Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jewelers of America announce new August Birthstone.

Jewelers of America has just announced they have added Spinel to the official August Birthstone lineup. Now, you might ask what gives them the authority to do this?  Jewelers of America is credited with the establishment the official list of birthstone list in 1912.  Which has gone faily uncontested eversince. Thus, they have the power and own the history.

Going further back in time, gemstones have been assigned to the astrological signs, and even before to the 12 tribes of Israel.  For a great history of birthstones, check out GemSelect's article here: 


Now, back to the spinel..  Here at Ironstone's Heritage Museum, we always thought light green was the August Birthstone. But, according to this article ...

"Here’s a quick guide to what makes spinel special and why it’s now recognized as a birthstone for August." ... "For those looking for an alternative to higher priced rubies and sapphires, spinel may be the best choice."  

Forget the time honored tradition of lunar symbolism and holistic qualities of the selection of stones as one's birthright, lets go direct into commercialism? Wait, just typo? ... OK. 

From our inhouse research, Spinel has been used as the birthstone for July on an international level for quite a long time.  When we first put together our in house list of birthstones, out of respect for our many international visitors (who actually called us out on our limited list) we have always had spinel listed for July. If you check it out, although the exact stones don't always match the official American birthstone list, colors have remained pretty much the same internationally. 

Jewelers of American is an outstanding source for jewelers and buyers, we were just a bit confused by this article.  Take a look yourself at the full article which was actually putblished June 2 of this year, and I only now discovered it.


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