Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doyle Guitars - Meet & Greet

We are having a great time today with Cigar Box Guitar make, Mike Doyle here for a Meet & Greet Day at Ironstone.

Mike brought with him a mini amp to plug into a few of the electric cigar boxes to show us they really do sound great! Amazing what those old cigar boxes can do when put into the right hands!

We were also invaded by a great group of Clampers. Here for a grand tour of Ironstone with our #1 tour guide Conrad.  They discovered Mike and had to have a group shot taken!

You have a several hours left to stop by, say hello to Mike and hear how great a cigar box guitar can sound. Several of the guitars are available for purchase, starting around $475.

I love the little tin Elvis Uke that Mike has put together as a proto type.  He is testing this one out to see if there might be a following... we think YES!

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