Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Artist Myra Steward, Ironstone Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Myra Steward
Artist's statement

"Every painting tells a story and captures a single moment of thought in time"
O-096  "Jungle Zip Line" by Myra Steward  wc  13x19  $400

Art is an essential part of my everyday life.  I try to incorporate it into every aspect. I had dreamed of painting since I was a little girl. After reading the book, The Artist's Way, I finally gave myself permission to try painting.  It's a passion with me now. Even if I'm not painting, I'm planning the next painting in my mind or sketching.

I have studied with several teachers including: Cassidy Aikman, Jim Estey, Phillis Eyman, Beverly Fields and Anne Bradley.  I've also attended workshops with Father William Breault and David Lobenberg. I belong to two paint groups that meet every week.

The mediums and subject matter I use are varied. I sometimes work in watercolor, but also  enjoy working with collage and mixed media. Recently I've begun experimenting with watercolor on canvas. I love the affect because it creates a much looser style, which has carried over to my painting on paper.

I enjoy painting a variety of subject matters, but especially like to paint exotic birds and animals. I always paint with a limited palette of just one blue, one yellow and one red, keeping me challenged to create as many shades of color as possible.

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