Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ironstone presents Erin Hanson's "California Wine Country"

California Wine Country: Impressions in Oil by Erin Hanson

Coffee Table Book Featuring Erin Hanson's Iconic Wine Country Paintings

Ironstone Vineyards is please to announce we now carry Erin Hanson's "California Wine Country".  An outstanding coffee table book featuring Ms. Hanson's vibrant and impressionistic paintings of California's diverse vineyard landscapes.  
I was first introduced to this book by our Tasting Room manager, Ginger.  Immediately captivated by the intense colors, I found my self unable to put it down. With broad loose brushstrokes, each painted scene emits screaming emotions or calming vibrations. The images seem always in motion. Love Erin Hanson's Art and Love this book!  See for yourself... 

Erin Hanson invites you on a visual tour of the lush, multi-varied landscapes which comprise the world-famous wine country of the southwestern United States. Like a full bodied wine, Hanson's palette is vibrant with color and light, rich with texture and contrasts, and a virtual feast for the senses. Her perfectly rendered harmonious compositions are a celebration of life and the natural beauty of the wide outdoors. Indulge your senses with a fresh view of California wine country, and enjoy her modern take on a classic landscape.

Title: California Wine Country: Impressions in Oil
Hardcover with dust jacket, 200 pages, 10x12 inches, published 2015.  $65.00

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