Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trivet Time for the Holidays!

Coinciding with the current "History of Iron" display, Ironstone's Junk Junkies have just received bags full of vintage trivets!

These go on sale this weekend for $5 each!  Research on just the first bag revealed value of just one of the trivets to be around $25.00.  

Many of these are collector pieces, so best come on in and gather up the deals.

This is a one time opportunity as well. From a recent estate sale, the collector's heirs don't see any value here, so the catch is yours.

While you are in, take a look at the "History of Irons" display as well.

Those are all available for sale as well. An outstanding value for the collector or just those of us who remember the doorstop at Grandma's house, and want to emulate the connection for our kids.

Remember, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, these can also be great White elephant gifts or nostalgia mementos for your loved ones.

At the very least, stop in when you are out to put a smile on your face!

Updates to come from the Junk Junkies!

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