Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last comments on Pokemon

This is my final word on the Pokemon.  Yes, it is fun to wander around town with my friends and play. I have learned something new about my home town that I didn't know before and met some new people who also play.  I will probably leave the game on my phone and play if I am out of town or in town walking, just to learn a bit more about where I am visiting.  I have also learned not to pay any attention to any of the pokemon advice you find on the internet.  Each person has to play their own game. (ie: the expert that said not to go into battle until you reach level 20, failed to mention by doing that, you fill your bag up with so many potions that there is no room for pokeballs!)

Anyway, enjoy the game, be careful and see you here at Ironstone when you come to take over one of the three towers here.

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