Monday, March 10, 2014

Judy Boles, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

Judy Boles Art
O-026  Pioneer Cabin Tree  acrylic  12x16  $350

As a girl, I took many cross country road trips with my family, watching the varied landscapes go by. During those trips, my father instilled a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the beauty in all landscapes: orchards, cornfields, lakes, mountains, sea coasts and even barren deserts. Painting and drawing the things I saw became a favorite childhood pass time.  After finishing college, I taught high school English and Art in northern California for several years, but my art soon took a back seat to the joys of children and to the demands of the corporate world. Since my retirement in 2006, I have been pursuing my passion for art more fully.
O-025  Bear in Bloom  oil  12x16  $350-

My work is a visual diary of scenes that have inspired me. The close observation needed to render a scene on canvas makes me feel connected to the place. While living many years in Sonoma County, I was drawn to the coastal hills, the shoreline, and the wonderful vistas of the wine country. In 2011 my husband and I moved to Arnold, CA, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where we live in the awesome beauty of a national forest. My new inspirations are mountain streams, alpine lakes, Sequoia trees and the constantly changing seasons.
O-027  Uneven Ripening  oil  9x12  $350

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