Friday, October 30, 2015

Mariposa Gargoyle Gold Specimen comes to Ironstone!

The Kailani Mining Co. is proud to present the 
Mariposa Gargoyle Gold Specimen. 
Now on display and available for sale at 
Ironstone's Heritage Museum, here in Murphys, CA.

Specific Gravity Tested 2.192 ozt of gold in this stunning specimen and valued at $7150.00.  Miner Captain Dan, brought us a photo of the larger specimen that the Gargoyle had separated from. It is amazing. We have it on display along with the Gargoyle inside the vault along with the Kautz Crystalline Piece. 

O.K. we know that 2.192 ozt doesn't compare to the 44 lbt of the Kautz Crystalline Specimen, but the Gargoyle will sit nicely in anyone's display shelf.  Come see for yourself!

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