Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vaughn Pottery New pieces!

Bill & June Vaughn of Vaughn Pottery have graced our shelves for the upcoming Christmas Season with an outstanding collection of pottery and wearable art pieces.  

Above is June getting ready to set up while Bill talks shop with Ironstone's very own Garden Guy, Larry.

A union of two highly creative minds, each piece reflects the vital roles that both Bill & June each play in its formation.  Bill is interested in the form of the piece and the textures achieved through his choice of burnishing or using slip to finish; or to fire with or without horse hair.  June further develops the pieces with decoration that includes paint, carving, stones, antlers, beads and other found objects. 

Below are just a few from the collection available for sale. These are one of a kind pieces, each with a unique story all its own. 

#147  approx. 11" to top of horn tip   $700

#144  approx. 10"  $375

#142  approx. 10"  $375

#145  approx. 10"  $375

#150  approx. 10"  $350

#149  approx 8"  $325

#148  approx 17"  $750

#143  approx 10"  $375
You may see these and more right here in Ironstone's Heritage Museum. Open 11 - 5 daily.

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