Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Artist Diana Eppler, Spring Obsession Open Division Accepted Artist

DIANA  EPPLER                                                                                                           
O-128 Sun on the Veil  oil  22x28  $1900

 “My painting subjects are varied as that is my nature.  I will probably be perpetually in some period of transition with my art which, I hope, is a good thing.  I try to work towards a melding of classical, contemporary and my own style; always striving to share with the viewer a means of expression which is representational without being literal or prosaic.

O-127  Courthouse, Fall Morning  oil  22x28  $1900

I used to worry where was I going with my art?  Was I a colorist, tonalist, impressionist, plein air or studio painter?  I now know my art leads me.  Each piece is individual and dictates how it should be painted.  First comes what I feel, then what I see.  When I paint it is me and it is my own.  An idea for painting frequently comes from my emotional response to color and light.  I build around that, often changing the subject matter partly or entirely until the color, light, movement and design meet to fit the mood.  This manner of creating a painting works well for the studio, which I very much enjoy, however, painting en plein air (outdoors in one sitting) is a good way to rejuvenate the very feeling that create the moods.  The California foothills offer the artist an abundance of choices to paint.”  
O-129  Vineyard Pond  oil  11x14  $450

Born in Amador County, Diana lived at Lake Tahoe and in Nevada, Southern and Northern California before returning to the foothills in 1997.  She now resides in Jamestown.  She attended Western Nevada Community College and studied with Wellington Smith, noted artist, lecturer and teacher.  Workshops over the years included Janet Tarjan Earl, Edgardo Garcia, Jeanette LeGrue, Kathleen Dunphy and Charles Waldman although she considers herself, basically, self taught.  Past Board of Director of the Siskiyou Art Assoc., Creative Arts Guild and  Mother Lode Art Assoc. Past member of the Lithia Artists Assoc., Central Sierra Arts Council and Central Calif. Art Assoc.  Founding member of the Post Gallery and founding Director of Aloft Art Gallery, Sonora . Currently her works can be seen locally at Ventana Gallery, Sonora; Galleria Copper, Copperopolis and the Europa Café  in Sonora as well as on her web site.

She has been accepted in numerous juried shows and won many awards including Foothill Favorites in the MLAA Shows.  A finalist in California Shines Statewide Art show for the 2011 US Capitol Christmas Tree Celebration.  Her works hang in homes and businesses across the country.

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