Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Artist Michaela Smail, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Michaela Smail
SOLD  "Sheer Moonlight" by Michaela Smail  scratch board  5.5x8.5  $125

Hello, my name is Michaela Smail and I am a junior at Bret Harte High School.  I have been taking art classes since I was very young and it has always been my passion.  I'm greatly looking forward to pursuing my passion by going to art school in fall of '14. 

O-195  "Greatness" by Michaela Smail  scratch board  9x11  $400

This spring break I will be journeying to Costa Rica with fellow students from my high school on a biological research trip in order to study the Leatherback Sea Turtle.  The trip is very expensive so in order to earn the money to go I have been entering my art in multiple art shows and trying to sell it.

O-193  "Ruby Red"  by Michaela Smail  acrylic  9x12  $150

I absolutely love all varieties of arts and I hope that you are able to see my passion through my artwork!

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