Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Artist Anne Zils, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

About the Artist

Anne Zils grew up in Texas but, shortly after her 6th. birthday her career Army father moved the family to Honolulu Hawaii.  Anne loved to read and draw from an early age and the abilities took a formal turn after she met and married her husband in 1959. She waited until her two daughters were in school all day then enrolled in art at San Jose State, in San Jose, CA. where she received a BA in Art in 1975, and then in 1979, a "Masters" in counseling and psychology.

After school, she yearned to learn to weld. The opportunity to study welding at Columbia College presented itself when she and Ron and daughter Pam, moved to Twain Harte in the year 2000. It was love at first weld!!

Anne draws incessantly and is inspired by great photography, nature, and, very often, "metal just speaks to me", telling me what to design with it.

About the Art

Anne combines her metals with "Texas Thunder glass chunks, (supposedly created by placing lightning rods in sand where lightening is apt to strike, Probably a Texan myth?) faceted stones and ceramics applied with High Tech Nasa developed adhesives and metal pieces that have been welded and painted onto the surface.

Her metal "masks" are a combination of bullet riddled signs, which she cuts and twists into shape and to which ornamentation is then applied.  Anne also creates three dimensional pieces ranging from 12" to 8 ft tall, of varied subject matter.  Anne jokes that working in a larger scale allows her to see her mistakes more easily.

Her work may be seen and purchased at "All That Matters" in Twain Harte, CA. and at "Perfect Bargains" in Sonora, CA. One of the many charities she supports.  In the summers, her work is often displayed at Tallulah's Restaurant on main street in downtown Sonora, CA. Anne has been hung in Museums and galleries in the bay area, but prefers working locally at this point in time.

Anne does commission work as time allows, and you can reach her at:

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