolize both the struggles to coexist and to challenge each other with the underdog (Ratz) being in control of the dominant species (Katz).  The themes in each painting are unique and expressive within a particular genre.

The "Ratz N Katz Annual Golf Championships" is number fourty-three (#43) in the Series and depicts the Ratz poker finalists competing at golf and at the same time the "Mischief Ratz" competing in every way they can.  Of course there is a whole lot of cheating and mischief going on as well as the teasing of one of the Katz who would like to get at the Ratz characters.

The original paintings and stories in the series are for sale.  However, the rights to reproduction are not.  When the paintings are actually reproduced in a limited edition series, the buyer/seller will be entitled to a percentage commission.  Therefore, it is a win/win for everyone.

I want to thank you for your interest in my art and I will look forward to meeting you personally at the artist reception and at the show.

Robert Feigen

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