Friday, August 24, 2012

Knot Rods Cruis'n in on Saturday! 11 AM

 Ironstone Heritage Museum is please to announce that the Knot Rods are coming! 

Opening Saturday, Sept. 1st, Artist Richard Arnold presents his wonderful Knot Rods starting at 11:00 AM.  Richard will be here opening day for an Artist "Meet N Greet" so do mark your calendar!  At bit about Richard in his own words....

Artist Biography  -  Richard S. Arnold  -  Knot Rods

"My art is a story in unique and colorful woods as well as an attempt to keep alive the nostalgic feelings I have for Classic Cars and Hot Rods.

After a career in woodworking including everything from cabinetry to furniture, and rocking horses to rocking chairs, I now have the joyful privilege of combining my passions for both woodworking and old cars into the creation of Knot Rods.

My medium is primarily American grown hardwoods and my subject is currently Classic and Hot Rod Cars of the 1930’s. I create every component of my cars except the dowel used for the axels.

In an entirely handmade process that begins at the drawing board, each piece of wood is chosen and crafted to showcase the best that it has to offer in color, grain and character for an individual car. Each model slowly comes to life by way of many involved and specifically developed techniques. By the time each car receives its final coats of finish more than 100 steps later, it has developed a personality of its own. My leaning is toward refinement so look for my work to continue to evolve.

I was born in San Luis Obispo California and have resided in California all of my life. I lived in Atascadero, fixing up and driving a Model A Ford to High School. I began my apprenticeship as a woodworker under my Dad’s tutelage at the age of 15. Thus began my love of old cars and of wood.

I served in the Air Force from 1968-1971, married two years later, and moved my family to Trinity County from Atascadero in 1981 and then to Camino in El Dorado County in 1989. I have lived in Camino ever since with my wife of 38 years.

When I am not in my shop designing or creating Knot Rods, I enjoy spending time with my four wonderful kids, spouses, and coming up on nine Grandchildren ! Salmon fishing is my constant tug in August and my wife Susie and I love to go to Gold Beach, Oregon and enjoy time there. We also have a ’34 Ford Coupe that begs to be driven in our lovely Sierra Foothills, and we do that as often as we can."

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