Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Artist Patty Ehlers, Ironstone Spring Obsession Art Show, Open Division accepted artist

Patty Ehlers

O-059  A Kiss  graphite  16x20  $425
I received a Bachelor of Arts in Art from San Jose State University with a concentration in Design.   Following college I worked as a free-lance illustrator which allowed me to segue into a job with Lockheed.   While at Lockheed I worked as a Cartoonist and Technical Illustrator.  Europe called and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in England but had, by then, moved into the Technical Field of Computers.   Art was never out of my thoughts and I dabbled in textiles and ceramics as a hobby.  
O-058  Egg Head  graphite  14x18  $375

In 2011 I retired and relocated from the Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills.   I jumped back into the art world by taking drawing classes at a local gallery.  The focus in my drawing class was portraiture. 

I enjoyed portraiture but there seemed to be something missing for me.  Graphite is so soothing to work with and to view but my cartooning background took over.   I enjoyed skewing the reality with the quirkiness, the gray tones with the vibrant colors, and taking advantage of illustrating the abundant wildlife of the Sierras.      

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