Tuesday, December 12, 2017

First THEME Division Entry is in! Meet Artist Ann Nall

Our First 2018 Theme Division Entry is in!  

Thank you Ann Nall who was also the 2017 Theme Division Winner. 

This 2017 season, Ann generously donated her winning painting to the Non-Profit Ironstone Concourse Foundation.  The Concourse d'Elegance is one of the premier Classic Car Shows in Northern California as well as a major fundraiser for the California FFA & 4H scholarship funds.
Kudos Ann...

And now, 

Warm afternoon  watercolor  11x14  $250

Ann Nall

Ann started painting in 1985 as a way to escape the pressures of work.  On retirement her art became her focus and her career.

Painting primarily in watercolor, she has specialized in animal portraits, but recently moved to the abstract form.

Moment in Time  watercolor  11x14  $250

She has exhibited in juried shows throughout the country.  Ann says her art gives her life energy, focus and a sense of well-being.  It is a gift she does not take for granted.

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