Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Artist Marina Hanson, Spring Obsession Open Division accepted Artist


O-206  New Beginnings  acrylic  24x28 $800

Artist Biography

     Marina was born and raised in the Ukraine, and came to the United States with her family in 1992.

     Passion for creativity has always defined her and led her to earn a PHD in Architecture and, later, a Degree in Interior Design. She began painting as a way to escape and cope with personal trauma, and has been painting ever since. Today, it’s evident that the world of Art holds a permanent and significant position in her existence. Largely self-taught, she joined Los Gatos Art Association and studio/gallery in Campbell “Gallery of Dreams”.

O-210  Transformation  acrylic  40x30  $1600
     In her paintings, Marina lets her imagination run wild and makes an attempt to paint more then she sees. By capturing on canvas her deepest thoughts and feelings, she is not only able to express herself, but she allows others to connect with her.

     Most of Marina’s artwork is categorized as surrealism, sometimes abstract and landscaping, but the constant elements in her paintings are the vibrancy of the colors and vivid contrasts. She explores her natural abilities and enthusiasm for her commitment to create art within her innermost thoughts and emotions. Marina’s artistic affinity, creative instinct, and dynamic imagination have been refining with each day.

O-207  A String of Pearls  acrylic  30x40  $1600
Artist’s Statement

     “My art is an evolving process; I take and represent only elements which are the essence of the object or of the imaginary being. I’m fascinated by the explosive sensuality of the rich and luxurious chromatics, and rely on my desires for beauty, poetics, and seduction. To say I enjoy painting is an understatement. I’m obsessed with painting! Painting gives me unique moments of freedom and happiness.

                     Fully believing that one cannot know what the future holds, I welcome new opportunities, learn eagerly, and ultimately hope to touch people with my art.”

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