Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Artist Sharron St. John - Hill, Ironstone's Spring Obsession Accepted Artist

Artist Statement

Sharron St. John-Hill

O-182  "Grapes" by Sharron St. John-Hill  watercolor  11x15  $325

Sharron has been painting since the age of 12, when her father first introduced her to oils.  Since that young age she has continued to use various mediums and studied various techniques and applications used in the art field.  Her experience includes botanical porcelain painting, ceramics, tole and decorative painting, and watercolors, plus faux and mural painting.  Her faux painting and mural experience was acquired while working for a business in Orange County.  She has completed floral design school and enjoys doing flower arrangements for parties and weddings. Since moving to the foothill area six years ago, she has learned mosaics and likes to relax by creating unique pine needle baskets. She has worked in various homes in the area creating murals which are usually floral designs.

O-183  "Sunflowers"  by Sharron St. John-Hill   acrylics  16x20  $385
Sharron and her brother, David Yelick often paint together in their art studio and enjoy doing all types of arts and crafts.


Anne said...

Beautiful work Sharron!

Anonymous said...

Sharron St john Hill is one of my favorite artists, everything she does is aways almost perfect!
Always beautiful to look at and she has a way of making all her artwork look tranquil. She paints what she reflects I suppose :)
I've also seen her brothers work too! The family is multi talented and I've always said, "The family that eats together, arts together" - Nini