Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pet of the Month Gracie

The Wonderful Staff at Ironstone Vineyards are also owners of some awesome pets.   Each month we are going to share with you one of these PPP (picture perfect pets) so you can get to know and love them as we do.

Tell me the truth, do I look chubby from this angle????????

This is Gracie my 13yr old buddy. She’s a rescue that’s been with me thru many moves even to TX and back. She and her brother were left as kittens in a paper sack in a dumpster. A good Samaritan heard  them so crawled in, Got them out, then brought them to a women whom places rescues in new homes.  I knew she was the one the minute I saw her.  She, like Bob, is a little on the hefty side and receives plenty of  love and attention. I figure she deserves it after the rough start as a kitten.

Patti - Tasting Room

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Anonymous said...

Super cute Patti!